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Fitting In (Tiny Spaces)
Peter's trapped beneath a collapsed building during a mission, hurt and unable to move. Luckily, his comm still works. Unluckily, the Avengers don’t realise how bad of a state Peter is in, and Peter isn’t inclined to tell them.


“Spidey, they’ve got reinforcements. We’ve hit a bit of a snag here, and I don’t think anyone will be able to help you for a while. Think you can sit tight while we deal with this?”

The pressure on his lower back and legs was becoming too much. Peter swallowed thickly, fighting down panic. He could handle this.

“Yeah,” Peter said. “I can do that.”
fic  gen  fandom:Marvel_Universe  character:Peter  character:Tony_Stark  Character:Steve  character:Natasha  character:Sam  character:Clint  Character:Bruce  panic_attack  hurt/comfort  hurt_Peter 
17 days ago by Ishara
Responsible Science - lettered - Marvel (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Uninterested in being an Avenger, Bruce goes back into hiding. Once more Natasha is sent to recruit him, but she has an agenda of her own. They navigate being human. At least one of them sometimes fails.
Tony accidentally turns himself into a twelve-year-old using alien tech. Steve is stuck as bodyguard, Bruce is stuck trying to fix him, and Pepper is stuck trying to ward off a twelve-year old’s attempts at flirtation. And then things go from bad to worse.
Steve Rogers has to live the same day over and over. Bruce, Tony, Pepper, Jane, and Thor try to help him. Then things go from bad to worse.
Fandom:Avengers  Character:Bruce  Length:100k+  Type:Gen 
6 weeks ago by welfycat
Coming Home
It may be Tony Stark's name on the tower, but the final word on who gets an invitation to live there will always belong to Pepper.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:MCU  Length:1-5K  Genre:Angst  Rating:PG-13  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Pepper/Tony  q**** 
12 weeks ago by ofendlessstars
Quantum Computing and the Physics of Entanglement
Fill for this prompt:

Fresh out of college and before becoming CEO of Stark Industries, Tony Stark publishes a paper on the scientific principles behind one of his inventions. Bruce Banner is a referee for the paper and knocks Tony down a few pegs on the physics-related parts of the paper.

Tony is affronted, but also a little awestruck by the intellectual level this Banner guy is operating on. He arranges to meet Banner, and they argue passionately about the science in Tony's paper. By the end of the argument they're both kind of ridiculously attracted to each other.

Bonus: Rhodey, fellow MIT graduate, is a co-author of the paper.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:MCU  Length:1-5k  Genre:Fluff  Rating:PG  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  q***** 
12 weeks ago by ofendlessstars
you got hell to pay but you already sold your soul
“I, uh, I had a mate--a soulmate,” he muttered quietly, and suddenly the room fell silent. No one seemed to even take an inhale after his little confession. “It’s obviously been a long time since then. It was back before the- back then.” He felt a burning behind his fifth rib, and tried not to remember the loving feeling of fire that came with it. (He could still remember how to drown. But the burning from the ice was never quite the same.)

or the one where Steve had a soulmate and then didn't but kinda always did
fandom:marvel  length:10.000-30.000  rating:pg-13  pairing:steve/bucky  author:tator  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  archiveofourown  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:natasha  character:clint  character:sam-wilson  character:tony-stark  character:coulson  character:rumlow  character:bruce 
february 2018 by kdjslvgds
Somebody to Love
Natasha sets Steve up with at home cooking lessons when he botches Sunday night dinner. Steve isn't actually that reluctant, especially when his teacher is so easy on the eyes.
author:deepspaceprincess  au  au-modern  sort-of  length:10.000-30.000  rating:nc-17  kink:bottom!steve  genre:romance  kink:piercing  cooking  archiveofourown  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  character:steve-rogers  character:bucky  character:natasha  character:clint  character:sam-wilson  character:bruce  character:pepper  character:tony-stark 
december 2017 by kdjslvgds
and beyond the stars black space (goes on forever)

Science isn’t about numbers and formulas and knowing – it’s ignorance, it’s wonder, it’s curiosity, it’s life.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:1-5K  rating:pg  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  q***** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars
Holding On

Usually when he woke up naked after an “episode” he was up and on his feet running, stealing clothes and begging food.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:1-5K  genre:Fluff  genre:hurt/comfort  rating:NC-17  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  q***** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars
Spun Glass

Bruce is sick of lovers treating him like he was made of spun glass. With Tony, that's not a problem.
Tags: slight masochism
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:1-5K  genre:PWP  rating:NC-17  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  q**** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars
inspire expire

He's started having dreams where Tony Stark has a chest full of metal. He's started having dreams where he's the monster in the darkness.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:1-5K  genre:angst  genre:futuristic/AU  rating:  r  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  q**** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars
your magic is working

Hogwarts AU: "You can kip with me," Tony says, significantly, and he might as well have just yelled DRUNKEN HOMOSEXUAL LIAISONS with the way Steve sighs dramatically and leaves the room.

Bruce says, “Only to make sure you don’t choke on your own vomit,” and Tony leans in close to rest his head on Bruce’s shoulder and look far too pleased with himself.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:1-5K  genre:futuristic/AU  rating:pg-13  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  q***** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars
more adventurous

written for a prompt on avengerkink asking for someone to find someone else's picture/scrapbook. of course those someones ended up being tony and bruce.

this was honestly supposed to be sort of angsty. then bruce started getting all handsy and it went from there. not porn! still working on porn.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:1-5K  genre:Fluff  rating:pg-13  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  q***** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars
Too Far to Walk (But You Don't Have to Run)

In retrospect, Bruce has no idea why he thought a bullet would kill him.
CW: Suicidal thoughts/mention of past suicide attempts
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:1-5K  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  rating:pg-13  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  q***** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars
singing with skin and bone

And here is what they’d call the defining moment, the turn of events- though when he gets older, Bruce will start to think that the violence started much earlier than this.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:1-5K  genre:angst  Genre:CharacterStudy  pairing:Bruce/Betty  pairing:Bruce/Tony  rating:  r  character:Bruce  q***** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars
What's the Difference between Tony Stark and a Lawyer...? [series]
Stark had poked right through that, deliberately learning a foreign field of scientific study just to be able to converse on the same level as Bruce could - and with a true understanding of the subject. He realizes now that it was a calculated move. Stark had pierced his shell the way minor upsets or pokes with sharp objects couldn't do.
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:theAvengers  Length:25-50K  genre:romance  genre:Fluff  character:Bruce  pairing:Bruce/Tony  pairing:Bruce/Pepper/Tony  q***** 
february 2017 by ofendlessstars

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