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F!Sole/F!Deathclaw 'The Devil Looks After Her Own' 2/2
"Nobody needs to be anyone's dinner today."

Nora said that, and yet she still ends up getting eaten by a Deathclaw.
prompt:filled  fic:finished  game:fo4  character:female_sole_survivor  character:deathclaw  kink:bestiality  warning:bestiality 
january 2018 by nfkm
'Perfect Fit' 1a/1a
A supply run to Vault 111 takes on an interesting turn when it's discovered rumours of Nate's death are grossly exaggerated.
prompt:filled  relationship:het  game:fo4  character:female_sole_survivor  character:male_sole_survivor  kink:fluff  fic:finished 
october 2017 by nfkm
'Capable By Accident,' 1/?
She had forgotten something. Of course she had. Well, but noticing that did not mean that she remembered what it was.
prompt:filled  fic:unfinished  game:fo4  character:female_sole_survivor 
october 2017 by nfkm
Gage/F!SoSU, 'Til Somebody Loves You' 1/1
Gage reflects on his past struggles with happiness while in his new boss's bed and feels as though he's finally become someone.
prompt:filled  relationship:het  kink:fluff  character:porter_gage  character:female_sole_survivor  game:fo4 
july 2017 by nfkm
F!SoSu/Preston Garvey, 'The General Has No Clothes' 2b/?
The savior of the Wastes and the general of the Minutemen happens to e a woman. Who happens to have a profitable part-time job. She also happens to be a knockout badass.
relationship:het  kink:humor  kink:prostitution  character:female_sole_survivor  character:preston  prompt:filled  fic:unfinished 
june 2017 by nfkm
Yes, the bartender at the Dugout inn. Let him whisper sweet Russian nothings into soles ear. Maybe she has to get creative to pay her tab or something, I dunno
Female sole preferred, but whatever goes
prompt:unfilled  character:vadim  character:female_sole_survivor  character:male_sole_survivor  relationship:het  relationship:slash 
may 2017 by nfkm
LW + SoSu 'National Pasttime' 1/1
SoSu desperately, desperately wants to play baseball, but has no one to share the love with. Enter: the Lone Wanderer, fresh from the capital wasteland, with a fondness for sweet America's pastime.
prompt:filled  fic:finished  relationship:femslash  character:female_lone_wanderer  character:female_sole_survivor  kink:fluff 
march 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: SoSu/MacCready
I'd like a super fluffy family fic with Mac, SoSu, Duncan, and Shaun, please.

- Smut is optional.

- Would prefer F!SoSu (but leaving it open anyway).

- Would prefer SoSu to be as non-specific as possible (so everyone can imagine their SoSu).

- Multi-fills are more than welcome and greatly appreciated.
prompt:unfilled  relationship:het  relationship:slash  relationship:gen  character:maccready  character:male_sole_survivor  character:female_sole_survivor  character:nb_sole_survivor  character:shaun  character:duncan  kink:family  game:fo4 
march 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: M!SoSu+F!SoSu/Nisha+Mags+William+Mason DUBCON
so Nate and Nora, as opposed to meeting the Minutemen, head a little more south and pick up on the Nuka World signal and trap. Together, they brave the gauntlet and kill Colter and both become co-Overboss!

When Gage is giving them the rundown he mentions offhandedly how the Overboss needs to show the gang leaders who're the bosses and make them their bitches. Well, Nate and Nora do that with sex.

+Mags and William fucked at separate times, maybe Mags is out when they first get to the Parlor so William gets his before she gets hers
+Nyssa gets fucked in front of Savoy, who can only watch as the woman he pines for gets fucked hard.
+Mason gets dominated in front of the Pack (and ends up betraying them later)
+to keep it open, BOTH Nate and Nora take turns fucking each of the gang leaders so there's plenty of het and slash to go around.
+Red eye talks about it over the radio like he does about the meetings, only he makes cracks about each leader (ie. "I hear Nyssa is still bent over at Fizztop getting it from one of our new Overbosses, keep up the good work Boss!")
+The gangs fall in line and some even want to get fucked by the new Overbosses after what they witness and after the Gang leaders come back for seconds....
prompt:unfilled  relationship:femslash  relationship:het  relationship:slash  warning:dubcon  character:male_sole_survivor  character:female_sole_survivor  character:mags_black  character:william_black  character:mason  character:nisha  game:fo4 
march 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Hancock/Sole Survivor, Dirty Talk, French, Language Fetish
Hancock speaking French to Sole when they're macking or making love. It could be something dirty, or sweet, or pure nonesense, but whatever it is it gets Sole's engine revving.
character:hancock  kink:ghoul  kink:dirty_talk  relationship:het  relationship:slash  prompt:unfilled  character:female_sole_survivor  character:male_sole_survivor  character:nb_sole_survivor  game:fo4 
march 2017 by nfkm

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