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your kind of mystery
You said I'll know where to find you, and I do.

(Or: the Leverage team has something Harold wants.)
fic  slash  fandom:Person_of_Interest  fandom:Leverage  crossover  pairing:Finch/Reese  character:Elliot  character:Hardison  character:Parker  hurt_Elliot  kink:D/s 
4 weeks ago by Ishara
Rattlesnake Smile - Antarctica_or_bust - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Quinn doesn't understand why people are so afraid of Eliot Spencer until someone kidnaps Hardison.
fandom:leverage  pairing:slash  ~fanfiction  character:hardison  character:eliot 
6 weeks ago by snowdarkred
What are friends for - Hagar - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Her ex-husband's associates are occasionally useful. For example, when Maggie has a really bad feeling about her latest client.
fic  Leverage  character:MaggieCollins  character:EliotSpencer  character:Parker  character:Hardison  gen 
september 2017 by kuiskata
The Yeast We Could Brew - lady_ragnell - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Amy spends a lot of time around the brewpub, and guesses a thing or two while her bosses argue about what to name a new beer.
fic  Leverage  character:AmyPalavi  character:EliotSpencer  character:Parker  character:Hardison  gen  outsider!POV 
september 2017 by kuiskata
More Than a Team - Poetry, Shmaylor - Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Nomi wants help from a team of criminals to bring down BPO, Amanita isn't sure she trusts them, Hardison is impressed by Nomi's hacking skills, Parker comes to the rescue, and Eliot notices some very distinctive fighting styles.
fic  Leverage  Sense8  SensateCluster  character:NomiMarks  character:AmanitaCaplan  character:Hardison  character:Parker  character:EliotSpencer  gen  casefic 
april 2017 by kuiskata
It's All Relative - kashinoha - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
The team admits, with no little reluctance, that they are the only ones for the job when Chaos gets himself into hot water. Meanwhile, Eliot is dealing with his own issues.

(That one where the army made Eliot a werewolf)
fic  Leverage  TeamLeverage  character:EliotSpencer  character:Parker  character:Hardison  character:Quinn 
march 2017 by kuiskata
The Food Cart Job - page_runner - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
She was only here for a long weekend, using this convention as an excuse to see Alice for the first time in over a year, or using Alice as an excuse to get away for a convention, or using both as a reason to finally take a vacation, because it was about damn time.

At least, that was the original plan.
fic  Leverage  outsider!POV  character:Peggy  character:Parker  character:EliotSpencer  character:Hardison  character:AmyPalavi  gen  casefic 
february 2017 by kuiskata
The Things We Lose - Butyoucancallmemeg - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot can’t stop thinking about the kid he met down in that mine - Cory. He’s young, his whole life ahead of him, and he’s going to spend it in a town that’s too small for his big, smart head. He spins an empty shot glass distractedly with one hand, thinking about being eighteen and making big, life-changing decisions - like joining the army right out of high school. Like leaving behind a shitty father, a shitty town, but also a brother who’s really older by about ten minutes - who was still always the little one, somehow.
fic  Leverage  TheLibrarians  crossover  character:Parker  character:EliotSpencer  character:Hardison  character:EzekielJones  character:EveBaird  gen 
october 2016 by kuiskata
Hagar: What are friends for
Her ex-husband's associates are occasionally useful. For example, when Maggie has a really bad feeling about her latest client.
fandom:leverage  author:Hagar  AO3  trope:futurefic  genre:gen  rating:PG  character:parker  character:hardison  character:eliot  character:maggie_collins  character:Amy_Palavi  !no_pairing  via:lattara  trope:outsiderpov 
may 2016 by Miscella
What are friends for - Hagar - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Her ex-husband's associates are occasionally useful. For example, when Maggie has a really bad feeling about her latest client.
fic  Leverage  character:MaggieCollins  character:Parker  character:EliotSpencer  character:Hardison  gen 
may 2016 by kuiskata
Good Old-Fashioned Criminals - Poetry - Sense8 (TV), Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Kala's not a criminal. She just needs to break into her company's server room to investigate its possible dealings with BPO. This man who's also breaking into the server room, though...
fic  Leverage  Sense8  character:Hardison  SensateCluster  character:KalaDandekar  crossover 
april 2016 by kuiskata
Interconnectivity - akire_yta - Leverage, Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Prompt: Leverage x Sense8. Hardison is part of a cluster, not connected with the others in the Leverage group.
fic  Leverage  Sense8  crossover  character:Hardison 
april 2016 by kuiskata
The "Who The Hell Is Bucky?" Job - dionysus_bound - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies), Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
The Winter Soldier spent two years on his own, trying to get his memory back through full-frontal assaults on secret HYDRA installations. During one such raid he meets a Hitter, a Hacker and a Thief who decide to take him on as a client.
Before he knows it, he's watching them bicker like children, eating gourmet pub food and teaming up with the Avengers.
fic  Leverage  Avengers  crossover  character:BuckyBarnes  character:EliotSpencer  character:Parker  character:Hardison  character:SteveRogers 
november 2015 by kuiskata
Estranged - zathara001 - Leverage, The Librarians (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
"Of all the brewpubs in all the world, you had to walk into mine." While escaping from a monster out of myth, Jacob Stone runs into someone he hasn't seen in twenty years.
fic  Leverage  TheLibrarians  crossover  character:JakeStone  character:EliotSpencer  character:Parker  character:Hardison  gen 
november 2015 by kuiskata
Connection Error - VictoriaWrites - Veronica Mars - All Media Types, Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
When someone hacks into Kane Industries, Mac refuses to give up until she catches them. But this rabbit hole goes far deeper than she realizes...
fic  VeronicaMars  Leverage  crossover  character:Hardison  character:Mac 
april 2015 by kuiskata

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