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RPF, David H/Joe F, pining!David.
He'll deny it to his dying day, but the reason David took up skateboarding was to impress Joe.
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april 2012 by sga_kinkmeme
David/Rodney and Joe/John
David/Rodney and Joe/John, where one (or more) of them really gets off on watching the other pair. Bonus points if you work background John/Rodney and/or David/Joe in it!
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march 2011 by sga_kinkmeme
RPF Joe/David, erotic spanking
Joe is never sexier (or cuter) than when he's draping himself bare-assed over David's lap demanding a spanking. David spanks him until he (Joe) comes. Despite this aspect of their relationship, when they have sex, Joe always tops.
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january 2011 by sga_kinkmeme
What's the opposite of Method Acting? (Joe, Joe/David, submission, rpf)
Every time the script calls him to kneel for a wraith, he can't help but let his own submissive nature into his head even though he views John as a dom. Can be about what he thinks as they're filming, his own fantasies after, and/or anything else related to the kneeling scenario.
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november 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
rpf, david/joe, not touching
David doesn't like being touched, so he and Joe navigate their sexual relationship with this wrench thrown in. Understanding, clever Joe plz.
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september 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
RPF, David/Joe, submission, bondage
Joe finally has to tell David to stop teasing him about enjoying the scenes where John is kneeling or tied up. David figures out what Joe wouldn't tell him - the teasing was a problem because it hit too close to home.
!prompt  post:03  character:david_hewlett  character:joe_flanigan  pairing:david/joe  type:slash  type:rpf  kink:bondage  kink:domination_submission  post:lj 
august 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
RPF, Joe/David, dirty talk
Joe loves driving David crazy throughout the day, but he always makes it up after they're finished working.
!prompt  post:02  character:joe_flanigan  character:david_hewlett  pairing:david/joe  type:rpf  type:slash  kink:dirty_talk  post:dw 
august 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
RPF, David/Jason/Joe, double penetration (anal)
It turns out Joe's as big a cockslut as fanon says John is, but it's okay because David and Jason are happy to give him what he wants. No cheating please; either AU out the spouses/girlfriend, or put them all in open relationships, thnx.
character:joe_flanigan  character:jason_momoa  character:david_hewlett  !prompt  post:01  kink:double_penetration  type:RPF  pairing:david/jason/joe  post:lj 
july 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
rpf: david/paul
Paul thinks David protested too much in interviews about THE KISS, and now David has to make it up to him. Est. r'ship.
character:paul_mcgillion  character:david_hewlett  pairing:david/paul  type:slash  type:RPF  !prompt  post:01  post:lj 
june 2010 by sga_kinkmeme

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