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Secondary Exposure - thesardine
Sherlock: "If you were dying, if you were murdered, in the very last seconds, what would you say?"
John: "Please God, let me live."
Sherlock: "Use your imagination."
John: "I don't have to."

After twenty years, the killer who abducted John as a child has resurfaced. Now John and Sherlock must track him down before he claims another victim, and at the same time navigate the shifting nature of their relationship.
Fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Character:JohnWatson  Character:HarryWatson  Character:SherlockHolmes  Style:Multi-Chapter  Style:CaseFic  Character:SallyDonovan  Theme:Kidnapping  Theme:Angst  Theme:Implied/Referenced_Torture  Theme:Emotional_Hurt/Comfort  Character:GregLestrade  Theme:Friendship  Theme:Hurt/Comfort 
september 2017 by JoeyCool13
October to Hogmanay by snorklepie

“What are we, now?” John mused aloud, once they were in a cab heading back to Baker street. It was a cool, damp afternoon and Sherlock was studying the passers-by with detached interest. He glanced over at John with a raised eyebrow, his fingers idly worrying at one of the buttons on his coat.
“Nothing seems quite right. What would you call me, if somebody asked?” John waved a hand vaguely at the space between them. “What do we call… this?”
Sherlock stared at him for quite a while, his brow furrowed. John began to feel a little self conscious. The taxi lurched as they turned a sharp corner, and he flung out his arm to steady himself. Sherlock caught his wrist, and held tight.
“Everything.” Sherlock said quietly, and after a moment he let go and resumed his study of the streets outside. John barely even heard the words, he said them so softly. “Everything. That’s what you are.”
John stared at Sherlock’s profile against the cab window and exhaled slowly. After a long moment, he reached out and touched Sherlock’s long fingers where they were fiddling with the button on his coat. The tall man didn’t look around again, but his fingers slowly unfurled before curling deliberately around John’s hand.
creator:snorklepie  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  fandom:SherlockHolmes&RelatedFandoms  rating:4Explicit  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  ship:MycroftHolmes/OMC  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:MrsHudson(SherlockBBC)  character:MycroftHolmes  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:angst  series:Scotland  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:020-029  words:125-150k  character:OriginalMaleCharacter(s)  character:OriginalFemaleCharacter(s) 
june 2017 by eir
The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie

“A nice holiday, just a bit more...murdery. ” John said drily. “Yes! The best kind of holiday!” Sherlock beamed. “So we won’t get bored!”After he separates from Mary, John returns to Baker Street. Following a request for help from Sherlock's cousin Violet, the detective and his blogger take a trip to Edinburgh. John discovers more about the Holmes family and Sherlock than he bargained for, but tries not to run screaming.
creator:snorklepie  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  rating:4Explicit  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  ship:JohnWatson&SherlockHolmes  ship:MycroftHolmes/OMC  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:MycroftHolmes  genre:friendship  genre:hurt/comfort  series:Scotland  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:030-039  words:150-175k  character:OriginalFemaleCharacter(s) 
june 2017 by eir
A Service in Belgravia by KeelieThompson1

As Sherlock and John attempt to face the momentary normality of planning a civil ceremony, Irene Adler proves that they might still have a few kinks to explore.Do keep an eye out on some of my stories as some are likely to disappear in the next few weeks. If you want to take a copy of them, then now is the chance!
creator:KeelieThompson1  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:GregoryLestrade  character:MycroftHolmes  character:IreneAdler  series:TheFaithfulCompass  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:010-014  words:040-050k  genre:au 
april 2017 by eir
One Fixed Point in a Changing Age by KeelieThompson1

Sequel to "Back in the Day".It's been two years since Sherlock finally gave up the drugs and started helping (annoying) the police while solving crimes. Both he and John are starting to establish themselves in their chosen careers, the problem is that they seem to be heading in entirely different directions.Do keep an eye out on some of my stories as some are likely to disappear in the next few weeks. If you want to take a copy of them, then now is the chance! Have a look at my profile for more info :)
creator:KeelieThompson1  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:MycroftHolmes  character:GregoryLestrade  series:TheFaithfulCompass  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:030-039  words:125-150k  genre:au 
april 2017 by eir
Back in the Day by KeelieThompson1

John's drunk and some idiot's got himself high in the bathroom. It's a shame he's the only trainee doctor in the house.A Johnlock story set while John is at university and an AU in that this time Sherlock is the one who's a few years older and is trying to find something to keep his interest in London after getting bored and being thrown out of Uni.Epilogue Chapter now up!Do keep an eye out on some of my stories as some are likely to disappear in the next few weeks. If you want to take a copy of them, then now is the chance! Have a look at my profile if you would like more details!
creator:KeelieThompson1  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:MikeStamford  character:SebastianWilkes  genre:au:college/university  series:TheFaithfulCompass  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:030-039  words:100-125k  content:drugUse 
april 2017 by eir
The Problem of Baskerville by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel

Sherlock's known for some time now that John is really John Moriarty, criminal mastermind. But during a case down in Dartmoor involving a mysterious, gigantic hound, Sherlock makes a mistake that could end their unlikely friendship forever.
creator:TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  rating:2Teen  worktype:fiction  category:Gen  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:GregoryLestrade  genre:au  series:JohnMoriarty  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:001  words:010-015k 
april 2017 by eir
Toxicology by one_windiga

"The boxes were damn heavy, and John was tired of hauling them down the rickety flight of stairs to the street. The living room was dead silent when he passed by, but then, what did he expect?"Sherlock breaks John's heart. Moriarty is there to pick up the pieces and introduce John to the London criminal underground.
creator:one_windiga  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JamesMoriarty/JohnWatson  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:JamesMoriarty  character:JohnWatson  character:SherlockHolmes  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:001  words:010-015k  d:dark!JohnWatson 
april 2017 by eir
Torn Stitches by AggressiveWhenStartled

The trick to being with Sherlock Holmes, John mused, was to always keep in mind that he wouldn’t actually murder you and wear your skin as a suit. “I can see the appeal,” Sherlock was murmuring to him over the peeled body, much to the horror of any yarders in earshot. “I often find it surprisingly difficult to get inside your head. It might be cathartic to do in a more literal sense.”John snorted. “With your curls? Our killer didn’t even clean this poor bugger out properly, just pulled him on gore and all. You’d be picking bits of me out of your hair for weeks afterwards.”
creator:AggressiveWhenStartled  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  fandom:SherlockHolmes&RelatedFandoms  genre:crossover  crossover:SherlockBBC/SherlockHolmes&RelatedFandoms  rating:4Explicit  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:GregoryLestrade  character:SallyDonovan  character:VictorTrevor  series:ArguingandCorpses  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:010-014  words:030-040k 
april 2017 by eir
Loosed Reins by AggressiveWhenStartled, rosyrain

“You’ve stuffed an entire body into the fridge this time,” John accused. “What happened to the milk? The leftover risotto? My bloody jam?”Sherlock opened his eyes at that. “As a doctor, it should be readily apparent to you that there is only a partial body in our refrigerator. Popular horror stories notwithstanding, it’s rare for an entire corpse to fit into one this size. I had to cut it up into several parts to pack it in, and there is still only seven eighths of it there.”John stared at the ceiling. “That’s... not better.”
creator:AggressiveWhenStartled  creator:rosyrain  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  fandom:SherlockHolmes&RelatedFandoms  genre:crossover  crossover:SherlockBBC/SherlockHolmes&RelatedFandoms  rating:4Explicit  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:GregoryLestrade  character:MycroftHolmes  series:ArguingandCorpses  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:010-014  words:030-040k 
april 2017 by eir
Wild Born by cloud_wolfbane

John is a dog in search of his place in the world. He finds it with a human as out of place in the world as he is. Things get a little strange after that.(Now with illustrations)
creator:cloud_wolfbane  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  rating:2Teen  worktype:fiction  category:Gen  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:BillMurray(Sherlock)  character:MycroftHolmes  character:GregoryLestrade  genre:au  saved:no  status:completed  chapters:002-004  words:010-015k  d:dog!JohnWatson 
april 2017 by eir
Bridges - sussexbound (SamanthaLenore) - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The silence between them is deafening, interrupted only by the hum of the traffic outside, and the soft click-clunk of the plastic cups Rosie is playing with on the floor beside them. It is the first time they have been alone together, since Sherlock’s birthday. It’s only been two days, but it feels huge, important, like there is a precarious bridge stretched out before them both that they need to at least attempt to traverse.
fandom:sherlock  fic  relationship:slash  ship:sherlock/john  type:fixit  character:sherlock  character:johnwatson 
january 2017 by Poetry
And A Doctor
It was only when people actually saw John working as a physician that they began to understand: that it wasn’t just about bullets and IEDs and trauma care under fire. That “doctor” actually covered a pretty wide field. And that John was bloody good at covering ground. 5 times Dr. Watson treated others and 1 time he treated himself.
gen!fic  non-slash!fic  genre:hurt-comfort  genre:friendship  character:sherlockholmes  Character:JohnWatson  fandom:sherlock  bamf!Johnwatson 
january 2017 by angsty_lia

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relationship:established  relationship:femslash  relationship:firsttime  relationship:gen  relationship:slash  relationship:threesome  saved:no  saved:yes  series:arguingandcorpses  series:carteblanche  series:fromtheashesafireshallbewoken  series:johnmoriarty  series:manyintersectingplanes  series:morethingsthanaredreamtof  series:scotland  series:theempireofavalon  series:thefaithfulcompass  series:tmoaguniverse  series:weedoctor  setting:pre-canon  sherlockholmes  ship:anthea/john  ship:anthea/mycroftholmes  ship:arthurpendragon/merlin(merlin)  ship:dracomalfoy/ofc  ship:garyeggsyunwin/mycroftholmes  ship:gregorylestrade&mycroftholmes  ship:gregorylestrade/mollyhooper  ship:harrypotter/sherlockholmes  ship:jamesmoriarty/johnwatson  ship:janine/harry  ship:john/sholto  ship:johnwatson&sherlockholmes  ship:johnwatson/marymorstan  ship:johnwatson/sherlockholmes  ship:johnwatson/siriusblack  ship:luciusmalfoy/narcissablackmalfoy  ship:mycroftholmes/omc  ship:remuslupin/siriusblack  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