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What the World Needs Now
Scott and Malia’s engagement announcement throws Stiles into a quarter-life crisis. Derek is there to help him through.

Alternate title for this fic: Everyone is bisexual and nothing hurts so fuck you, Jeff.
author:jmeelee  fandom:teenwolf  length:10.000-30.000  rating:nc-17  kink:first-time  kink:blow-job  kink:hand-job  kink:fingering  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:derek-hale  character:jackson  character:lydia  character:malia  character:mason  character:corey  character:sheriff-stilinski  archiveofourown  pr0n  pairing:derek/stiles 
september 2018 by kdjslvgds
All's Fair in Orgasms and War
"We haven't seen much of our favorite rock hard stud from Hale House ever since that indie twink dethroned him as champion in Orgasm Wars, but it's just been confirmed that Diamond will no longer be working for the legendary studio famous for producing some of our favorite werewolf-on-human works. Don't fret, Diamond fans, it looks like he's been spotted cozying up to True Alpha Studios! Apparently he couldn't get enough of that one human and then followed him home. Could it be true love? Keep your eye on this studio-- us at AVN think we're about to get a lot more of Diamond in a very new way!"
The one in which (almost) everyone is a porn star, and Derek just wants to curl up with his fluffy blanket and watch the Hallmark channel, but work and falling in love gets in the way.
fandom:teenwolf  length:60.000-100.000  rating:nc-17  pr0n  pairing:derek/stiles  kink:porn-star  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:blow-job  kink:makeouts  kink:public-sex  kink:porn  genre:romance  au  archiveofourown  author:bleep0bleep  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:cora-hale  character:scott-mccall  character:allison-argent  character:lydia  character:isaac  character:jackson  character:danny  character:erica  character:boyd  character:malia  character:kira 
july 2018 by kdjslvgds
There's Monsters at Home
“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.
author:calrissian18  rating:nc-17  au  canon-divergence  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  length:60.000-100.000  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:peter-hale  character:cora-hale  character:erica  character:boyd  character:isaac  character:lydia  character:jackson  character:deaton  character:sheriff-stilinski  au-magical  character:alpha-pack  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:ust  kink:makeouts  genre:drama  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  dub-con  monsters  archiveofourown 
march 2018 by kdjslvgds
my heart's been offline
31/M/New York. Rich, lays in bed all day, likes to read (aka Derek Hale, son of an Oscar winning actress, brother of one obnoxious reality star and one rebellious fashion designer, hates the paparazzi so much he's a recluse)

26/M/California. Boring office job, likes to read (aka Stiles Stilinski, co-owner of a 100 acre organic farm with his dad and two best friends, writer of obits for a newspaper, has absolutely no life)

Or, where Derek and Stiles meet online, and Stiles has no clue Derek's part of a famous family.
author:thepsychicclam  fandom:teenwolf  length:30.000-60.000  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  pairing:derek/stiles  character:derek-hale  character:stiles  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:scott-mccall  character:isaac  character:erica  character:danny  character:lydia  character:allison-argent  character:jackson  character:cora-hale  character:laura-hale  character:talia-hale  au  au-human  archiveofourown  ★5  kink:bottom!derek  kink:bottom!stiles  kink:blow-job  kink:hand-job  kink:makeouts 
february 2018 by kdjslvgds
The Hollow Moon
It's the summer after Stiles' first year of college, and he's working a crappy job and dealing with nightmares and anxiety - but he's okay, he swears. He makes it through most days without too much trouble. Then, a certain werewolf comes back into town. Which Stiles doesn't care about, nope, not at all.

After two and a half years, Derek returns to Beacon Hills with his small Pack. Though he tried to move on, something just kept drawing him back to Beacon Hills, he's just not sure what. Now, he figures he can start building something like a life - but he keeps getting distracted by Stiles Stilinski of all people.
author:thepsychicclam  length:100.000+  rating:nc-17  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  ★5  archiveofourown  canon-divergence  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:scott-mccall  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:lydia  character:cora-hale  character:jackson  character:erica  character:boyd  character:isaac  character:kira  character:danny  character:allison-argent  character:malia  character:deputy-parrish  character:chris-argent  character:liam  character:hayden  character:mason  character:deucalion  character:alpha-pack  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort 
january 2018 by kdjslvgds
A Little Less Weird
Stiles didn’t like the whole cabin-in-the-woods plan. He particularly didn’t like the idea of sitting in a car for six hours to get there. Or not being able to just run out to the store if he got one of his weird - embarrassing - cravings. Or being around the pack.

Yeah, okay, that wasn’t exactly fair. They didn’t… didn’t really do anything, it was just that Stiles had a bit of trouble adjusting to the whole pregnant thing - or more accurately, adjusting to visibly being pregnant.
fic  slash  fandom:Teen_Wolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  kink:mpreg  established-relationship  fluff  hurt/comfort  character:Scott  character:Derek  character:Jackson  character:Isaac  character:Erica  character:Boyd 
october 2017 by Ishara
Honey, Can't you See (The Bloodstains on my Teeth)
“Mr Stilinski.” Deaton’s usually impassive face betrays a hint of surprise today, maybe even disappointment. “You haven’t changed your mind.”

Stiles tips his chin up, smiling against his irritation. “Nope,” he confirms, so cheerily it bites. They had arranged this weeks ago, yet Deaton was apparently betting Stiles wouldn’t go through with it in the end. Fuck that. He doesn’t know what it’s like out there, not really. He can afford to hold himself aloof and uninvolved, knowing his druid power is enough to keep him safe in this little office. Stiles can’t. Scott’s pack has got to protect this whole town, and Stiles’ spark isn’t enough to protect all of them while they do it.

The thing is, magic isn’t like the fairy tales. It’s blood and risk and sacrifice. Nothing comes without a price, and anyone who tries to say different is baiting a hook to gut you on. Stiles knows that, has known it since he was a kid and his mother started training him for the inevitable day when he’d need to fight for his life.

That day had come four years ago when she died, and it hasn’t stopped yet.
author:loup_aigre  author:troubleiwant  au  au-magical  sort-of  apocalypse  genre:drama  genre:angst  genre:romance  fandom:teenwolf  archiveofourown  pairing:derek/stiles  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:scott-mccall  character:allison-argent  character:lydia  character:jackson  character:cora-hale  character:erica  character:boyd  character:isaac  character:melissa-mccall  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:chris-argent  magic  character:deaton  length:30.000-60.000  rating:nc-17  mates 
july 2017 by kdjslvgds
tide pulls from the moon
When Derek left Beacon Hills, finally ripping the tether free and remembering how to breathe, how to live again, it was Stiles who came after him. Stiles, who showed up at his door with blazing eyes, looking like he wanted to punch him in the face, but wrapping his arms around him instead, making him grunt in surprise at the raw strength of his embrace.

“You asshole,” Stiles said, slapping him heartily on the back as he extricated himself, his voice rough under his bright smile. “You couldn’t have made yourself harder to find, could you?”
pairing:derek/stiles  author:paintedrecs  fandom:teenwolf  length:30.000-60.000  rating:r  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:isaac  character:jackson  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:scott-mccall  character:melissa-mccall  character:kira  character:kate-argent  character:cora-hale  archiveofourown  canon-divergence  genre:angst  genre:romance 
may 2017 by kdjslvgds
bound by the secrets we share
Ninety-seven years ago, a nuclear apocalypse rendered planet Earth unlivable, leaving only the four-hundred people on the twelve space stations as its survivors. Over three generations, these twelve nations joined together to form the unified Ark Station. To preserve the human race, the leaders of the Ark implemented strict measures including: capital punishment for anyone over the age of eighteen, a ration system based on job placement, and the arrangement of marriages based on genetic compatibility. If the human race was to return to Earth, it had to be strong to survive. Clarke Griffin turns eighteen and celebrates her birthday with a marriage ceremony.
series:the-100  au:clarke  &  bellamy  meet  on  the  ark  au:arranged-marriage  marriage:clarke/bellamy  pairing:clarke/bellamy  pairing:wells/oc  pairing:clarke/wells  character-death:murphy  character-death:wells  character-death:jake-griffin  character-death:mrs.blake  character:clarke-griffin  character:bellamy-blake  character:octavia-blake  character:wells-jaha  character:jake-griffin  character:abby-griffin  character:mrs.blake  first-kiss  first-time  genre:smut  character:monroe  pairing:monroe/roma  marriage:wells/oc  character:jackson  character:thelonious-jaha  character:john-murphy  character:shumway  currently-reading 
february 2015 by frannie_pants
The 101
Clarke knew being sent to earth was a horrible idea…especially since she was pregnant with a baby. A baby that none besides her knew about, not even the father. And now the father of her child who had abandoned her without explanation four months ago is on earth with her. Seemly unaffected by their past and connection. His name...Bellamy Blake.
series:the-100  pairing:clarke/bellamy  au:clarke  &  bellamy  meet  on  the  ark  currently-reading  pregnant!clarke  character:clarke-griffin  character:bellamy-blake  character:abby-griffin  character:octavia-blake  character:wells-jaha  character:finn-collins  character:john-murphy  character:callie  character:jackson  character:thelonious-jaha  character:marcus-kane  tag:season-1  tag:early-season-1 
february 2015 by frannie_pants
That Which You Cannot Undo
By twenty-eight, Stiles has resigned himself to a quiet life of working in his magic shop, selling Jackson Whittemore fart-inducing tea, and looking after his goddaughter. It's a good life. But the quiet goes to hell when his sister, Lydia, shows up with a crispy werewolf in her trunk and a bite mark on her shoulder, because hard on her heels comes the hottest person Stiles has ever seen, and he happens to be looking for his uncle.

You know, the dead guy Stiles helped Lydia bury last night.

(Or: the Pracitical Magic AU nobody asked for.)
fic  slash  au  fusion:Practical_Magic  pairing:Derek/Stiles  character:Lydia  character:Scott  character:Jackson  kink:knotting  fandom:Teen_Wolf 
september 2014 by Ishara
No Homo
Stiles' sophomore year starts something like this:
3 FourLokos
+ 1 peer-pressuring cat
- 1 best bro to end all best bros
= 1 Craigslist ad headline that reads "str8 dude - m4m - strictly platonic".
Derek is the fool who replies.
author:remainnameless  fandom:teenwolf  rating:nc-17  pr0n  genre:angst  genre:romance  kink:bottom!derek  kink:masturbation  kink:frottage  kink:fingering  kink:blow-job  kink:first-time  character:stiles  character:scott-mccall  character:derek-hale  character:lydia  character:cora-hale  character:allison-argent  character:danny  character:jackson  character:erica  length:60.000-100.000  archiveofourown  au  au-human  au-college 
april 2014 by kdjslvgds
Stiles already had a history with skin magazines for werewolves. It wasn't like he was new at this, even if his modeling portfolio was completely pathetic. He was cool and collected. He was a jaded professional. He was not at all prepared for working with Derek Hale.
author:otter  fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  length:30.000-60.000  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  kink:porn  kink:bottom!derek  kink:frottage  kink:blow-job  kink:makeouts  genre:hurt/comfort  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:lydia  character:jackson  character:erica  character:scott-mccall  character:allison-argent  character:omc  character:ofc  character:laura-hale 
march 2014 by kdjslvgds
But, Doctor!
“We had to splint a girl’s leg in a ditch,” Scott says excitedly.

“Bro, you sound way too happy about that,” Stiles complains, opening up his bag and pulling out a Twinkie.

Derek removes it from his hand silently and replaces it with an apple. Stiles scowls at him for a second then bites into it, regardless. Derek sits back and lets the group discuss the merits of dramatic lifesaving feats for winning over the ladies. Scott is convinced it’ll help impress Allison; Isaac thinks Scott’s a loser. Stiles—

Stiles is falling asleep on Derek’s shoulder.
fandom:teenwolf  au  au-human  au-doctors  length:30.000-60.000  rating:nc-17  author:stilinskisparkles  pairing:derek/stiles  kink:hand-job  kink:frottage  kink:makeouts  kink:bottom!stiles  archiveofourown  genre:romance  genre:drama  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:scott-mccall  character:allison-argent  character:danny  character:lydia  character:jackson  character:cora-hale  character:isaac  character:finstock  character:erica  character:boyd  character:ethan  character:aiden 
february 2014 by kdjslvgds
Those At Home
“Goddamn it,” Derek said, the flat of his hand slamming against the wall. “He’s the only one I trust to do this.”

Scott looked at him from where he was sitting, arms on his knees. The look on his face said he understood far too well.

“You have eight hours,” Scott said softly. “We'll have everyone we need by then.”

Derek nodded, then reached into the crib and picked up his son. “I’ll be here. I will be at your back.”

Scott looked at Derek and his son. “Stiles will keep him safe.”

Derek looked down at his son and then looked up. “Call Lydia. He shouldn’t be alone.”

Scott watched as Derek carefully put his son in warm clothing.

“You don’t have to come back,” Scott said. “Stay with him. Protect them.”

Derek hesitated for a minute and then closed his eyes. “I'll be at your back, so he will have something to come home to.”
author:truelyesoteric  length:10.000-30.000  fandom:teenwolf  rating:nc-17  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  genre:drama  kids  kid-fic  pairing:derek/stiles  character:stiles  character:derek-hale  character:lydia  character:omc  character:scott-mccall  character:sheriff-stilinski  character:allison-argent  character:isaac  character:jackson  character:ofc  future-fic  kink:blow-job 
december 2013 by kdjslvgds

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pairing:monroe/roma  pairing:octavia/lincoln  pairing:peter/stiles  pairing:scott/allison  pairing:stiles/danny  pairing:stiles/lydia  pairing:wells/oc  pining  pr0n  pre-series  pregnant!clarke  prostitution  quiddich  r:explicit  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:r  recommendations  season-1  season-2  sequel  series:the-100  series:wolf-whistle  ship:danny/stiles  slash  sort-of  tag:au  tag:early-season-1  tag:season-1  the  travel  tumblr  unicorns  werecats  werefox  werewolves  winter  witches  wordcount:10k-25k  ★5 

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