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Matchmaking wars
Summary: The pack tries to get Stiles and Derek together. Only... they are already together.

|| Stiles made a pleased noise as Derek pressed him down on the couch, claiming his mouth in an intense kiss. The werewolf gently lowered his body on top of the boy's, keeping himself propped up on his elbow placed next to his head. Stiles' hands started to wander across his back and shoulders, eventually finding their way under his shirt as their make out session got progressively longer.

That's how the Sheriff found them a few minutes later.

“Jesus, again?!” the Sheriff groaned. It wasn't the first time he walked in on them making out (and he made sure it will be just making out until Stiles turned eighteen), but he hoped to never see them doing it on his couch again.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  SD:Matchmaker  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Character:Lydia_Martin  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  Character:Scott_McCall  Character:Allison_Argent  Character:Erica_Reyes  Character:Isaac_Lahey  Character:Boyd  Character:Sheriff_Stilinski  Character:Peter_Hale  Mood:humor  Story_Length:Short 
october 2017 by Carnadosa
Throw Me to the Wolves
Summary: He feels the physical embodiment of devastated, his already too strung-out mind struggling to wall up all the hurt, the rejection—he takes a deep shuddering breath and looks down at the shredded skin on his arms, at the sluggish way they’re weakly healing.

There is nothing, nothing he wants more than to have Derek sweep in and make everything all better. He should have known, though, that something like that would never happen to him.

OR -

Stiles accidentally gets bitten, and everything goes to hell.

|| “You can’t come back.”

Stiles, already panic-stricken and strung out, feels like a lead ball has settled in the pit of his stomach, spreading toxic dread slowly through his bloodstream to mix with the fear that’d been pumping through him for days. “What?” he says, strangled.

Derek makes an impatient noise, a huff of breath, like Stiles is some kind of annoyance he doesn’t feel like dealing with. “You can’t think…I don’t know what you’re thinking, Stiles,” he bites out, “but you can’t come back here. Not now.”

“Okay,” Stiles says. His lips feel numb, and there’s a roaring in his ears, like every person within a three block radius is screaming at him. He’s not sure how he’s actually managing words. “I’ll just… not do that.”
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Character:Erica_Reyes  Character:Scott_McCall  Character:Boyd  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  Character:Isaac_Lahey  Character:Sheriff_Stilinski  Story_Length:Medium  SD:Werewolf_Stiles 
october 2017 by Carnadosa
Absolution - Welfycat - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It'd been six months since Matt Daehler attacked the Sheriff's Department. Six months since the series of murders finally ended. Six months and Sheriff Stilinski had finally started to come to peace with it all, until he overheard a conversation that brought a new question and a series of answers he wasn't prepared to hear.
warning:rape/consent_issues  pairing:gen  ~fanfiction  fandom:teen_wolf  character:sheriff_stilinski  character:stiles  character:isaac_lahey  character:scott_mccall  character:jackson_whittemore  genre:case!fic  warning:domestic_violence 
october 2017 by snowdarkred
catch me if you can
“It’s fine,” Stiles pants, stripping off his jacket. “Give me your scarf,” he tells Lydia, and she shoves it at him.

“Stiles,” she says urgently, “I can do it, don’t--”

“I need you to explain what happened, work with Deaton to fix it,” he says, wrapping her scarf around his mouth and tying it tightly behind his head. “Best bet is--”

“Ginger,” Lyda snaps, “I’m not an idiot. Derek’s going to kill you, you know.”

Stiles squares his shoulders, his fingers on the doorknob. “Not if Hargreaves does it first.”

“Don’t you dare die,” Lydia says, and then Stiles is through the door and into the lab.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Gen  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Character:Sheriff_Stilinski  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  Character:Lydia_Martin  Character:Allison_Argent  Character:Scott_McCall  Character:Danny_Mahealani  Story_Length:Medium 
august 2017 by Carnadosa
she's got stickers on her locker
Summary: By the time she stops the Jeep in front of Derek's house Stiles can't remember driving there. She’s pretty sure she stopped at red lights.

"Derek," she says, not yelling but not really in control either. Nothing happens, there’s no movement visible through the half-melted and broken windows. No sound.

"Derek!" she shouts up at the collapsed second floor. "You need to come down here so I can claw your eyes out."

"Yeah," Derek says from the front doorway, "I can see how that's incentive."


 Or: Miss Stiles Stilinski vs. Season Two

|| "Oh my God, no," Stiles says. "I did not wax things just to have you ignore me all night. You're dancing with me."

Jackson, who'd appeared mildly ill when she'd said wax things, stares up at her, blank.

"You're dancing with me," she repeats, holding out her hand - fingernails clean, manicured, with tiny pale-pink flower decals that she’d had to sit still and let dry for hours. "You're going to dance with me because this isn't some test where you have to prove you're the coolest guy at the dance. It’s not a contest. It’s just the gym. It’s just you and me and four minutes of Adele. No one is watching."
SD:Fic  SD:Het  SD:First_Time  SD:Sex_Swap  SD:Always_A_Woman  Story_Length:Medium  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Character:Scott_McCall  Character:Allison_Argent  Character:Lydia_Martin  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  Character:Isaac_Lahey  Character:Boyd  Character:Erica_Reyes 
january 2017 by Carnadosa
Stay Still - orphan_account - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
They read the entry on the alphas, then Derek crawls into Stiles’s bed and Stiles joins him, and they fall asleep twisted together. He wakes up alone, but there’s a note stuck to his computer. Gone to let the others know about the alphas. Don’t do anything stupid.
fic  fandom:Teen_Wolf  author:anon  ship:Derek/Stiles  character:Derek_Hale  character:Erica_Reyes  character:Scott_McCall  character:Allison_Argent  character:Lydia_Martin  character:Jackson_Whittemore  character:Vernon_Boyd  character:Isaac_Lahey  character:Peter_Hale  character:Sheriff_Stilinsky  trope:reveal:supernatural  character:Stiles_Stilinski 
january 2017 by jeb124
walk me down your broken line - geordielover - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The kissing. That’s important, very important. Not that the homicidal lycanthrope dragging him through dirt and fallen leaves isn’t important, but the kiss that follows? The path to this monumental push of lips on lips began even before this ill-fated venture to the Hale house.

The douchebag manhandling him through the forest, hand clamped tight around Stiles’s throat to keep him from screaming, is just a bonus.
fic  fandom:Teen_Wolf  author:geordielover  character:Derek_Hale  ship:Derek/Stiles  trope:hurt/comfort  character:Sheriff_Stilinsky  trope:reveal:supernatural  character:Isaac_Lahey  character:Jackson_Whittemore  character:Lydia_Martin  character:Scott_McCall  trope:abuse_revealed  trope:reveal:backstory  character:Stiles_Stilinski 
october 2016 by jeb124
Like the Greeks
Medusa: Stiles makes lists and burns them. Derek keeps trying to save her, dragon slayer style. Nothing goes as planned and there’s way too much meta going on.

Enyo: Stiles is totally done with her origin story. This? This is their coming together arc. It’s weirder than she expected it to be, but also less painful. It’s a plus.

Atlanta: Stiles looks for her place in the grand scheme of things, secrets are told and there's some Buffy vibes going 'round.

Merope: Honestly, all Stiles wanted was to live to see eighteen without serious bodily harm or, you know, death.

She has no idea when the hell that turned into the supernatural version of the Hunger Games.

Achilles: Derek hates Stiles.

(Or: Sourwolf's point of view on this series.)

|| If you down the whole series at once, some of the repetitive structuring of it gets a little...old. But on the whole, loved it. Warning tag not for tagged pairing. Warning: Kate Argent. Warning: Alpha pack
SD:Fic  SD:Het  SD:First_Time  SD:Gen  Warning:Character_Death  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Story_Length:Long  SD:Secret_Revealed  SD:Sex  Kink:public_sex  SD:Sex_Swap  SD:Always_A_Woman  Character:Scott_McCall  Character:Peter_Hale  Character:Erica_Reyes  Character:Boyd  Character:Isaac_Lahey  Character:Sheriff_Stilinski  Character:Lydia_Martin  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  SD:Family_of_Choice  Warning:Gore/Graphic_Violence  SD:Bonding 
march 2016 by Carnadosa
take care of the woods
Summary: "Take care of the woods, and the woods will take care of you. I love you."

The stories Stiles' mother told him, about the woods behind his house, were always amazing. And full of people who didn't always look like people. Trees that moved, birds that brought luck, otters that understood English, a horse and a dog and a chameleon all with the same eyes. And the wolves.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Gen  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Character:Scott_McCall  SD:AU  Character:Erica_Reyes  Character:Boyd  Character:Lydia_Martin  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  Character:Peter_Hale  Character:Laura_Hale  Character:Sheriff_Stilinski  Character:Allison_Argent  Character:Kate_Argent  Story_Length:Short 
may 2014 by Carnadosa
The Newlywed Game
Summary: Stiles is (still) single when the pack's getaway to the Caribbean comes by (oh misplaced optimism); lucky for him Derek is committed to being uncommitted and even after all these years is still powerless against Stiles' unique forms of persuasion.

Cue a romantic getaway for two: sun, sand, and sarcasm abound...and the two roped into competing in the Resort's version of the Newlywed game. Only it's completely obvious it's going to end in disaster. Probably homicide.

Most probably homicide.

Plot twist: It doesn't.

[[ "Him--" Z starts, incredulous, but she stops and grins, "he belongs to you doesn't he?" Stiles opens his mouth to answer when Derek sidles up beside them a little awkwardly.

"Hey," he greets, nodding to Z and Brit. Z grins a little and Derek looks at Stiles for help.

"She thinks you're attractive," Stiles explains. Derek's eyes widen slightly and he tenses for a moment before saying, "oh sorry…I mean--" flushing slightly. Stiles barks out a laugh and shakes his head.

"No, but seriously, I mean I'm grade A gay all the way," Z nods, "but if y'all have some kind of video out? Maybe look into getting an account on xvids, redtube's pretty good too...just fyi, I think you could really make bank," she nods. Brit looks mortified beside her, and Stiles huffs out a laugh, glances to Derek.

"This one's a little camera shy," Stiles says, patting Derek's bare chest, "christ your firm," Stiles hisses, pulling his hand back and staring. Derek gives him a look.

"Sometimes I forget," Stiles shoots toward Z.

"How are you off that long enough to forget?" Z asks. Derek balks, "I'm right here!"

"Sorry, I don't let her out much, she has trouble interacting with people of the human species," Brit explains, trying to tug Z away. Stiles barks out a laugh and Derek hits him.

"I know what you mean, I forgot this one's leash at home," Derek nods towards Stiles. “But it’s really the muzzle that’s the most effective.”
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  SD:Pretend_Relationship  SD:Sex  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Story_Length:Medium  Character:Scott_McCall  Character:Allison_Argent  Character:Lydia_Martin  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  Character:Sheriff_Stilinski  Character:Isaac_Lahey  Character:Cora_Hale  Character:OC(s)  Warning:Drug_Use 
may 2014 by Carnadosa
Oh Baby, Baby
Summary: In which the technology of fake babies used to teach teenagers not to have sex has progressed to a point that they instinctively cry when Stiles touches them.

[[ "No switching."

"I'm a good dad!" says Stiles. "I am loving and nurturing."

"The baby is still crying," Danny points out. "Let me hold it."

Stiles passes it over. "And Scott's going to be a great dad too, you should be so lucky."

"Please," says Jackson. "I could do so much better. I'm the one bringing everything to this marriage--money, influence, intelligence. Our child is going to have opportunities you can't even dream of."

"Okay," says Coach. "You guys do realize these are not real children and this is not a legally binding marriage, right? I am no longer certified to perform weddings. Now take you babies and get out of my sight."
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  SD:Pretend_Relationship  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  Pairing:Stiles/Danny  Character:Derek_Hale  Character:Scott_McCall  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  Mood:humor 
march 2014 by Carnadosa
From the Waters and the Wild
Summary: The child is dirty and huge-eyed and streaked with mysterious blood. It's wearing something filthy that could be generously described as a dress but looks more like a sheet, and it's all so Dickensian, it's almost over the top. It's obviously not even remotely human. Of course Stiles wants to take it home.

[[ Of course Stiles wants to take it home.

Stiles wants to take it home, and it's not because of some buried-deep parental instinct or the tender, caregiving nature that Stiles clearly lacks. It's because Stiles is irresistibly drawn to bad ideas. See also: He's been dating Derek for the past three years and still hasn't realized that it's the stupidest idea he's ever had.

"Oh my f—fudging god, I do not," Stiles says, when Derek tells him he has the judgment of a particularly suicidal moth. "I deal only in fine, high-quality ideas."

"And children, apparently," Derek says, pointing at the tiny waif that's propped up on Stiles' hip, wrapped up in Stiles' arms, looking pleased with itself.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:Established_Relationship  SD:Kid_Fic  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Character:OC(s)  Character:Scott_McCall  Character:Lydia_Martin  Character:Erica_Reyes  Character:Boyd  Character:Allison_Argent  Character:Isaac_Lahey  Character:Jackson_Whittemore 
march 2014 by Carnadosa
Our Memories Are Numbered
Summary: Stiles’ Jeep grinds to a halt, he sees someone running through the rain, he's not expecting it to be Derek. He's not expecting a Derek without any memories either, or an Alpha pack that's coming for all of them. He probably should've, because lately nothing goes the way he expects.

[[ “All I know is this moment and that before, I was running.”

Stiles thinks quickly, stepping into Derek’s space again. “Right,” he says. “Okay, maybe you hit your head and your memories aren’t restoring as fast as you healed.” When Stiles looks at Derek to search for any kind of confirmation, Derek is breathing the air around Stiles. He probably smells of wet clothes and cooled sweat, which can’t be nice. “This is so –– wait –– you know you’re a, uh, werewolf, right?”

“I do,” Derek agrees easily. “And you’re not.” Derek tilts his head again, a speculative glint in his eyes. He looks more wolfish in human form than Stiles has ever seen.
SD:Fic  SD:Slash  SD:First_Time  SD:Amnesia  Story_Length:Medium  Fandom:Teen_Wolf  SD:Sex  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Warning:Consent_Issues  Character:Scott_McCall  F:Fanart  Character:Allison_Argent  Character:Chris_Argent  Character:Peter_Hale  Character:Lydia_Martin  Character:Jackson_Whittemore  Character:Sheriff_Stilinski  SD:Secret_Revealed 
january 2014 by Carnadosa

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