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The Days of Reckoning Are Upon Us - Chapter 1 - Ana (Anafandom) - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers always does what he thinks is right. Unfortunately, believing he is right isn't the same as being right. Sometimes he's wrong. And sometimes he has to face the consequences of his actions.

Or, what if Team Cap was actually called out on their poor decisions and had to deal with consequences instead of being rewarded? A series of unrelated drabbles of what might have been.

And in case the tags aren't clear: this is not Steve or Team Cap friendly. If that's not your thing, just don't read it.
Genre:ShortStories  Fandom:Marvel  Words:100k-150k  Site:AO3  Status:WIP  Time:Marvel:TheFirstAvenger  Character:SteveRogers/CaptainAmerica  Character:BuckyBarnes/WinterSoldier  Character:SamWilson/Falcon  Character:NatashaRomanoff/BlackWidow  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:Friday  Character:BruceBanner/Hulk  Character:WandaMaximoff/ScarletWitch  Character:ScottLang/Antman  Character:T'challa/BlackPanther  Character:Coulson  Character:Vision  Character:Pepper  Character:JamesRhodes/WarMachine  Character:ClintBarton/Hawkeye  Character:NickFury  Character:SharonCarter  Character:ThaddeusRoss  Character:Zemo  Character:PeggyCarter  Character:PietroMaximoff/QuickSilver  Character:Jarvis(AI)  Character:Shuri  Character:Ultron  Character:HankPym  Character:HopeVanDyne/Wasp  Character:PeterParker/Spiderman 
october 2018 by Mieeka
Damaged Defenders - Chapter 1 - Sherza - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor takes a good look at Loki once he has hauled him back onto the quinjet, and realizes that there is something odd about Loki's eyes. Thor has grown and changed much in the last year, and no longer takes anything for granted. So he starts asking questions. It doesn't take long to figure out that Loki is not acting of his own free will.

Tony Stark knows what it is to be forced to do as an enemy commands. Steve Rogers has seen the atrocities manipulative madmen are willing to commit. Clint, Logan, Bruce and Natasha have been subjected to said madmen. They all know what it is to lose themselves, and to seek redemption.

Together, this band of broken heroes draws a line in the sand. They will not tolerate any tyrant, foreign or domestic. That includes Nick Fury and the WSC, who have used everyone on the team for their own aims. It includes Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, who has hunted Bruce against all reason. It includes Odin, who treats his sons like commodities. And it includes Thanos, who has delusions of conquering Earth.

Along the way, they learn to trust each other. They learn to help each other. They become a family.
Fandom:Marvel  Time:Marvel.DuringAssemble  Words:200K+  Status:WIP  Site:AO3  Character:Loki  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:NickFury  Character:Pepper  Character:BettyRoss  Character:BruceBanner/Hulk  Character:Thor  Character:JaneFoster  Character:NatashaRomanoff/BlackWidow  Character:ClintBarton/Hawkeye  Character:Coulson  Character:ProfessorX  Character:Scott/Cyclops  Character:JeanGrey  Character:OroroMunroe/Storm  Character:Logan/Wolverine  Character:Marie/Rogue  Character:John/Pyro  Character:BobbyDrake/Iceman  Character:KurtWagner/Nightcrawler  Character:WarrenWorthington/Angel  Character:Beast  Character:SteveRogers/CaptainAmerica  Character:Jarvis(AI) 
march 2018 by Mieeka
you got hell to pay but you already sold your soul
“I, uh, I had a mate--a soulmate,” he muttered quietly, and suddenly the room fell silent. No one seemed to even take an inhale after his little confession. “It’s obviously been a long time since then. It was back before the- back then.” He felt a burning behind his fifth rib, and tried not to remember the loving feeling of fire that came with it. (He could still remember how to drown. But the burning from the ice was never quite the same.)

or the one where Steve had a soulmate and then didn't but kinda always did
fandom:marvel  length:10.000-30.000  rating:pg-13  pairing:steve/bucky  author:tator  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  archiveofourown  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:natasha  character:clint  character:sam-wilson  character:tony-stark  character:coulson  character:rumlow  character:bruce 
february 2018 by kdjslvgds
The World's at Stake
Few soulmates are separated at birth by too much time – but when the distance becomes greater than one year all bets are off, with five years’ difference being equally as unusual as fifty.

Yet the one rule that has never been broken is that the soulmates’ lifespans always overlap.

So it came as something of a shock to the young boy in an orphanage in Brooklyn, New York, when his soul mark came in at the age of twelve and told him that his soulmate had been dead for almost sixty years.
author:atsadi  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  mates  magic  length:10.000-30.000  rating:pg-13  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:peggy  character:natasha  character:coulson  character:tony-stark  au  archiveofourown 
march 2015 by kdjslvgds
Our Lingering Frost (once upon a dream)
When S.H.I.E.L.D. finally locates the plane Captain America drove into the ocean, Colonel James Barnes drops everything to go bring Steve's body home at long last. He finds more than he was expecting.
fandom:Marvel_Universe  pairing:Bucky/Steve  au  angst  hurt/comfort  character:Tony  character:Coulson  fic  slash 
february 2015 by Ishara
The Supersoldier's Amnesiac Groom
Steve Rogers has always known that the supersoldier serum was a gift, and he's never been afraid to do what's right.

When Uncle Sam asks him to unite the two sides of the Cold War by taking part in a symbolic union with a fabled Russian assassin, Captain America doesn't hesitate to do his duty.

Little does he know how thoroughly his world is going to be turned upside down.
rating:nc-17  au  alternate-reality  author:casspeach  length:30.000-60.000  genre:romance  genre:angst  kink:bottom!steve  kink:first-time  kink:makeouts  kink:blow-job  genre:violence  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:natasha  character:clint  character:coulson  character:maria-hill  character:tony-stark  character:bruce  character:ofc  archiveofourown  amnesia  memories  dub-con 
may 2014 by kdjslvgds
bent my knees 'cause I love you
Steve discovers a secret about Bucky, and it quickly snowballs into something much bigger. Set post wake up/winter soldier.
author:ellievolia  rating:nc-17  length:5.000-10.000  kink:crossdressing  kink:masturbation  pining  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:coulson  archiveofourown 
may 2014 by kdjslvgds
#hashtag 'verse
Steve finds Bucky. Bucky finds Steve. Regaining normality is so much easier in a place where normal is defined by muffled explosions at 3am, stealing clothes from a master assassin, and cooking lessons from an ex-carnie archer.
series:hashtag-verse  length:10.000-30.000  rating:pg-13  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  gen  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:fluff  character:bucky  character:steve-rogers  character:tony-stark  character:natasha  character:clint  character:bruce  character:pepper  character:sam-wilson  character:darcy  character:jane  character:thor  character:coulson  archiveofourown  ★5  FRIENDSHIP  author:foxglade 
april 2014 by kdjslvgds
young hearts, out our minds
Bucky posts a selfie of the two of them in bed to his instagram.

He hashtags it #goodmorningamerica. Sam Wilson and Pepper Potts retweet it to their twitter accounts.
fandom:marvel  rating:pg-13  genre:fluff  pairing:steve/bucky  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:clint  character:coulson  character:natasha  character:bruce  character:thor  character:sam-wilson  archiveofourown  length:1.000-5.000  author:junko 
april 2014 by kdjslvgds
The Missing Queen Job
Mastermind Phil Coulson has assembled a team to right the wrongs no one else can: former Army Captain Steve Rogers, whose loyalties no longer lie with the country that betrayed him; the mysterious Russian grifter Natasha Romanoff; Clint Barton, a former circus performer and not-so former art thief; Dr. Bruce Banner, a researcher on the run from a mad Army General; and the displaced heir to Stark Industries turned hacker extraordinaire Tony Stark. When Thor Odinson, the disinherited son of Asgard Corporation's CEO Odin Alfoder, comes to them for help finding his missing parents, the team delves into the life of his foster brother, Loki Laufeyson, and his connection to Johann Schmidt, a brilliant but mad scientist and former Asgard employee.
fandom:marvel  gen  author:meinterrupted  length:10.000-30.000  fusion!fic  fandom:leverage  character:coulson  character:steve-rogers  character:tony-stark  character:natasha  character:nick-fury  character:clint  character:darcy  character:thor  character:loki  character:red-skull  rating:pg-13  genre:drama  genre:mystery  character:bruce  archiveofourown 
march 2014 by kdjslvgds
Wake-up Call
The Winter Soldier is awoken, un-brainwashed and taken under SHIELD's wing in 2011, but it's not like this fixes all the problems in Bucky's life. Two years later, Bucky gets a call to come in to SHIELD headquarters, fast as possible. Because Steve Rogers is alive.
author:fmo  length:1.000-5.000  rating:pg  fandom:marvel  character:bucky  character:steve-rogers  character:coulson  character:nick-fury  au  alternate-reality  gen 
january 2014 by kdjslvgds
we wished upon parallel lines
Real stories don't start with 'once upon a time'. Everyone knows that fairy tales are lies anyway. Steve doesn't need a silver bullet to take down the man who has Bucky pinned to a tree. He doesn't see the blood until Bucky's on the ground and there's a sickening feeling of too late.

He begs Steve to turn the gun on him. Everyone knows the statistics and everyone knows what happens if you survive.

Steve can't do it.

The screaming doesn't start until that night when the infection sets in, tries to change him while his body tries to fight it off. The whole team sits with him, waiting for some indication that he's going to live or die.
au  au-werewolves  author:haipollai  length:10.000-30.000  rating:r  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  kink:bottom!bucky  werewolves  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:natasha  character:nick-fury  character:coulson  character:tony-stark  character:bruce  character:thor  character:clint  genre:hurt/comfort  archiveofourown 
january 2014 by kdjslvgds
on his lips a perfect smile, his eyes begin to flood
Steve is adjusting to life in 2012 and though he's surrounded by superheroes, there's still a void.

(There are other faces, too; the ones drawn from imperfect memory and tears spring to his eyes when he can’t remember the curve of Bucky’s smile or the fall of Peggy’s hair and he tells himself that it is frustration because he has surely had time to mourn them now.)
author:lanyon  fandom:marvel  genre:angst  character:steve-rogers  travel  character:tony-stark  character:bucky  character:clint  character:darcy  character:coulson  character:nick-fury  archiveofourown  genre:hurt/comfort 
january 2014 by kdjslvgds
but hey, you're all right
'This is not my fault,' Tony lies. 'It was supposed to be a joke! Christ.'

'Thanks to your joke,' says Coulson, 'we now have a code three-four-delta, with the variable being a Russian immigrant. We're checking his background right now, but it might take a while. Meanwhile, I suggest you civilian-proof the Tower. If any SHIELD intelligence is compromised, I will hurt you.'

Yes, this is the story where the Winter Soldier is a Russian mail-order bride. Everything goes about as well as you'd expect.
author:beardsley  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  amnesia  character:natasha  character:tony-stark  character:coulson  character:nick-fury  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  rating:pg-13  length:5.000-10.000  archiveofourown 
january 2014 by kdjslvgds
A Song You Might Hear At A Wedding
Steve Rogers is the good-looking lead singer of a struggling band, while James Barnes is half of a dynamic duo, on the verge of the big-time. When Stark Industries is reduced to playing at a wedding in order to raise funds and profile, Steve tells himself that this is the very last time he's going to sleep with Bucky.

(Or, the one in which Tony rants, Bruce mediates and Clint has fantastic eye-sex with the best man.)
au  author:ellievolia  author:lanyon  length:5.000-10.000  rating:nc-17  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:tony-stark  character:clint  character:coulson  character:natasha  character:pepper  character:bruce  kink:bottom!steve  kink:makeouts  pr0n  genre:romance  archiveofourown 
january 2014 by kdjslvgds
in from the cold
"We've had eyes out for this operative for years now. I don't think most of us believed he actually existed, but we've finally got proof."
Steve reaches out and hooks his fingers around Bucky's, holding on the way he didn't--couldn't--all those years ago.
author:victoria_p  length:10.000-30.000  rating:nc-17  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  pairing:steve/bucky  fandom:marvel  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:natasha  character:nick-fury  character:darcy  character:coulson  character:tony-stark  character:thor  character:bruce  character:clint  kink:first-time  kink:blow-job  kink:hand-job  pining  ★5  archiveofourown 
january 2014 by kdjslvgds

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status:completed  status:wip  tag:genfic  tag:kidfic  theme:mental_health  theme:science  therapy  threesome  time:hp:posthogwarts  time:marvel.duringassemble  time:marvel.postavengerspredarkworld  time:marvel.postwintersoldier  time:marvel.prethor  time:marvel.thor  time:marvel:assemble  time:marvel:postcivilwar  time:marvel:postultronau  time:marvel:preassemble  time:marvel:thefirstavenger  time:spn:preseason1  time:spn:season4  time:spn:season5  toread  travel  trope:established_relationship  trope:gen  trope:humor  trope:slash  type:slash  universe:mcu  unrequited-love  werewolves  word-count:short  wordcount:0-500  wordcount:1k-5k  words:100k-150k  words:10k-25k  words:150k-200k  words:200k+  words:25k-50k  words:50k-75k  words:75k+  words:75k-100k  words:under10k  ★5   

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