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Secondary Exposure - thesardine
Sherlock: "If you were dying, if you were murdered, in the very last seconds, what would you say?"
John: "Please God, let me live."
Sherlock: "Use your imagination."
John: "I don't have to."

After twenty years, the killer who abducted John as a child has resurfaced. Now John and Sherlock must track him down before he claims another victim, and at the same time navigate the shifting nature of their relationship.
Fandom:Sherlock(BBC)  Character:JohnWatson  Character:HarryWatson  Character:SherlockHolmes  Style:Multi-Chapter  Style:CaseFic  Character:SallyDonovan  Theme:Kidnapping  Theme:Angst  Theme:Implied/Referenced_Torture  Theme:Emotional_Hurt/Comfort  Character:GregLestrade  Theme:Friendship  Theme:Hurt/Comfort 
september 2017 by JoeyCool13
The Measure of a Gentleman by i_ship_an_armada

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a partner.

Less universally acknowledged is that a single man in possession of very little in the way of fortune may be in want of a partner as well, but John Watson had little time or energy to devote to his own wants or needs...

Enter one Mr Holmes...
 Please note that I gleefully take great liberties with the laws governing same sex relationships and how they are seen in the Regency Era. As in, it is not an issue at all in this story. At all.Also inChinese, translated by shanzuRussian, translated by OneChancetoLiveItalian, translated by Spelacchiotto


This is a fusion of BBC's Sherlock and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. All mistakes and misrepresentations of her lovely work are all mine.
creator:i_ship_an_armada  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  fandom:PrideandPrejudice  rating:4Explicit  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  ship:GregoryLestrade/MollyHooper  character:GregoryLestrade  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:MollyHooper  character:HarryWatson  character:IreneAdler  character:SallyDonovan  character:MycroftHolmes  character:JamesMoriarty  character:Mrs.Hudson  genre:au:fusion  genre:historical  genre:angst  genre:au:historical  genre:au  genre:au:regency  series:TMoaGUniverse  saved:yes  status:completed  chapters:020-029  words:060-070k  character:Anderson(Sherlock)  character:Dimmock(Sherlock) 
july 2016 by eir
The Men Who Talked Between the Words by Odamaki

John expected to be a father some day; he expected to have the house, and the wife and the nice suburban job. Sherlock never expected to have children, in part because he never expected to make it past 30. As it turns out, you don't get a choice. Crammed into Baker Street with a baby, John struggles with single-parenthood and his own fears, while Sherlock treads the fine line between doing too little and saying too much.

LATEST: “There’s something I wanted to say.”

The ankle Sherlock has had propped on his knee slips off, although he recovers quickly enough to manage the action and turn it into a slow stretch of his legs.

“Say something?”

“Yeah, something I want to say- wanted to say for a bit, actually just… wasn’t the sort of thing you- y’know.”
(TBC, tags and relationships subject to change.)
creator:Odamaki  archive:AO3  fandom:SherlockBBC  rating:3Mature  worktype:fiction  category:F/M  category:Gen  category:M/M  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  ship:JohnWatson/MaryMorstan  ship:JohnWatson&SherlockHolmes  ship:GregoryLestrade&MycroftHolmes  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:MaryMorstan  character:MycroftHolmes  character:MummyHolmes  character:HarryWatson  character:GregoryLestrade  character:Anderson(Sherlock)  character:MollyHooper  character:BillyWiggins  character:EllaThompson  character:Anthea(Sherlock)  genre:family  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  saved:no  status:wip  character:MrsHudson(SherlockBBC) 
august 2015 by eir
Comme des enfants - Eliane - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Ahhh this fic contains so many of my John backstory headcanons, complete with homophobic parents, a desperate wartime relationship with Sholto, and internalized biphobia.
fic  fandom:sherlock  ship:sherlock/john  ship:john/sholto  relationship:slash  type:backstory  theme:headcanon  character:johnwatson  character:harrywatson  character:sherlock  theme:queer  type:angst 
february 2015 by Poetry
Level 65 Paladin Looking for Group by etothepii (Stochastical)
"I think I met someone," John says at his next therapist's appointment. "A friend." "Really?" Ella asks. She sounds pleased, and also surprised. "What's his name?" John nods. "Really. His name's Sherlock. He -- he plays the same game as me, the online one. We party together."
creator:etothepii  archive:AO3  worktype:fiction  rating:2Teen  fandom:SherlockBBC  character:JohnWatson  character:SherlockHolmes  character:EllaThompson  character:GregoryLestrade  character:SallyDonovan  character:MollyHooper  character:HarryWatson  status:complete  chapters:001  words:010-015k  category:gen  ship:JohnWatson&SherlockHolmes  saved:yes 
october 2013 by eir
you are a paradigm by 1electricpirate
Sometimes, only sometimes, when Sherlock is very far away and absolutely guaranteed not to return for at least three hours, John sits on the sofa and lets the tea make itself.

In which John is (reluctantly) a wizard, Mycroft is (apparently) omniscient, and Sherlock is (surprisingly) oblivious.
fandom:SherlockBBC  archive:AO3  rating:3Mature  fandom:HarryPotter  crossover:HarryPotter/SherlockBBC  genre:crossover  genre:au  genre:au:magic  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:MycroftHolmes  character:HarryPotter  character:HarryWatson  character:CharlieWeasley  d:wizard!JohnWatson  series:MoreThingsThanAreDreamtOf  status:complete  chapters:001  words:010-015k  creator:1electricpirate  worktype:fiction  category:M/M  saved:yes 
october 2013 by eir
Of Kidnapping, Livestream and How Homophobia Kills by all_galimatias
Sherlock, John, Mycroft and the Yarders have been trying to kill/capture Moriarty for months, all to no avail. Then one day Jim streams a live video feed of his latest kidnap victim to Scotland Yard for all to see. It's Harry Watson. Jim is threatening dire things. Moran is lurking around with a gun pointed at her. Meanwhile, Sherlock is trying to figure out what the game is and John is beside himself with worry and rage.
Then, with all of them watching, Harry somehow manages to disarm Moran and kills both him and Jim.
The Yarders are in awe.John is proud.Mycroft has her knighted.Sherlock is annoyed by the whole damn thing.
via:skogsraa  creator:all_galimatias  fandom:SherlockBBC  archive:LJ  worktype:fiction  rating:0unrated  character:HarryWatson  plot:HarryWatson:BAMF  character:JamesMoriarty  character:SebastianMoran  character:JohnWatson  character:SherlockHolmes  genre:humor  status:complete  chapters:002-004  words:unknown  category:gen  saved:no 
july 2013 by eir
when Harry met Sally (and then Sherlock Holmes) by etharei
Title: when Harry met Sally (and then Sherlock Holmes)
Author: etharei
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC TV)
Pairing: implied Sherlock/John, ref. to Harry/Clara
Rating: PG for language
Wordcount: ~5,500
Summary: Harry Watson hadn’t expected the Met, and possibly the British government, to be this keen on locating her missing brother.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters mentioned herein; they’re based on the BBC modern adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. No profit was made in the writing or posting of this piece of fiction.
Notes: Initially inspired by this prompt at sherlockbbc_fic but it kind of went sideways. Also has not yet been brit-pick'd. Brit-picking by red_sherlock on AO3, thanks bb ♥ My first Sherlock fic :-)
via:skogsraa  creator:Etharei  fandom:SherlockBBC  archive:LJ  worktype:fiction  rating:2Teen  character:JohnWatson  character:SherlockHolmes  character:HarryWatson  character:SallyDonovan  status:complete  chapters:001  words:004-006k  category:gen  saved:no 
july 2013 by eir
The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows by raina-at
Title:The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows
Author: raina_at <>
Characters/Pairings: BBC Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Reichenbach. Tiny spoilers for "The Hound of the Baskervilles" in the ACD version.
Summary: Sherlock has been gone from Baker Street for exactly 388 days. When he returns, nothing is quite the way he expected it to be.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but technically Sherlock Holmes is public domain. Still, please don’t sue me, BBC.
Notes: Title from the ee cummings poem "i carry your heart with me". Thank you veronamay <> for the heroic last-minute beta effort.

I know nothing of Series 2 except vaguely what Canon stories they're based on, so there's nothing spoilery whatsoever about this fic.

Written for the 2011 holmestice <> fic exchange.

Wordcount: 7384
creator:raina-at  fandom:SherlockBBC  archive:LJ  worktype:fiction  rating:4Explicit  genre:angst  genre:romance  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:SherlockHolmes  character:MummyHolmes  character:HarryWatson  fest:holmestice  fest:2011  status:complete  chapters:001  words:006-008k  category:M/M  saved:no 
january 2013 by eir
Foggy London by BlooMist
John gets home after a very nasty day and finds Sherlock particularly moody. After almost a week without decent sleep, John starts to question himself about some weird, lusty feelings towards the world's only Consulting Detective.
creator:BlooMist  fandom:SherlockBBC  archive:AO3  worktype:fiction  rating:3Mature  ship:JohnWatson/SherlockHolmes  character:SherlockHolmes  character:JohnWatson  character:GregoryLestrade  character:MycroftHolmes  character:JamesMoriarty  character:HarryWatson  character:SallyDonovan  character:MrsHudson(SherlockBBC)  status:wip  category:M/M  saved:yes  character:Anthea(Sherlock) 
january 2013 by eir

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hurtjohn  ifuckinglovesherlockholmes  illness  jealousy  johnisagooddoctor  johnisquietlygoingnuts  johnmakeshismove  johnsuccumbstosherlockseccentricity  kidfic  kinkmeme  length:0001-5k  length:15k-20k  length:2k-5k  length:5000+  length:5k-10k  length:series  lestradeisagoodman  lestradeislongsuffering  lovely  magicalrealism  marijuana!  medium:fandom  medium:fic  mysteriousmacguffin  nightmares  noncon  outsiderpov  pairing:harry/clara  pairing:harry/sarah  pairing:harrywatson/clara  pairing:holmes/watson  pairing:jim/irene  pairing:jim/sherlock  pairing:john/lestrade  pairing:john/mary  pairing:john/oc  pairing:john/sarah  pairing:john/sherlock  pairing:johnwatson/sherlockholmes  pairing:molly/harry  pairing:none  pairing:sherlock/irene  pairing:sherlock/john  pairing:sherlock/omc  pairing:sherlock/sebastianwilkes  plot:comingout  plot:differentlyable:mental  plot:harrywatson:bamf  pov:johnwatson  preslash  privatelanguage  rape  rating:0unrated  rating:1general  rating:2teen  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status:complete  status:completed  status:wip  style:casefic  style:multi-chapter  subsherlock  theme:angst  theme:awesomewomen  theme:bdsm  theme:emotional_hurt/comfort  theme:family  theme:friendship  theme:headcanon  theme:hiddenidentity  theme:hurt/comfort  theme:implied/referenced_torture  theme:kidnapping  theme:magicalrealism  theme:outsiderpov  theme:queer  theme:seasonalfic  theme:worldbuilding  type:angst  type:au  type:backstory  type:characterstudy  type:fic  type:fixit  type:plotty  type:smut  unexpectedlysweet  virginity  w:post:reichenbachfall  wip  womanizer  words:003-004k  words:004-006k  words:006-008k  words:010-015k  words:015-020k  words:020-025k  words:040-050k  words:060-070k  words:090-100k  words:100-125k  words:125-150k  words:150-175k  words:unknown  worktype:fiction  writer:nekomitsu  xo:sherlock/adamfamily 

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