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Sweetbriar15 - let the shadows fall behind you - Descendants (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
[blockquote]"You don't understand what you're asking. My world doesn't work the way yours does." Nevertheless, Mal tells her mother no...and suffers the consequences, alongside the captured royalty of Auradon, as the villains rampage and her trusted best friends remain unfettered, feigning loyalty to their parents. Divided, the Isle-born rotten quartet must rely on old allies to survive, as well as their tenuous relationships with their Auradon-born peers. They don't have much time to uncover their strengths and make their choices, but... ("Our parents made their choice. Now you make yours.") They have nothing to lose.[/blockquote] AU ending of first film, because segregating evil villains from the rest of society does not logically look like a half-humorous cohort of “has-beens”.
!fic  fandom:disneydescendants  site:archiveofourown  note:series  status:work-in-progress  rating:PG13-R  warning:canon-typical-warnings  warning:abuse  warning:violence  warning:other/unspecified  character:mal  character:jay  character:evie  character:ben  character:VKs  character:HKs 
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Honey, Wheat, Stone
Terrifying thought? Indiana Jones meets Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell.
fandom:mummy  fandom:raiders  character:indy  character:evie  plot:crossover 
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!fic  character:ben  character:hks  character:indy  character:jay  character:mal  character:vks  fandom:disneydescendants  fandom:mummy  fandom:raiders  genre:gen  note:series  plot:crossover  rating:pg13-r  site:archiveofourown  so-fucked-up  status:work-in-progress  warning:abuse  warning:canon-typical-warnings  warning:other/unspecified  warning:violence  ~author:xxx_mlggamer_xxx 

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