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TLJ Spoilers, DJ/Master Codebreaker - Codebreaking as romantic ploy, "lovers and madmen have such seething brains," 1/1
So according to Wookieepedia, Master Codebreaker keeps his identity secret except for the time he posted all his personal info encrypted to a public node and welcomed anyone who could crack it to take on the identity of Master Codebreaker.

DJ cracks it, but he doesn't want to be Master Codebreaker. He wants to date Master Codebreaker. (And maybe, like, steal his shit, too, idk.)
canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:DJ  character:Master_Codebreaker  relationship:DJ_Master_Codebreaker  prompt:filled 
january 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, DJ/Poe - Fluff/To the Rescue
Somehow Poe ends up helping/rescuing DJ, and there's fluff after. Leaving the rescue bit as an inferred works too.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:DJ  character:Poe_Dameron  relationship:DJ_Poe 
january 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, DJ/Ezra Bridger - Jailbreak sex
The jailbreak scene made me really want dirty cocky maybe a little antagonistic passing-the-time-until-escaping sex with these two. Going by actor age for DJ they'd be around the same age, whenever it was.
prompt:unfilled  canon:rebels  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:DJ  character:Ezra_Bridger  relationship:DJ_Ezra 
december 2017 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Finn/DJ - Indecent Proposal, Loss of Virginity
DJ will help the rebels as long as Finn gives him something he wants, only Finn has never given that to anyone. Dubcon ensues. Bonus points for DJ stammering his way through dirty talk and Finn enjoying himself more than he should.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:DJ  character:Finn  relationship:DJ_Finn 
december 2017 by swkink

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