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Re: any/any, mpreg, body worship - 2nd fill, Danny/Claude
Somebody's been knocked up, and his boyfriend is really into the changes happening to pregnant dude's body. Would also be cool with het mpreg instead.

I was thinking of Sid/Geno, with Geno being pregnant, but I would enjoy anyone you wanted to write outside of Caps or Hawks.
Complete  Pairing:Danny_Brière/Claude_Giroux  Character:Danny_Brière  Character:Claude_Giroux  Kink:Mpreg  Kink:Pregnancy_kink  Rating:Explicit 
april 2018 by sinbinmod
Fill: Giroux being carried around, 5 + 1, Cheesby
G is so smol and sometimes he insists on being carried places/ he falls asleep everywhere and then he gets carried. Idk.
+Bonus if it's like if it's a 5+1 with different players &/ scenarios
++Bonus for grilled cheesby
Complete  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Claude_Giroux  Character:Claude_Giroux  Character:Danny_Brière  Character:Jaromir_Jagr  Character:Wayne_Simmonds  Character:Sean_Couturier  Character:Brayden_Schenn  Character:Scott_Hartnell  Kink:5+1  Rating:Teen_and_Up 
december 2017 by sinbinmod
Fill: Sugar, Crosby/Giroux (1/1)
I really want a story where Claude and Danny call each other pet names, give each other cheek/forehead kisses, talk about their kids, etc- but aren't romantically or sexually together (maybe they tried it once, maybe it was never even a thought, whatever) and someone else who wants to date Claude having to deal with this (confusion over their relationship, awkward attempts at suggesting a threesome, discussion over Claude being a semi-parent, so many options!). Crosby/Giroux is a favorite pairing, but i'd be cool with anyone as the other person.
Complete  Pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Claude_Giroux  Character:Sidney_Crosby  Character:Claude_Giroux  Character:Danny_Brière  Character:Brière_family  Kink:Nicknames  Kink:Humor  Rating:Teen_and_Up 
april 2016 by sinbinmod
Filled! Lucky 1/2
Prompt: Claudia (Claudette? Claudine? Marie-Claude?) may have had the most obvious crush on Danny when she was a young woman, new to the league and starstruck over playing with Daniel Briere, but Danny swore nothing would ever happen. They were teammates, she was so much younger than he was, she was living in his house with his children right down the hall.

Now, though, Danny is looking down the barrel of retirement and after two years spent apart he sees how she's grown older, wiser, and wow did her hips always sway like that? She's still an idiot who gets caught slapping cops asses, and there might be a photo floating around the internet of her barely covered tits from her Gold medal celebration that Danny may or may not have saved in a locked folder buried somewhere on his laptop, but he's determined to finally make her his idiot.

Or you could just tell me about the time he came home to Jersey, worked up the courage to finally make his move by getting astonishingly drunk, and ended up eating her out for hours because he couldn't get it up when she gave him an enthusiastic YES, PLEASE.
WIP  Pairing:Danny_Brière/Claude_Giroux  Pairing:Sean_Couturier/Mark_Streit  Character:Danny_Brière  Character:Sean_Couturier  Character:Mark_Streit  Kink:Age_difference  Kink:Getting_together 
august 2015 by sinbinmod

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