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"Ravenous" by rageprufrock
Summary: "Clarice Starling meets Hannibal Lecter armed with a copy of the Buffalo Bill file."

Comments: Tragically untagged over at AO3, so: Silence of the Lambs AU, primarily focussed on Clarice, who is fabulous and vulnerable and ass-kicking and also charmed by Hannibal and by being drawn into this real case with experienced FBI people. Epistolary and Outsider-POV tags are for the Freddie Lounds book excerpts that the story is partially told through (and Clarice's outside perspective of Hannibal).
fic  slash  gen  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  character:claricestarling  character:hanniballecter  character:freddielounds  character:ensemble  case-fic  au  au:canondivergence  epistolary  pov:outsider  time:post-s2  words:<50000 
december 2016 by solitarysloth

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au  au:canondivergence  au:eigenstate  author:rageprufrock  canon:hannibal  canon:silenceofthelambs  case-fic  character:ensemble  character:freddielounds  character:hanniballecter  epistolary  fandom:hannibal  fic  gen  length:novella  pairing:hannibal/will  pov:outsider  slash  time:post-s2  words:<50000 

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