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Worst Christmas Ever
Stan loses his arm and his boyfriend just before the holidays.
fic  slash  au  sci-fi  permanent_injury  character:Full_Cast  pairing:Stan/Kyle  fandom:South_Park  hurt/comfort  angst 
28 days ago by Ishara
Alpha Male Syndrome
Morgan isn't sure what it is about Rossi that drives him crazy, but he's determined to figure it out. Of course, he hadn't planned on a pig farm and a revenge-obsessed fugitive.
Notes: Contains spoilers for "Omnivore" and "To Hell...and Back". Big thanks to my betas and , and thanks of course to my artist ! :)
fic  slash  episode-related  pairing:Morgan/Rossi  bottom_Derek  character:Full_Cast  fandom:Criminal_Minds 
january 2019 by Ishara
In Hot Pursuit
Dean Winchester is a high school drop out with a GED and a give’em Hell attitude. He’s also got an ex-wife demanding child support, a finance company on his ass about his overdue car repayments, and an eviction notice pending—he can’t keep dodging his landlord forever.
One thing he doesn’t have is a job, on account of him getting laid off four months ago—something he still hasn’t told his family about.
Times are tough and Dean is getting desperate. He needs cash fast, which is how he ends up working as a freelance skip tracer for sleazy bail bondsman Fergus ‘Crowley’ MacLeod.
Dean’s first bail jumper is none other than local bad-boy-turned-good-cop, Castiel Novak—a man with whom Dean has history. Novak is a hot guy in hot water—wanted for murder—and to Dean he’s worth a ten grand fee. Is he guilty? Dean tells himself he doesn’t care. The only question worth asking is: will Dean get his man?
fic  slash  fandom:Supernatural  fusion:Stephanie_Plum  bottom_Dean  character:Full_Cast  warning:attempted_non-con  pairing:Dean/Castiel  case-fic  au 
december 2018 by Ishara
It's not Stiles's fault. He was typing fast and not paying attention. It wasn't like he meant to land on this kind of website...
fic  slash  au  kink:sugar_daddy  fandom:Teen_Wolf  pairing:Peter/Stiles  kink:exhibitionism  pairing:Chris/Stiles  pairing:Deucalion/Stiles  pairing:Stiles/OMC  character:Full_Cast 
october 2018 by Ishara
Hope Prevails
“You are a warrior,” says Aragorn. “Of Gondor.” His hand closes tight over Boromir’s shoulder, as if lending Boromir his strength, tethering him to life. “Is there one for whom you fight? A lady-love?”

In his agony from the Uruk’s wounds, Boromir’s answer is entirely too honest. “A brother,” he gasps. “I have a brother.” In arms, in blood, and in bond.

“Then think of him, and live,” Aragorn commands. “He will look for your coming from the White Tower, and you will return home to him.”
fic  slash  incest  au  fix-it  character:Full_Cast  pairing:Boromir/Faramir  angst  established-relationship  hurt/comfort  fandom:Lord_of_the_Rings 
september 2018 by Ishara
Becoming a Prince
Prince Shiro has a new boyfriend and it just might be love.

Inspired by the royal engagement.
fic  slash  au  pairing:Shiro/Keith  fandom:Voltron  marriage  romance  royalty  modern  character:Full_Cast 
september 2018 by Ishara
Sometimes Faith Is An Open Road
In which Peter goes feral and Chris isn't prepared to let him go
fic  slash  pairing:Chris/Peter  fandom:Teen_Wolf  character:Full_Cast 
september 2018 by Ishara
I Don't Want Love
Captured by the Resistance, Hux lies about being pregnant to avoid immediate execution. There’s only one problem: It turns out not to be a lie.

What follows are the adventures of the galaxy’s most dysfunctional family.
fic  slash  au  fandom:Star_Wars_VII  pairing:Hux/Ben_Solo|Kylo_Ren  mpreg  OCs  character:Leia  character:Full_Cast 
september 2018 by Ishara
Five Fucks and a Cuddle
Prompt: Five times someone walked in on Dom and Brian having sex and one time someone walked in on them cuddling.

With a side of What if Brian was exactly who he said?
fic  slash  fandom:Fast&Furious  pairing:Dom/Brian  character:Full_Cast 
september 2018 by Ishara
Brain Damage
"You jerk," Wilson sighed when House walked in and set a mug on Wilson's desk. Wilson was stretched out on his own couch. The nausea had ebbed slightly during the morning, but then he'd tried to eat a little oatmeal, and now it seemed in danger of flowing again.

"It's tea," House said. Wilson glanced up at him, and House looked away. "From Cameron."

"Yes, God forbid I think you care," Wilson said.
fic  slash  fandom:House  pairing:House/Wilson  character:Full_Cast  sick_Wilson 
july 2018 by Ishara
Midsomer Musketeers
A burnt-out solicitor recovering from a breakdown, Athos hopes the pretty little village he's moved to will be just what he needs. But was the body he saw at the end of the garden real or a figment of his medicated imagination? Is his house really haunted? The Reverend d'Herblay thinks he's seeing things, but can he convince Detective Inspector Porthos du Vallon that murder has been done?
fic  slash  au  fandom:The_Musketeers  fusion:Midsomer_Murders  casefic  mystery  character:Aramis  character:d'Artagnan  character:Full_Cast  modern  supernatural  pairing:Porthos/Athos 
july 2018 by Ishara
The Choices We Make
“You’re quite the clever one, aren’t you?” Peter mused, voice like honey.

“I like to think so."

“What’s your name?”


Peter smiled slowly, looking like a cat that just caught the canary. “Well hello, Stiles,” he purred, eyes flashing a bloody red.

Stiles grinned victoriously. Viciously.

The hunt was on.
fic  slash  au  pairing:Peter/Stiles  episode_rewrite  fandom:Teen_Wolf  alpha_Peter  character:Full_Cast 
july 2018 by Ishara
The One Where They're Happy
When Jackie and Hyde start dating, it takes the gang a while to see how that relationship even works. Something that creepy and unnatural can't possibly work, right? Meanwhile, Donna wonders why she puts up with any of them.
fic  slash  fandom:That_70's_Show  pairing:Hyde/Jackie  character:Full_Cast  outsider_pov 
july 2018 by Ishara
Greener Pastures
Daryl hates his job, which not only includes dealing with furious merchants arguing with him over money, but demands he deal with the most irritating, pretentious jerk in the world: Rick Grimes, CFO. Even though he's only ever spoken to the man via email, Daryl knows he hates him. Until Rick Grimes shows up at their offices one day asking for him, specifically.
fic  slash  au  angst  drama  insecurity  fandom:The_Walking_Dead  pairing:Rick/Daryl  bottom_Rick  bottom_Daryl  deaf_Rick  character:Full_Cast 
june 2018 by Ishara
Dorothy may be done with Oz, but Oz isn't finished with her...
fic  het  fandom:Emerald_City  au  fix-it  pairing:Lucas/Dorothy  character:Full_Cast  action/adventure 
june 2018 by Ishara
Long & Winding Roads
After years of friendship, Jimmy and Duncan spend a weekend together that changes everything.
fic  slash  pairing:Jimmy/Duncan  character:Full_Cast  fandom:Shetland  case-fic 
october 2017 by Ishara
Someone is out to get Vinnie, Grandma may or may not be involved in multiple homicides, Joe is being suspiciously co-operative, and Ranger finds evidence that indicates a Mercenary who make Ranger look like an amateur, may be in town. Who ever said married life was boring? Sequel to Thursday.
fic  het  fandom:Stephanie_Plum  pairing:Ranger/Stephanie  character:Joe  character:Full_Cast  established-relationship  case-fic  sequel 
october 2017 by Ishara
Molly deals with the aftermath.

Frowning, Molly turns to retrieve two mugs from the cupboard. As she slides them from the cupboard she asks, “You think they’ll come back?”

“It isn’t likely they’ve left,” Freddie explains, eyes trailing over Molly’s hands as she sets the mugs down and pours their coffee. “Jack Crawford is looking for them in Florence. Hannibal’s ex-psychiatrist turned up a week ago missing a leg. You tell me what continent they’re on.”

The mug Molly is holding clatters against the counter top loudly, and coffee sloshes everywhere.

“Excuse me?” Molly finds herself laughing, sharp voiced and flabbergasted. She turns again, enough to see Freddie, smirking and staring back at her from the kitchen table.
fic  slash  pairing:Hannibal/Will  fandom:Hannibal(TV)  character:Molly  outsider_pov  character:Full_Cast 
october 2017 by Ishara
The Three Sassketeers
The Alpha Pack has declared it's presence in Beacon Hills, and things aren't looking good. Stiles has found a ritual that would tie a Hunter, a Mage and a Werewolf together, making them almost undefeatable. If he can pull this off, then he can make sure that Beacon Hills stays safe. The problem’s going to be finding a Hunter and a Werewolf willing to enter into the bond with him - and Scott and Allison are out of the question.

Peter isn’t trying to redeem himself, but he is trying to move on. With no one trusting him however, this is difficult to accomplish.

Chris is trying to find his way in a world where everything he stands for has been turned on its head, and maybe the werewolves aren’t the worst monsters out there.

And in the background, Loki's watching as the Hale pack fights for survival.
fic  slash  threesome  pairing:Chris/Peter/Stiles  ritual  character:Loki  fandom:Teen_Wolf  character:Full_Cast 
may 2017 by Ishara

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