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Cait/Strong, 'Inconvenient Timing,' 3/3
So... a pair of angry violent souls roughly fuck over how much they dislike each other. Then they cuddle afterwards.
prompt:filled  fic:finished  game:fo4  character:strong  character:cait  kink:super_mutant  kink:size  kink:fingering  kink:handjob  relationship:het  fic:december_fillathon 
december 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Cait/Cassidy - Casual Sex
Cait's out in the New Vegas for some reason, meets Cass, and the two of them hook up for a night of casual, no-strings-attached fucking.
prompt:unfilled  game:fnv  game:fo4  character:cait  character:cass  relationship:femslash 
november 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Hancock and Cait, body swap
There's an accident at the memory den while Hancock and Cait are there, and the title happens.
prompt:unfilled  relationship:gen  game:fo4  character:cait  character:hancock 
may 2017 by nfkm
Cait, 'The Parting Glass' 1/1
The music of the wasteland is repetitive at best, but Sole knows some pre-war melodies and Cait has a lovely singing voice.
relationship:gen  kink:music  prompt:filled  fic:finished  game:fo4  character:nb_sole_survivor  character:cait  character:hancock  character:nick_valentine  character:danse 
march 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: FO4 Companion Swap Dialogue
So the companions all have unique dialogue choices when you swap out one for the other. My prompt is why? Why those specific comments? How does Danse know Hancock? How does Cait know Piper?
Give me a fill with two of the companions that explains their swap dialogue.
character:cait  character:nick_valentine  character:hancock  character:danse  character:piper  relationship:gen  relationship:het  relationship:slash  relationship:femslash  prompt:unfilled  game:fo4 
march 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Cait + Clover, dark musings, NONCON
Would Cait and Clover get along, or would they hate each other? I'd prefer this to be raw and dark, but if an AA wants to try something lighter, portray them as getting along (Maybe Clover's gotten help in the years between FO3 and FO4? Maybe Cait feels sympathetic?) that's fine.
character:cait  character:clover  warning:noncon  warning:violence  prompt:unfilled  kink:dark  kink:slavery  kink:angst  game:fo3  game:fo4 
march 2017 by nfkm
UNFILLED: Hancock & Cait, body swap
An accident occurs in the memory den while Cait tries to get rid of some particularly bad memories and Hancock decides to relive his best high, and after a power surge, things quickly get out of control.
unfilled_falloutkink  relationship:gen  character:hancock  kink:ghoul  character:cait  kink:body_swap 
june 2016 by falloutkinkmeme
FANART: Cait/Curie
Cait reliantly helps around in sanctuary, and curie admires the view.
Posted 05/26/16, complete
filled_falloutkink  fanart  character:cait  character:curie  kink:android  character:maccready  character:father/shaun  complete  relationship:femslash 
may 2016 by falloutkinkmeme
Cait/Isabel Cruz, 'The Business of Love' 1D/?
Cait and Isabel take on the many challenges of the sex robot industry.
Posted 05/02/16, wip
filled_falloutkink  relationship:femslash  kink:fluff  kink:robot  character:cait  character:isabel  wip 
may 2016 by falloutkinkmeme
Cait/Hancock, 'Birthday Brahmin Shit'8/8
Cait comes back to Goodneighbor for a bit of birthday fun and birthday sex.
Posted 05/02/16, complete
filled_falloutkink  relationship:het  character:cait  character:hancock  kink:ghoul  kink:substance  kink:oral  kink:biting  kink:dirty_talk  complete 
may 2016 by falloutkinkmeme
UNFILLED: Cait/Scribe Haylen
The Sole Survivor's always hanging around the Cambridge Police Station, Cait in tow. The two ladies hit it off, and romance and/or sex ensues. Honestly, I'd almost prefer scenes of chatting and bonding and hitting it off to just PWP, but I'd be happy with anything!

Bonus points for friendly, laugh-y sex with lots of neck kisses!
unfilled_falloutkink  relationship:femslash  character:scribe_haylen  character:cait  kink:kissing 
april 2016 by falloutkinkmeme

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