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Changing the Past - MonPetitTresor - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
The Darkness is taking over. God is dead, Amara is winning, and there's nothing left that anyone can do. Sam's watched his friends and family slowly fall to the dark that's sweeping over the planet. Soon, there'll be nothing left. No world left to save. There's no hope left for them. All Sam can do is cling to the one being he loves more than anything else and wait for the end to come.

That is, until Gabriel pulls out a random Hail Mary and comes up with their only chance to make things right. With every last bit of his power, he throws Sam back into the past in the hopes that maybe he'll be able to fix the future.
Fandom:Supernatural  Time:spn:preseason1  Genre:Time-Travel  Site:AO3  Words:25k-50k  Character:SamWinchester  Character:Sam!Female  Character:Gabriel  Character:Meg  Character:Jess  Character:JohnWinchester  Character:DeanWinchester  Status:WIP  Pairing:Castiel/Dean  Character:BobbySinger  Character:JessicaMoore  Pairing:Gabriel/Sam 
march 2018 by Mieeka
Family Secrets
AU. There is less than a week before the wedding, and Jessica is starting to wonder if she ought to be more panicked about marrying into a family she knows almost nothing about.
fandom:supernatural  genre:au  genre:jesslives  genre:marylives  ship:sam/jess  character:jessicamoore  character:marywinchester 
august 2012 by kitsun3
fleshflutter: "This Thing of Ours"
Summary: The Pilot – if the Winchester family business were organised crime rather than hunting the supernatural.

On Wednesday, in Sam’s lecture, the professor stands up and talks about the nastiest, most untouchable crime family currently at work in the US: the Winchesters. Sam doesn’t react aside from the faint clenching of his jaw. None of the students turn in their seats to look at him, the professor’s gaze doesn’t search him out. Sam hasn’t been a Winchester for four years, not since he walked out on the family business and all the brutal, fucked-up shit that went with it.

Sam doesn’t react to the professor showing the class a grainy shot from ten years ago of Sam’s father. Not much is known about John Winchester because he keeps very much hands-off. All the evil is done in his name, but not by him, not that can be directly linked back to him. And when the professor makes an offhand remark regarding the next generation of the Winchesters – the older son with a criminal record only encompassing a few minor misdemeanours, and the younger son who’s not been seen for some years and is presumed dead – Sam manages to keep his breathing level and quiet.

First: "This Thing of Ours" (
Sequel: "Syncretic Criminality" (
Sequel: "Someone Might Get Hurt (And It Won't Be Me)" (
a:★★★☆☆  fandom:Supernatural  pairing:Jess/Sam  character:JessicaMoore  character:SamWinchester  character:DeanWinchester  au:AU  universe:Canon-Like  universe:Crime/Government  relationship:Gen  pov:SamWinchester  rating:PG  length:0010-25k  writer:fleshflutter  other:het  other:verse 
may 2012 by nexttwentylove
leonidaslion: "Rankle (Pilot)"
Summary: True love reallyis blind...

Notes: Drabbles from a prompt table for each episode of SPN. 1.01.

Verse: Fumbling in the Dark: Love Advice for the Romantically Impaired (
a:★★☆☆☆  fandom:Supernatural  character:DeanWinchester  character:JessicaMoore  au:Non  universe:Coda  relationship:Gen  pov:DeanWinchester  rating:G  length:0000-1k  writer:leonidaslion  other:verse 
may 2012 by nexttwentylove
memphis86: "Art Lover"
Summary: One summer, Jess tricks Sam into taking an art class with the promise of naked people. Sam enjoys drawing naked people. However, there's always a catch.

Notes: Shit, this one's a bummer.
a:★★☆☆☆  fandom:Supernatural  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Jess/Sam  character:DeanWinchester  character:SamWinchester  character:JessicaMoore  au:Non  universe:Arts/Entertainment  universe:Students/Teachers  relationship:Unspecified  pov:Unspecified  rating:R  length:0001-5k  writer:memphis86  other:het 
may 2012 by nexttwentylove
fleshflutter: "If I Had Died, I Would Have Never Felt Sad At All"
Summary: AU with Dean dying instead of Jess.

Notes: I really, really like this. Obviously so glad it isn't canon or anything, but very interesting.
a:★★★☆☆  fandom:Supernatural  character:JessicaMoore  character:SamWinchester  au:AU  universe:Canon-Like  relationship:Gen  pov:JessicaMoore  rating:PG  length:0001-5k  writer:fleshflutter 
may 2012 by nexttwentylove
fleshflutter: "There's a Devil Waiting Outside Your Door"
Summary: Sam's the kind of guy you can't say no to. An au of the Wish-verse, kind of.

Notes: Sam is such an asshole.

"It wasn't payback, was it?" she says. "Sam and me… wasn't about me at all. I was just… the next best thing, a stepping stone."

Dean goes very still, shoulders hunched and his eyes fixed on her warily, nothing but a cornered animal. Then he straightens up and smiles without anything warm or happy to it.

"What fucking hope did *I* have of telling him no?"
a:★☆☆☆☆  fandom:Supernatural  pairing:Carmen/Dean  pairing:Carmen/Sam  pairing:Dean/Sam  pairing:Jess/Sam  character:DeanWinchester  character:SamWinchester  character:CarmenPorter  character:JessicaMoore  au:AU  universe:Coda  relationship:Unspecified  pov:CarmenPorter  rating:NC-17  length:0001-5k  writer:fleshflutter  other:het 
may 2012 by nexttwentylove
Semper Fi
Ever Faithful, the motto of the USMC. But when CPL Dean Winchester of Echo 2/1 is critically wounded in Iraq while Sam is at Stanford and John is missing, the question becomes... faithful to what?
fandom:Supernatural  author:SanAntonioRose  complete  au  gen  family!fic  hurt!Dean  character:DeanWinchester  character:SamWinchester  character:Castiel  character:JessicaMoore 
february 2012 by yuurei
Taking The Fifth
"Dean Winchester?" Sam said. "I'm Sam Moore. I'm your lawyer." (AU inspired by 2x07, The Usual Suspects)

The one where they don't know they're related, and then they do. Awk-ward.
fandom:supernatural  genre:au  character:samwinchester  character:deanwinchester  ship:sam/dean  rating:explicit  genre:raisedapart  character:jessicamoore  genre:lawyer!sam 
october 2011 by kitsun3
Like Luggage of Some Departed Traveller
Rogue wildlife attacks? Check. Virulent, incurable pandemic? Double check. Relentless string of natural disasters? Check, check, check. Dean's got it hard enough dealing with the collapse of modern society, so imagine his dismay when he goes to Stanford L
author:britomart_is  fandom:Supernatural  au  threesome  bigbang  het  character:JessicaMoore  complete  drama  unrequited!love  characterdeath  pairing:Sam/Dean 
june 2011 by yuurei
Many A Vanished Scene - Fic: Lies were kept simple
What Jess DID know about Sam's family.

Not the most polished, but decent. Pre-series. Ends where you expect it to.
fanfiction  gen  character:samwinchester  character:jessicamoore  ship:sam/jess  fandom:supernatural  problem:livejournal 
june 2011 by bookwyrm

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