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Point of No Return - Chapter 1 - Brickgirl101 - Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The bridges are burning, the heat's on my face
Making the past an unreachable place
Pouring the fuel, fanning the flames
I know, this is the point of no return

Bruce was right... they were just a chemical mixture. A bomb set to explode.

Tony sat in the wake of it all...

No he still had a promise to fulfill... his life wouldn’t be put to waste.

Watch out world Tony ‘Fucking’ Stark is back... Iron Man Lives Again
Fandom:Marvel  Site:AO3  Words:100k-150k  Status:WIP  Time:Marvel:PostCivilWar  Character:TonyStark/Ironman  Character:Tony!Extremis  Character:DrStrange  Character:JamesRhodes/WarMachine  Character:Vision  Character:PeterParker/Spiderman  Character:JessicaJones  Character:MattMurdoch/Daredevil  Character:LukeCage  Character:DannyRand/IronFist  Character:HopeVanDyne/Wasp  Character:CarolDanvers/MsMarvel  Character:HarleyKeener  Character:Jennifer/She-Hulk  Character:KamalaKhan  Character:LauraBarton  Character:BartonKids  Character:Friday  Character:DarcyLewis  Character:JaneFoster  Character:Shuri  Character:BettyRoss  Character:CassieLang  Genre:TeamIronman 
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Hawkeye/Young Avengers: Who The Fuck Wants To Die Alone
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Category: F/F
Fandoms: Marvel 616, Young Avengers, Hawkeye (Comics)
Relationships: Kate Bishop/America Chavez, Clint Barton & Kate Bishop
Characters: Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, America Chavez, Loki (Marvel), Cassie Lang, David Alleyne, Noh-Varr, Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman (Young Avengers)
Additional Tags: Community: cottoncandy_bingo, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, everyone is kate's exbilly and teddy are the worst, david is basically wikipedia, i meant to work in david/tommy but i forgot, cameos from everybody, fluff and feelings and stuff, dalek latte art, parties as catalysts, i really ship kate and america what are all these feelings, i really need to go to bed now omg

Title: Who The Fuck Wants To Die Alone
Author: paperclipbitch


Normal!AU. “I don’t know why I have to get involved in this anyway,” Clint huffs. “Or haven’t you told this chick that you’re working a job you don’t need and live in a magical Disney palace?”
Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Hawkeye  Fandom:YoungAvengers  Author:Paperclipbitch  Rating:T  Words:5000-10000  Pair:AmericaChavez(MissAmerica)/KateBishop(Hawkeye)  Character:KateBishop(Hawkeye)  Character:AmericaChavez(MissAmerica)  Character:ClintBarton(Hawkeye)  Character:LokiOdinson  Character:CassieLang  Character:DavidAlleyne(Prodigy)  Character:Noh-Varr  Character:BillyKaplan(Wiccan)  Character:TeddyAltman(Hulkling)  genre:Slash  genre:AU  genre:AU_CoffeeShop  genre:Freindship  Type:Fic 
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Grab a Blanket, Brother
Wherein Tommy Shepherd moves in with the Kaplans, freaks out, runs to Canada, goes looking for trouble, accidentally stalks the Avengers and tries to figure out his families. All of them.

Notes: Awesome, awesome Tommy-centric fic that takes place roughly during the Dark Reign era and deals with Tommy and Teddy moving in with and adjusting to life with the Kaplans. I love the team dynamic in this and the quiet moments. Also has a great Clint cameo.
character:vision  theme:selfmadefamilies  !oneshot  author:traincat  character:cassielang  character:katebishop  character:billykaplan  character:clintbarton  exchange:yuletide  length:10-15k  genre:sliceoflife  rating:pg13  site:ao3  theme:unlikelyfriends  character:elibradley  character:teddyaltman  character:tommyshepherd 
september 2012 by track_04
Pieces of the Dream
"It was sometimes said that the government spent half its money trying to exterminate mutants, and the other half trying to create them." In a world where cold war simmers between the human nations and the mutants of Genosha, some people want peace, some want revenge, and two groups of teenagers just want answers.

Notes: Really awesome AU. I really love the differences in the universe and the backstory that the author has worked out for all the characters (especially Eli and Cassie/Vision). It's dark, but hopeful.
character:vision  character:charlesxavier  !oneshot  author:siamesa  challenge:yabigbang  character:cassielang  character:ericlehnsherr  character:katebishop  character:wandamaximoff  fandom:youngavengers  genre:au  genre:action  length:15-20k  pairing:billy/teddy  pairing:gen  rating:r  site:ao3  theme:dystopia  theme:unlikelyfriends  theme:politics/war  character:tonystark  character:elibradley  character:tommyshepherd 
september 2012 by track_04
Despite living in the twenty-first century, the House of Magnus was still willing to forge political alliances the old-fashioned way. The very old-fashioned way.

Notes: Really, really great AU that takes place in the House of M-verse. I love the way the author worked certain characters in, and the discussion surrounding sex and gender in Skrull culture is particularly interesting. Also, William and Dorrek are adorable.
theme:transgender  theme:houseofm  !multipart  author:exfatalist  character:cassielang  character:wandamaximoff  character:ericlehnsherr  fandom:youngavengers  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:action  length:30-50k  pairing:billy/teddy  pairing:eli/kate  pairing:kate/tommy  site:ao3  rating:r  theme:dreams/memories  theme:culturalmisunderstandings  theme:firsttime  theme:politics/war  character:pietromaximoff 
september 2012 by track_04
And Get Him to Swap Our Places
Billy casts the most dubious of spells and gets into a shitload of trouble when he switches places with William Lensherr, Prince of Genosha, member of the House of M.

Notes: This fic is a-ma-ziiiiing. Tommy and Billy's voices are spot-on, and the House of M world is really well written. The banter and relationships between the rest of the YAs are also awesome. Warnings for allusions to dub/non-con and some dark themes.
theme:houseofm  !oneshot  author:noharlembeat  character:cassielang  character:katebishop  character:rictor  pairing:billy/teddy  length:20-30k  site:ao3  fandom:youngavengers  theme:dystopia  theme:body/vesselswitch  theme:unlikelyfriends  genre:ar  genre:angst  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  character:elibradley  character:tommyshepherd 
september 2012 by track_04

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!multipart  !oneshot  author:exfatalist  author:noharlembeat  author:paperclipbitch  author:siamesa  author:traincat  challenge:yabigbang  character:americachavez(missamerica)  character:bartonkids  character:bettyross  character:billykaplan(wiccan)  character:billykaplan  character:caroldanvers/msmarvel  character:charlesxavier  character:clintbarton(hawkeye)  character:clintbarton  character:dannyrand/ironfist  character:darcylewis  character:davidalleyne(prodigy)  character:drstrange  character:elibradley  character:ericlehnsherr  character:friday  character:harleykeener  character:hopevandyne/wasp  character:jamesrhodes/warmachine  character:janefoster  character:jennifer/she-hulk  character:jessicajones  character:kamalakhan  character:katebishop(hawkeye)  character:katebishop  character:laurabarton  character:lokiodinson  character:lukecage  character:mattmurdoch/daredevil  character:noh-varr  character:peterparker/spiderman  character:pietromaximoff  character:rictor  character:shuri  character:teddyaltman(hulkling)  character:teddyaltman  character:tommyshepherd  character:tony!extremis  character:tonystark/ironman  character:tonystark  character:vision  character:wandamaximoff  exchange:yuletide  fandom:hawkeye  fandom:marvel  fandom:youngavengers  genre:action  genre:angst  genre:ar  genre:au  genre:au_coffeeshop  genre:freindship  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:slash  genre:sliceoflife  genre:teamironman  length:10-15k  length:15-20k  length:20-30k  length:30-50k  pair:americachavez(missamerica)/katebishop(hawkeye)  pairing:billy/teddy  pairing:eli/kate  pairing:gen  pairing:kate/tommy  rating:pg13  rating:r  rating:t  site:ao3  status:wip  theme:body/vesselswitch  theme:culturalmisunderstandings  theme:dreams/memories  theme:dystopia  theme:firsttime  theme:houseofm  theme:politics/war  theme:selfmadefamilies  theme:transgender  theme:unlikelyfriends  time:marvel:postcivilwar  type:fic  words:100k-150k  words:5000-10000 

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