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Daryl couldn't stay in this inbetween place where he did shit like hold Paul's hand, but didn't let himself acknowledge what it meant. At this point he was avoiding the issue mostly because it scared him and not because he didn't know what he wanted.
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may 2017 by shinysylver_fic
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"What're you laughin' about?"

At least now the reaction is a little gratifying, as Glenn starts looking worried. But Andrea takes over for him, because obviously she figures he's a big girl and she's mostly right.

"Your hair." She says it like that makes sense, which it fucking doesn't.
fandom:walkingdead  misc:gen  character:daryl  character:sophia  rating:g  author:anonymous 
january 2014 by krissielee
Friction Match - vegarin - Walking Dead (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"It's the end of the world. You can be anyone you choose to be." Daryl Dixon, at the end of the world.
Daryl centric-gen. Daryl/glenn if squinting
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