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UNFILLED: Ariane/Finn anything
Searching through various fan fiction sites Ariane and Finn have virtually nothing, which I find criminal. We know from the World of Thedas books that it's canon they continued traveling together, so I'd like to see something where they make love: under the stars, in her keeper's aravel, his parent's house, wherever.

Prefer something on the fluffier side: only real squicks are things like non-con, bathroom stuff, blood, etc. Bonus points for a creampie/impregnation kink for Ariane.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:origins  character:ariane  character:finn  pairing:ariane_finn  relationship:het  kink:fluff 
july 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Rey & or / Finn - Vampire Rey
Nothing living can leave Jakku. Rey & Finn's escape in TFA gets slightly more complicated.
prompt:unfilled  character:Rey  character:Finn  relationship:Finn_Rey  relationship:Finn&Rey  kink:vampirism 
july 2018 by swkink
nichestars: The static of your arms, it is the catalyst
"It's not like I meant to take it," Rey tells Luke later. "I can't help it."

Luke nods, a measured incline of his head, once and then twice. His hands are folded in the weathered fabric of his cloak, and he's watching the sea, not Rey.

"I don't think it makes me a bad person," Rey says, quieter.

"No," Luke says. "We don't choose our gifts."

Or, an x-men au.
pairing  fandom:starwars  AU  au!starwars  AO3  fandom:xmen  !het  rating:PG13  fandom:starwars_theforceawakens  pairing:poe/rey  character:finn  trope:characterstudy  author:nichestars 
july 2018 by Miscella
"Until the Sun Comes Up" - Finn/Poe, 1/1

Until the Sun Comes Up, E, 4.4k (oral, fingering, anal, begging, biting, multiple orgasms)

When Finn realizes that what he actually wants is Poe, Poe is determined to make him feel better than he's ever felt. Multiple times.
prompt:filled  character:Finn  character:Poe_Dameron  relationship:Finn_Poe  kink:oral_sex  kink:fingering  kink:anal  kink:begging  kink:biting  kink:multiple_orgasms 
june 2018 by swkink
Changeling Children - englishable - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
FN-2187 may have been the first stormtrooper to defect, but he certainly won't be the last - still, Poe has to be surprised by how very young the Resistance's newest recruits are. Finn, on the other hand, is not.
fic  fandom:Star_Wars  author:englishable  era:sequel_trilogy  trope:rebelling!stormtroopers  character:Finn  character:Poe_Dameron  ship:Finn/Poe 
june 2018 by jeb124
Familiarity - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Star Wars Prequel Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
“I want to know who I am,” Rey says.

Later, she will think about how poorly-worded that request was. Not I want to know who my parents are, which might have shown Rey a different vision entirely. No, she says I want to know who I am – and the Force obliges her.
Fandom:StarWars  Site:AO3  Words:Under10k  Status:Completed  Character:Anakin  Character:Rey  Character:Kylo  Character:Finn  Character:Luke  Character:Leia  Character:Snoke  Time:SW:TFA  Character:AnakinSkywalker  Character:BenSolo/KyloRen  Character:LeiaOrgana  Character:LukeSkywalker 
march 2018 by Mieeka
Rank Hath Its Privileges
Poe is undercover with the First Order, making good progress on his duties to the Resistance, but one of the privileges that officers in the First Order are expected to take advantage of is that of claiming a Stormtrooper for their bed.

FN-2187 knows he shouldn't have met the officer's eyes. Being chosen by an officer is the easiest way for a Stormtrooper to die.
fandom:star_wars  character:poe_dameron  character:finn  pairing:finn/poe  length:8-9k  genres:au 
march 2018 by bernards_books
UNFILLED: Finn + Ben - Friendship, understanding, healing, atonement.
If ongoing human disaster Ben Solo ever gets it together, he has do more than stop being The Worst, he actually needs to put the work in to try and atone for his actions.

A big part of this would be doing right by Finn, who is a symbol of those forced into the FO (Stormtroopers), and someone he has hurt personally. I wouldn’t expect Finn to ever actually forgive Ben, but if he did it has the potential to be a lovely relationship.

I’d like to see anything that explores a future in which these two reach a sort of understanding and friendship. Bonding over knowing what the FO is like on the inside (talking shit about Hux!), trying to be something you’re not, both of them caring about Rey, etc. Give me those Hard Conversations, Ben admiring Finn for his strength and kindness, Finn not cutting Ben any slack but being supportive, making plans w their knowledge of the FO to take it down from the inside, idk, anything with these two being buds and actually dealing with the past while moving forward.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Ben_Solo_Kylo_Ren  character:Finn  relationship:Finn_Kylo 
january 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Poe/Finn - Poe rejects Finn, mutual pining
After Rose's kiss, Finn is confused and realizes it's because he might be into guys, but he's never really been with anyone and wants to experiment. He doesn't know who to talk to, but after TLJ, he feels like he can really, truly trust Poe. Then it hits Finn - he wants to genuinely be with Poe, regardless of whatever is going on with his sexuality. (Maybe Finn decides in the end to go with no labels?)

Finn goes to Poe (who's in love with him) and says how he's confused and that he wants to experiment and wonders, maybe they could try dating? Meanwhile, Poe had dated straight men when he was a sad, pining young gay man and vowed to never do that to himself again. His heart is essentially broken right now. It kills him, but he rejects Finn.

Then Finn experiments with truly awesome casual sex on the small cramped Falcon... and mutual pining ensues.

matchmaking BB-8
Rey being all "I have two friends! :D" and then "*arrives with pizzas* Everything is fire!!"
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Finn  character:Poe_Dameron  relationship:Finn_Poe 
january 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Poe/Finn - Finn doesn't let Poe go once they escape
From the moment FN-2187 pulls off his helmet and offers an opportunity to escape certain death at the hands of the First Order, Poe has been grateful.

Unfortunately, Finn had different ideas about letting Poe go. Specifically, he had no plans on letting Poe go. Poe may have escaped the First Order, but his situation hasn't exactly improved...
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:Finn  character:Poe_Dameron  relationship:Finn_Poe  kink:non-con 
january 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Finn/Rose - after the war
Finn and Rose have survived the war and have to discover who they are without the Resistance and First Order's various influences. It's harder than either of them realize, but they get by.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:Finn  character:Rose_Tico  relationship:Finn_Rose 
january 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Finn/Rey - complicated feelings sex
Finn and Rey reunited and it feels so good, but it's overshadowed by all of the complicated shit that happened with other people while they were apart, and neither of them know how to talk about it, but they still want to act on the feelings that are there.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:Finn  character:Rey  relationship:Finn_Rey 
january 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Finn/Poe - Finn fucks Poe while wearing the FO officer uniform
Finn works out his confusion over Rose's kiss by fucking Poe on the Falcon while wearing the FO officer uniform.

- Finn was going to take it off but Poe asks him to keep it on
- Poe was pining sadly about the kiss by fixing something broken on the Falcon. Finn finds him. (Like when Han found Leia on the Falcon in ESB before they kiss.)
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:Finn  character:Poe_Dameron  relationship:Finn_Poe 
january 2018 by swkink
polytropic-liar: OT3 culture clashes between Rey, Finn, and Poe.
When Rey gets back (with LUKE FRIKKIN SKYWALKER HOLY SHIT), they put her in Finn and Poe’s room. Technically it’s supposed to be four to a room (the Resistance doesn’t have a lot of space, especially with the new recruits coming in, all of the Republic’s bereaved out for revenge), but they’re all heros and also, though no one says it, kind of weird. Lieutenant T’Sol, in charge of bunk assignments, throws them all together and calls it a day.

Finn has been out of intensive physical therapy for about a month at that point. He can stand, sit, walk, and even bend.

He can also, Rey discovers two days into living with him, be a massive pain in the ass.

She comes back from training with Luke–yep, Luke Skywalker, training as a Jedi under Luke Skywalker, no big deal–to find that her stuff has been moved. The jacket she left on the floor next to her bed, the repairs for the communications unit she was working on, they’re in different places. She drops her staff n the doorway, horrified, and proceeds to tear up her bunk. The extra food, emergency kit, and extra tools she stashed under the mattress are undisturbed, as is the secret compartment she built into her trunk. Dumping everything she owns on the floor and spreading it out to take inventory reveals that nothing has been taken..but has it been poked through? She doesn’t know. How and why did someone get in here?

When Poe comes back from training runs he finds her in the doorway, furiously upgrading the security locks.

“Uh,” he says. “Hey.”

“Hey.” It comes out a little muffled through the spot-welder in her mouth, but she’s sure he gets the sentiment. “Check your stuff. Security breach.”

“Shit.” He doesn’t do nearly a good enough job of checking, in Rey’s opinion, though maybe he can’t get at his hiding spots with her there. He comes back over to her just as she’s fitting the panel back over their improved lock system. “What of yours is missing? Should I call someone? I’ll call the Lieutenant.”


“No?” She wants to be annoyed with how Poe reacts to things that surprise him. He never gets mad, just gives you this look like ‘everything’s okay, just explain to me.’ It’s…annoyingly perfect.

“No. Nothing’s missing.” And it’s not like whoever it is will be getting in again. The door now requires voice, retinal and thumbprint activation. She’ll ask Luke tomorrow how to make sure no one can use the Force to get it open, too.

“Okay.” Poe goes back to his bunk and takes out a holo disk; he does flight simulations a lot during his breaks, and often will invite Rey to join him. Usually she does, but today she has to take care of her stuff. She spreads it out even further, all across the floor, and behinds going over each and every thing she owns, making sure it’s clean and not broken. They’re not much, little pieces of equipment she’s scavenged and the clothes given to her and a couple things she’s bartered for, but it’s the most she’s ever owned in her life.

Finn comes back in about an hour later, and freezes, his face distressed.

“Uh, what’s going on???”

“What?” She doesn’t understand what his problem is.

“This? The floor, covered in stuff?”

“Oh. Inventory.” Duh.

“Oh…kay. Well can it just…stay on your side of the…” He reaches down to pick up her jacket, which is spread out by his bunk.

Rey tackles him. His yell of surprise is answered by Poe’s cry of “Careful!“ Rey remembers just in time about his injury, and adjusts their trajectory so that she knocks him back onto his bunk for a soft landing.

“What the hell!“ he yells as she pins him down with a knee on his stomach and an arm across his shoulders.

“Why did you touch my jacket? What makes you think you can touch my jacket? Did you touch my things before too? Was that you???” She’s possibly never been this outraged in her life. Who does something like that?

“What? I…what??? Yes, I did! Your things were on the floor, I cleaned them up! Like a normal unit member! Instead of spreading them all over, who does that?“

What. Rey lets go of his shoulders, stymied. How is she supposed to talk to someone who doesn’t understand the inherent wrongness of touching another person’s possessions?

“Wow, okay. Hey, guys? Guys.” Poe sticks his head in between Rey and Finn’s locked glares. Now instead of conflict Rey has a faceful of upsettingly shiny hair. His shampoo smells like night flowers. “Let’s try something, okay? Rey. What does Finn need to understand?”

“You can’t touch my things. They’re my things.” She can’t believe she has to explain this.

“And Finn. What does Rey need to understand?”

Rey can’t actually see Finn through Poe’s head, but his voice when it comes is less angry than hers, more worried.

“You can’t leave a mess. You’ll get us in trouble.”

Abruptly, Rey realizes that Finn’s bunk is always perfectly, almost eerily neat. She has never seen any of his possessions left out on the table, never seen the blankets have a single wrinkle in their folds. If she didn’t see him take things with him when he left the room, she wouldn’t even know Finn had possessions.

“Right. Okay. So, Rey, do you promise not to leave any mess on Finn’s part of the room?”

“…yeah.” She knows Finn knows that they’re not in the First Order and Rey isn’t going to get them in trouble for having a messy room. She gets that him knowing that doesn’t really matter. “No mess on Finn’s part of the room.”

“And Finn, do you promise not to touch anything of Rey’s?”

“Yeah. Sorry. I didn’t know it would bother you. I clean up after Poe all the time.”

“…you do? Huh. That explains why I never remember making my bed.”

Poe’s head recedes and Rey can see Finn again. He looks grumpy and ashamed of himself, and that makes her forgive him, all in a rush.

“Good. Well done navigating conflict, everyone.” Poe claps a hand on Rey’s shoulder. “Now kiss and make up.”

Huh. Okay? Rey thinks that’s weird, but Poe handled the situation pretty well so far. She’s still sitting on Finn, so she bends down and kisses him.

“Whoops,” Poe says above her.

“Mmhm,” Finn says, which is definitely an encouraging noise, and his mouth is nice and he’s very warm. Rey takes back her thinking this was weird, this was a great idea.

She stops kissing Finn once he starts making little ‘I can’t breathe’ noises, and flicks her hair out of her face so she can look up at Poe.

“You too?” she offers, not sure how this custom works but definitely sure she’d like to kiss him.

“It wasn’t meant to be literal…oh, screw it.” He bends down so Rey can slide a hand behind his jaw. She and Finn just kind of smooshed their faces together, but Poe does it differently, he tilts his head a little and brushes his mouth over hers a couple of times. It’s good in a tingly, shivery way.

“Hey, my turn,” Finn whines, and Rey breaks off to laugh while Poe obliges. He kisses Finn differently too, he tilts his head back on the pillow and uses his tongue. Rey is so interested by, and so happy about, all of this. Different kinds of ways to kiss and live and be together.

Basically, she thinks they’re doing great at this. As long as no one touches her things ever again.
fandom:starwars  trope:culture_gap  genre:gen  character:poe  character:rey  character:finn  pairing:finn/poe/rey  !poly  rating:PG13  short  tumblr 
december 2017 by Miscella
UNFILLED: Finn & or / Matt the Radar Technician - identity porn
Finn bonds with the weird radar tech who's obsessed with Kylo Ren over the fact that they don't really fit in with the rest of the First Order.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Finn  character:Matt_the_Radar_Tech  relationship:Finn_Matt 
december 2017 by swkink

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