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UNFILLED: M!Trevelyan/Josie - Arranged Marrige
It's canon that the Montilyet's and the Trevelyan's knew each other (or at least, the Montilyet's attended the Trevelyan's parties). I'd love to see something where instead of Otranto, her parents set her up with a M!Trevelyan, maybe the second or third son. Queue Leliana sending assassins (or threats of assassins), Inquisitor ready to step in diplomatically (or physically) if Josie needs them, the Inner Circle about to fight for Josie's honour.

Then, at the Winter Palace, everyone finally gets to meet M!Trevelyan. Maybe their surprised he isn't a dick, maybe he already has a kid, idk. M!Trevelyan is not what they were expecting, but he makes Josie happy anyways. (There's basically a whole interrogation from the Inner Circle.)

+ Non Trevelyan Inquisitor
+ Red -head trevelyan
++ M!Trevelyan joins the Inquisition as a diplomat/informant
++ Josie and M!Trevelyan already know each other/have a friendship
+++ Protective Inner Circle (especially Leliana and the Inquisitor)
++++++ For both of them to have a happy ending, w/ a wedding, maybe a kid?
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:josephine  character:trevelyan  relationship:het  pairing:josephine_m!inquisitor  pairing:josephine_m!trevelyan  kink:arranged_marriage 
august 2019 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: josephine smut
There is a distinct lack of smut involving our good ambassador and I would like to see that rectified. Give me Josie, shedding her quiet and polite public good image and losing her inhibitions in some rough sex. Hair pulling, clothes ripping, scratching, swearing.

No preference for partners. Even non human/elf/dwarf/qunari ones like demons or other kinds of monsters (tentacles, anyone?) though no horses or dogs.

Other kinks like breeding, inflation, anal, d/s, dub-con are okay though no watersports or outright non-con, please.
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:josephine  kink:rough_sex  kink:hair_pulling  kink:scratching 
february 2019 by dragonage_kink
Cassandra/Josephine "Well Enough" 1/1
Cassandra is not sick. Except then she goes to the Storm Coast, comes home early and Josephine takes it upon herself to look after the Seeker.

Hosted at AO3:
prompt:filled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:josephine  character:cassandra  pairing:cassandra_josephine  relationship:f/f  kink:sick  kink:comfort 
august 2018 by dragonage_kink
F!Trevelyan/Josephine "Body Shots" 1/1
Everyone's a little drunk, Evelyn has perfect abs and Josephine does a shot off them. Except everything runs much deeper.

Hosted at AO3:
prompt:filled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:trevelyan  character:josephine  pairing:f!trevelyan_josephine  relationship:f/f  kink:alcohol 
august 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Cullen/Quizzy and Cass/Josephine; Cullen and Cassandra are good wingmen
Neither Cullen nor Cassandra is very adept at this relationship thing, but together they make one almost functioning adult. I'd like a fic of the two of them being each other's wingmen: Cassandra encouraging Cullen to actually talk to f!Quizzy and Cullen dropping not-so-subtle hints towards Josephine on Cassandra's behalf at the War Table. Things like that.

+ the intended beloved gets the wrong end of the stick and has to gently let down one of them (Quizzy is not interested in Cass or Josie is not interested in Cullen)
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:cassandra  character:cullen  character:josephine  pairing:cassandra_josephine  pairing:cullen_f!inquisitor  kink:flirting 
may 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Otranto and Yvette get married, Josephine and the Inquisitor have to attend the wedding
If you decide to break Josephine's romance off during the duel with Otranto, he starts thinking aloud about whether she has a sister, and we know that she does, namely Yvette.

So instead of scrapping the entire betrothal, the Otrantos instead pair him up with Yvette, who *does* say yes, and now Josephine's got to attend her wedding; as punishment for making go through the entire song and dance, she makes the Inquisitor her +1, and it's off to the wedding they go!
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:josephine  character:Otranto  character:yvette  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:gen_male_inquisitor  pairing:otranto_yvette  relationship:het  kink:wedding 
may 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Crack prompt, vasectomy
2018-03-26 04:34 pm (local)(link)
Caused by misreading a line in a fic:

"(...)and Dorian gets a little vasectomy from Josephine."

prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:josephine  character:dorian 
march 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: BDSM-Sub! Herald of Andraste at the Advisor's Mercy
The Herald of Andraste is an accidental, if exalted position, and the Advisors need to ensure their loyalty to the Inquisition and its cause. So while the Herald is the figurehead of the Inquisition in public, in private, he/she is put through severe BDSM training and conditioning, completely submissive to one, or all of the Advisors.

Perhaps they need to be sure of an amoral, non-Andrastrian Cadash. Perhaps they think they can train a Lavellan out of their devotion to their old Gods, replace it with devotion to their dom/s, and the Inquisition's mission by default. Perhaps even a devout Andrastrian Trevelyan has shown troubling signs of ambition. Whatever their reasoning, it *must* to be done for the good of all, including their Inquisitor.

Pairings: would love to see a male Trevelyan at Cullen's mercy, or Leliana's. But any and all pairings are welcome and whatever suits your imagination and fancy.

Basically, GO WILD, anons. If you want to play with the Advisors to opening up the Inquisitor's service to other members of the Inner Circle, I am completely down with that.

Kinks: Predicament bondage, mind fuckery, bondage, gagging, pony play, erotic torture, powerplay.

Squicks: No bathroom stuff please. Would also like to avoid outright noncon.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:gen_male_inquisitor  character:cullen  character:leliana  character:josephine  kink:bdsm  kink:gag  kink:power_play  kink:bondage 
march 2018 by dragonage_kink
F!Lavellan/Josephine "Indiscreet" 1/1
No matter what her girlfriend might suspect, it really is just coincidence there are an awful lot of messengers in and out of Josephine’s office tonight. Many of them come delivering news for her, but a few seek the Inquisitor, knowing Lavellan has a habit of spending her evenings working in this room. What none of them know is how long their leader has gone without excusing herself to the privy, and how much liquid she’s had in the meantime...
prompt:filled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:lavellan  character:josephine  pairing:f!lavellan_josephine  kink:omorashi  kink:dom_sub  kink:watersports  kink:humiliation  kink:aftercare  kink:found_out  kink:exhibitionism  relationship:f/f 
february 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Josephine/tentacles
what it says on the tin. any consent, any circumstances

bonuses:all possible holes penetrated, multiple orgasms, inflation, mindbreak, oviposition
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:josephine  kink:tentacle  kink:multiple_orgasms  kink:inflation  kink:oviposition  kink:anal_sex 
january 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Bull threesome
Bulls flirting finally convinces Casdandra and Josephine to have sex with him. Lucky him they decide to have him at the same time, and it's worth it.

-so much smut
-‎face sitting, didlos, spanking, bdsm
-‎bull not being allowed to touch them at first
-for fluff, maybe the trio decide to have a polyship together

-bathroom stuff
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:iron_bull  character:cassandra  character:josephine  relationship:poly  kink:facesitting  kink:toys  kink:bdsm 
january 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Sera/F!Inquisitor or Sera + Inquisitor Friendship, Haircut
Sera's hair's been getting long. When Sera gets long hair she starts looking a little more traditionally feminine, which she likes in other ladies but not on herself as much. So she needs a haircut, doesn't have to be her usual but not long.

If Sera/Inquisitor I'd like the Inquisitor to do it. If it's gen I'd like Josephine or Leliana to cut her hair (they know she usually cuts it herself and made an offer, which she accepted) and for the Inquisitor to walk in. Either way Sera and the Inquisitor have a conversation about hair and how Sera feels about looking one way or another.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:sera  character:gen_female_inquisitor  pairing:f!inquisitor_sera  character:josephine  character:leliana 
november 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Josephine, monstrously pleasured (teratophillia, gangbang)
Josephine finds herself enjoying and being enjoyed by a number of monsters, preferably demons. She's understandably frightened at first, but these monsters have become "corrupted" and are a bit obsessed with human hedonism, far more interested in possessing her sexually than spiritually. Perhaps she's lured in by what begins as a routine private garden party but all the attending nobles are possessed? Or maybe she's visiting the home of an eclectic mage for a trade agreement who makes a shocking yet tempting demand? No matter what Josephine is ultimately left very satiated and free to go (although she may not want to leave!)

Kinks: bondage (I'm sure Envy and Pride are large/strong enough to hold her in place), breast/nipple play (Desire could find some pretty clamps to use), size kink, cunninglingus; any gender is fine and a bi/pan perspective to the encounter is encouraged.

Squicks: impregnation, bathroom stuff, beastiality (no "animal" type monsters), blood, rape

Non-con is a really fine line for me, so while I'd prefer Josephine choose to submit to the demons of her own volition I could also see it come off as her being coerced/deciding it's the best way to come away alive from the scenario (but she's in no mortal danger in the end). A "darker" turn could have her becoming a willing human pet to her demonic masters, addicted to the pleasure.
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:josephine  pairing:josephine_misc_demon(s)  character:misc_demon(s)  kink:cunnilingus  kink:size  kink:bondage  kink:breast_play 
november 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Josephine/M!Lavellan -FWB to lovers
so in the early days of the Inquisition, M!Lavellan wants to leave, badly. He stops the breach but fears the humans of Thedas turning on him and the Dalish. He tries to leave in the dead of night only to be stopped by Josephine coming to visit him. He adamantly wants to leave and Josephine is willing to do anything to keep the would-be Herald in Haven, so she offers to sleep with him anytime he wants and he accepts.

Cue them having good, raunchy sex, even with some race play going on to keep it hot up until they get to skyhold and Lavellan is all in finally, on many things. Their first time in his new Quarters at the castle, he blurts out that he loves Josephine right as she climaxes, leading to them being conflicted and awkward since the arrangement started as purely sexual.

by the Winter Palace he's wooing her and they make things official there, after Gaspard ascends to the Throne with Briala holding the leash and the romance proceeding as it did in the game (complete with the duel)
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:inquisition  character:lavellan  character:josephine  pairing:m!lavellan_josephine  relationship:het 
october 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Any Inquisitor, Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune (But You Fuck The Assassin)
Reviewing the romance options for Inquisitors, I saw that Minister Bellise is one possibility I'd had zero awareness of before. I know now that Minister Bellise is a fancy Orlesian lady, but my first thought was "holy shit is it that assassin for the House of Repose????"

Sadly not an option in-game, but that's what fanfic is for. Josephine needs the hit lifted from her family, she and the Inquisitor are met by the disguised representative from the House of Repose. The Inquisitor thinks the assassin has a pretty A+ body and manages to seduce him over the course of the conversation. Favor for a favor, the assassin does what he can to lift the hit off Josie. Outrageous scandal but both parties seem pretty damn pleased with themselves.
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:josephine  character:gen_female_inquisitor  character:gen_male_inquisitor 
october 2017 by dragonage_kink

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