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Hidden Within - Lynds - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony's on the verge of giving up when he stumbles into Lucas and his large brood of troubled children. He knows they're on the run, but frankly, he's not going to live very much longer, so he doesn't care. He just wants to hang out with the hot guy with stunning green eyes and crazy kids, and maybe fall in love with all of them. Just a little.

When Loki finds out he isn't Odin's son, he washes his hands of the lot of them. He steals his children back from their prison and takes them on the run, hiding their true nature and magic in a mortal form. But then Tony comes to their aid one day, and he has to choose between keeping his children safe and hidden, and releasing his magic to save the life of a man he might be falling for.
fic  IronMan  Thor  au  Loki/Tony  character:TonyStark  character:Loki  Loki/Sigyn  Loki/Svaðilfari  family!fic  hurt-comfort  character:Hela  character:Fenrir  character:Jormungandr  character:Narfi  character:OC  character:Thor  character:JaneFoster  character:Odin 
november 2017 by kuiskata
If the Wolf, then the Man. by Humbuggy (Thor / Sherlock)
Summary: John Watson did not know of the Norse Myths, did not know anything other than the fact that there, in the heat of Afghanistan, he found an abused puppy and made it his own; His prescribed future went parallel from there. AU: Where John Watson finds Loki's wolf son, Fenrir, in Afghanistan and unknowingly took him back to base as his own.
wip  character:fenrir  character:john_watson  character:loki  character:sherlock  character:tony_stark  rating:mature  genre:gen  author:humbuggy  title:if  the  wolf  then  the  man 
february 2016 by isoldam
Man's Best Friend
So, when Tony was a kid/teen, he found a dog wandering around wherever he was staying at the time. Except, the dog was actually Fenrir (as in, Loki’s giant wolf of a kid) on a walkabout, and he happened to inherit his dad’s (mom’s? Loki can have been pregnant with Fenrir himself or not) shapeshifting ability, except he can only be in canine or human(ish – jötunn or ás) form. Anyway, in-between making AI robots and being a smartass minigenius, that dog was Tony’s best friend. But life happens, and eventually, the dog got lost or ran away or get sent away (Obie) and while Tony was heartbroken, it wasn’t like he hadn’t gotten used to losing everything important. Time passes, as it does, and Afghanistan happens. On his way out of the desert, Tony hallucinates a wolf helping – leading him, herding him, keeping him warm, keeping him company, becoming enormous and chasing something away. Totally a hallucination, of course. And then that government spook in the ill-fitting suit is flitting around, and he just never leaves. Tony doesn’t want to like him, but he can’t help it. Something about feels right. But then Loki kills Coulson, and in the devastation that is Manhattan around Stark Tower, Tony finds a dog. A wolfdog, actually, and it looks so much like that dog he had as a kid, he can’t help himself. How it comes out that the wolfdog is Coulson, and Coulson is Fenrir, Loki’s kid (did Loki know? Was it all part of some long-term, twisty plot that only makes sense to the God of Lies and his kid(s)?) I have no idea. I’d just really like Fenrir to be a dog Tony had once, and that Coulson is also Fenrir. *shrugs*
status:complete  source:LJ  author:anonymous  words:5K-10K  relationship:friendship  fandom:Marvel  character:Fenrir  character:Thor  theme:pet  theme:Fenrir!Phil  character:Clint-Barton  character:Tony-Stark  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  character:Natasha-Romanov  character:Phil-Coulson  character:Pepper-Potts  theme:canon-death-ignored/prevented  character:Steve-Rogers  theme:animal-transformation  character:Obidiah-Stane 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
While drunk, Tony starts singing to the team in a different language (they're not too surprised, Tony is multilingual overall). Later, when Tony has been dragged to bed with some water, Thor tells the team that the song Tony was singing was an Asgard lullaby mothers sang to their children when they couldn't sleep, his mother even sang it to him a few times in his youth. With a massive hangover, Tony is interrogated by the team (namely Thor) as to where he learned the song. He innocently tells them his mother used to sing it to him. No particular pairing preference. How Tony's mother knew the song can either be her being from Asgard, or one of her parents being from Asgard, or even Loki taking the form of Tony's mother and singing to him. It's entirely up to the filler! :D + 10 If Thor tells the team that the lullaby is about a mother slaying thousands upon thousands of foes so she can reach her scared child. Because you know an Asgard lullaby with have something to do with battle XD + 1000 If (only if filler decides that Tony is part Æsir) Tony at some point drunkenly breaks through a wall just by stumbling into it and he's not in his suit. This is optional + Internet and a box of kittens if Thor decides that this means Tony is his nephew (whether he actually is or not is up to filler) and is very enthusiastic about 'Nephew Tony!' and dotes on him in his over-the-top Asgard way XD i.e giving him poptarts and lessons on Asgard fighting styles.
source:LJ  author:anonymous  status:complete  rating:NR  words:5K-10K  fandom:Marvel  character:Thor  character:Odin  character:Frigga  character:Loki  character:Heimdall  character:Sif  character:Volstagg  character:Hogun  character:Fandral  character:Hel  character:Fenrir  theme:Áss!Tony  theme:magical!Tony  theme:language  character:Bruce-Banner  character:Clint-Barton  character:Tony-Stark  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  character:Natasha-Romanov  character:Phil-Coulson  character:Peggy-Carter  theme:Real-Family  character:Pepper-Potts  character:Nick-Fury  character:Steve-Rogers 
june 2014 by beckswithrecs
Catch and Release by Like_a_Hurricane (Thor / The Avengers)
After the invasion of New York, Tony figures out Loki’s game, and he lays out an ultimatum that he realizes the trickster can’t escape from, maneuvering Loki into agreeing to be an ally, rather than a foe, if only when the time comes. A god’s sworn word is a promise that the god cannot break, but once Thanos’ head is parted from his shoulders, all bets will be off: no protections, no alliance, Loki free to do whatever he pleases, so long as he can still evade recapture at Asgard’s hands. So it’s simple, Tony tells himself: trust the war, not the god. It should have been simple. It was doomed to be anything but, because infatuation has no place in a war-zone, but Tony is prone to impropriety at all sorts of slightly impractical times, or he wouldn’t have wound up with the god of lies in his bed so frequently in the first place. Practicality and safe-distance plans are all going wrong, and Tony likes it too much to stop. Great world building.
wip  words:300.000+  fandom:mcu  fandon:avengers  fandom:thor  pairing:loki/tony_stark  character:loki  character:tony_stark  character:thor  character:odin  character:fenrir  description:world-building  description:clever!loki  description:jotun-history-and-culture  rating:explicit  genre:slash  author:like_a_hurricane 
january 2014 by isoldam
A Seed In Barren Lands - Lizardbeth - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Sif visits Loki in his cell, ready to confront the monster. The truth is a far more difficult monster for them all to face.
fic  Thor  character:Loki  character:Sif  character:Tyr  character:Odin  angst  hurt-comfort  non-con  abused!character  Sif/Loki  character:Fenrir 
november 2013 by kuiskata
Trick Or Treat ’Til The Neighbors Are Gonna Die Of Fright
Summary: “Whoa, check out that dude!” Rob says, gesturing with his beer bottle.

A tall man dressed in emerald and gold armor and a billowing emerald cape is approaching from up the street. He’s got a huge golden horned helmet on his head, and he’s holding the hand of a little girl dressed in a blue Cinderella costume.

“Whoever he is, that guy just set the bar for dads’ costumes for years to come,” Jasmine observes.

“Is he supposed to be… Loki?” Margery asks, perplexed.

“Yeah, I think so!” Rob says, laughing.

It’s only when the armored man and the little girl get closer that they see he’s also trailed by a giant poison-green snake and a wolf as big as a small pony.

“Holy crap,” Rob says, and reaches for his cell phone.
SD:Fic  SD:Gen  Character:OC(s)  Character:Tony_Stark(Ironman)  Character:Steve_Rogers(Captain_America)  Character:Loki  Story_Length:Short  Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:Thor  Character:Natasha_Romonoff  Character:Nick_Fury  Character:Fenrir  Character:Jormunganr  Character:Hel  SD:Kid_Fic 
october 2012 by Carnadosa
maybe a mouth sounds idiotic when it blathers about joy - as the gods sleep who have no need to dream - Avengers/Norse myth
Prompt: As much as I love the Darcy!Hela Fury!Jörmungandr and Coulson!Fenrir fanon, something tells me that Loki's brood would try to stick together as much as possible, because they all went through rather harrowing experiences and would naturally seek out something/someone familiar. So, can we get some Pepper!Hela Happy!Jörmungandr Tony!Fenrir being one happy family? Because they're all BAMFs and totally rule the world through Stark Industries.
Note: I asked if Tony!Jörmungandr was alright; the prompter said yes.
fic  Avengers  X-Men  IronMan  au  character:Jormungandr  character:Hela  character:Fenrir  character:Vali  character:Nari  character:Sleipnir  character:Rhodey  character:PepperPotts  character:TonyStark  character:Happy  character:Wolverine  character:Loki  family!fic  gen 
september 2012 by kuiskata
chinae: Fic: Krypto (THOR)

So, either while doing recon with the Commandos or when he gets punted through time/space during a fight the Avengers, Steve stumbled upon poor, sad, lonely chained up Fenris. Being the good guy that he is -someone tied up a puppy and left it to starve?! No!- Steve frees him. Turns out magical chains didn't count on the strength of a pissed off Captain America.

Fenris follows Steve home (or possibly leads him home, if Steve landed someplace other than Earth) and Thor is all OMG He's loose?! Steve doesn't understand what all the fuss is about, Tony is ecstatic because his dad never let him have pets, being ex-cirus Clint is used to creatures of unusual size, and Natasha's just glad Fenris (or whatever Steve decides to name him) doesn't piss fire like some of the old experiments she remembers.

Then Loki finds out, and magic happens.
fic  Avengers  character:SteveRogers  character:Fenrir  character:Loki  TeamAvengers  gen  fluff 
september 2012 by kuiskata
Enduring Atlas - fuzzball_theory - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

Thor stands up to Odin when it comes to Loki's children. In exchange for every good deed Thor does for Loki's various children, Odin passes a new punishment onto his shoulders. This goes on for centuries until Odin goes too far and is found out.
fic  Thor  Avengers  angst  non-con  whump  hurt-comfort  character:Odin  darkfic  character:Thor  character:Loki  character:Frigga  character:Sleipnir  character:Hela  character:Fenrir  character:Jormungandr  Thor/OC  WIP 
september 2012 by kuiskata
Thor Kinkmeme - Round 5 - Grandchildren
Fics that assume Odin was a bad father are a dime a dozen at this point, so I'd like one where - without changing what happened in the movie - Odin was a pretty good dad. Not perfect, mind you, he made mistakes like any parent would (and so did Frigga, for that matter), but as good a parent as you can generally expect someone to be.
fic  Thor  family!fic  angst  character:Odin  character:Loki  character:Sleipnir  character:Hela  character:Jormungandr  character:Tyr  character:Fenrir  gen  Loki/Angrboða  Loki/Svaðilfari 
september 2012 by kuiskata
Hikari no Evandar - Chained (4/?)
S.H.I.E.L.D is in uproar: Fury and Coulson are AWOL, one of Thor's friends is missing. Odin has discovered the human lives of Loki's monstrous children and returned them to their original prisons. The Avengers aren't happy; neither is Loki, and Hawkeye might just be gunning for Odin's remaining eye.
fic  Avengers  character:Loki  Clint/Coulson  character:Fenrir  character:Jormungandr  character:Hela  character:Thor  character:JaneFoster  gen  family!fic  WIP 
august 2012 by kuiskata
Thor Kinkmeme - Round 8 - The Several Heirs of Loki Odinson, Prince of the Realm of Asgard
Loki's greatest con is passing of random monsters as members of the royal family. The reason Odin keeps banishing them is because he's totally on to him.
fic  Thor  character:Loki  character:Sleipnir  character:Fenrir  character:Jormungandr  character:Hela  character:Odin  crackfic  angst  gen 
august 2012 by kuiskata
Professor Loki of Hogwarts by Scioneeris (The Avengers (2012) / Thor (2011) - Marvel 'Verse / Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)

Professor!Loki. In which Loki is not quite a bad guy, just a mischief-making god and a good parent to his children, Jor, Fen, Hel, Nari and Vali. While deciding he's had enough to being used and manipulated by a higher 'power' Loki decides to take some "time-off" for the sake of his sanity and children. He chooses to hide as a "wizard" in plain sight, by becoming the DADA professor at Hogwarts. Eventually, Loki adopts Harry. Some eventual Dumbledore and S.H.E.I.L.D bashing. Set in first year for Harry and after the Avengers Movie for Loki, so ignore canon dates. This is very AU.
wip  crossover  fandom:mcu  fandom:avengers  fandom:theaddamsfamily  fandom:thor  fandom:harrypotter  pairing:loki/severus  description:mpreg  character:loki  character:lady!loki  character:severus_snape  character:hel  character:vali  character:nari  character:jormungandr  character:fenrir  character:sleipnir  character:harry_potter  character:hermione_granger  character:ron_weasley  character:nick_fury  character:thor  character:tony_stark  character:clint_barton  character:steve_rogers  character:natasha_romanov  character:jarvis  character:albus_dumbledore  description:adoption  description:parent!loki  description:good!loki  genre:het  genre:slash  rating:mature  author:scioneeris 
august 2012 by isoldam
Thor Kinkmeme - Round 5 - Must Love Dogs (and Snakes, and Half-Dead Grad Students) (3/?)
After Loki arrives on Earth and starts with world domination, the siblings hold an unofficial family council. Somehow they come to the conclusion that the best answer for Father Dearest's hissy fit is to simply get him laid - he probably hasn't had any since Mother died anyway, (or at least in their opinion) - and so begins Operation: Get Daddy a Love Interest (without blowing our covers, because we aren't supposed to be here).

Alas, shipping wars ensue, and it quickly descends into sibling rivalry, with mostly questionable - but sort of hilarious - results. (And maybe some success at the end with Tony/Loki, if possible.) I'd like it if they were actually sort-of loved in Asgard, despite being a bit of outcasts like their parent, with the myths being exaggerations or completely false. (For example, Fenrir was actually being grounded for getting in a brawl with Tyr and breaking his arm, etc.)

Why they are on Earth and why are they hiding is up to anon.

Bonus if Loki doesn't yet know that Darcy, Coulson and Fury are his children, and Thor doesn't know either.
BonusBonus if Loki figures it out, and is not amused, darlings.
BonusBonusBonus for Coulson/Clint.
fic  Avengers  character:Loki  character:PhilCoulson  character:NickFury  character:DarcyLewis  kid!fic  character:Hela  character:Fenrir  character:Jormungandr 
august 2012 by kuiskata
avengers assemble - 4 - Thin Line (9/?)
Asgardians are born/made to be in pairs. This bond is formed at, or very shortly after birth. They are either born a twin, at or very near the same time as another nearby who they bond as a lover (very rarely only a friend), or bond very deeply with an adult near them. This bond is a necessary grounding, the other person becoming an anchor psychologically (helping them remain sane over their long lives), and magically to amplify or restrain them. Without a bond of this sort they would be unable to truly tap into their power or control it and would mentally never develop properly. Relationships and bonds outside of this one are always secondary.

Thor was born a single child and showed no signs of bonding with any adult or child he came into contact with. When Odin returned from Jotunheimr with Loki to explain his plan for peace to Frigga they were both shocked when Thor bonded with him. They are glad that Thor has secured a bond so he can become a strong and capable heir, but do not want him marrying a Jotun. Since none but he and Frigga had seen Loki, Odin decided to declare him his son and a prince of Asgard; trying to raise the two of them to be brothers and force the bond to be familial.

Unfortunately no amount of nurture can change the nature of their bond. Thor and Loki are bonded not as brothers or friends but as lovers. The two of them have struggled all their lives with what they thought was a damaged, perverse familial bond. Then the truth comes out.
fic  Thor  Loki/Thor  au  character:Loki  character:Thor  character:Frigga  character:Odin  character:Hela  character:Fenrir  angst  hurt-comfort  soulmates!au 
july 2012 by kuiskata
Lokasenna - RetardedCookie - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Some mornings, Tony wakes up and can’t believe Loki’s right there.

And then he remembers, grudgingly, that he has, maybe, on some stupid level, those sons of bitches to thank for the way things turned out.
fic  Avengers  Loki/Tony  TeamAvengers  character:Loki  character:TonyStark  character:Frigga  character:Baldr  character:Fenrir 
june 2012 by kuiskata
Thor Kinkmeme - Prompt Post No. 1 - Fatherhood
Thor takes in his brother's children after Loki commits suicide. Odin worries about his oldest son's sanity because of this. Loki eventually finds his way back to Asgard and is surprised to find his spawn in better condition than he'd left them.

Bonus if Loki's kids start referring to Thor as father.
fic  Thor  character:Loki  character:Thor  character:Jormungandr  character:Sleipnir  character:Fenrir  character:Hela  fluff  kid!fic 
june 2012 by kuiskata
Thor Kinkmeme - Round 6 - Beautiful (16/?)

Loki is relieved when he bears Thor an aesir looking heir (instead of a "monster" like his other kids). And then the kid starts shapeshifting.

Loki is terrified that his baby will be taken away, but Thor isn't going to let anyone touch his family. Not even his father.
fic  Thor  Loki/Thor  character:Loki  character:Thor  character:Fenrir  character:Hela  character:Jormungandr  character:Vali  character:Frigga  character:Odin  mpreg  angst  WIP 
may 2012 by kuiskata

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