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UNFILLED: Any/Any, sub!Any wants to be the only one
I really wish someone will write some version of this :) Everything is a suggestion, feel free to just take bits and pieces and make the story your own.

So sub!Any and Dom!Any are in an open relationship. sub!Any is fine with this at first, but as they fall deeper in love, they find themselves wanting to be in a monogamous relationship with their Dom. They are too scared of losing the relationship with their Dom to tell them. So they suffer in silence, getting more and more depressed as the time goes by.

In the end the sub breaks up with their Dom, not believing they can be in a monogamous relationship.
[See prompt for more details]
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:any_male  character:any_female  pairing:any_character_any_character  kink:breakup  kink:dom_sub 
10 weeks ago by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Fem!Cullen/any M LI
There is a depressing lack of female Cullen out there. I would love to read more. Spit balling some ideas:

-Josephine and Leliana gently coaxing Cullen to embrace her femininity after years of ignoring it in the templars. My kingdom for her secretly loving varrics books and bonding with Cassandra
-an oops pregnancy, Cullen reconciling becoming a mom with also being the commander
-female Cullen under siege from randy Orlesians at the winter palace

I just need to see a tough as nails lady Cullen with a soft and gooey center, preferably being wooed by a dashing gentleman.

Favs include: pining, romance, babies, angst, petite Cullen,
Would love to see her paired with a trevelyan or Alistair, or any m!OC/NPC
dragon_age:inquisition  prompt:unfilled  character:cullen  character:any_male  relationship:het  pairing:any_male_cullen  kink:gender_swap 
may 2019 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Any Elf/Any Human; Ears kink, but in reverse
I've read some stories where Elven ears recieve attention. They are great. Now I'd to read a fill where an Elf is fascinated by those round Shemlen ears.

Fenders is always appreciated, but honestly any Elf/Human pairing will do.
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  character:any_male  character:any_female  pairing:any_character_any_character  kink:ear_play 
april 2019 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Any Male/Mabari; beastiality, knotting, any consent
Need more beastiality in this kink meme.

Preferred male characters: male!Hawke, Anders, Carver, Fenris

Doesn't matter how it happens, by who, on purpose or accident, noncon or consensual.

++sexual torture/noncon
+++++carver having dog fuck his brother out of jealousy
++++++++++filling belly with cum, huge knot, deep penetration
++++++++++++++++if character doesn't like it, they're still unable to stop the mabari's brute strength
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  character:any_male  character:misc_mabari  kink:bestiality  kink:knotting 
march 2019 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard gives birthday BJ
Shepard learns that it is one of the men's birthdays (above). Instead of going shopping, she wakes (breaks into their place) him with her gift.

A blow job.

BONUS for interweb cookies
+Shep masturbates/thoroughly enjoys worshipping their cock.
+The recipient isn't shy about his enjoyment of the attention.
+She gives them a kiss and leaves after. No lingering around on her part.
+Birthday boy hunts her down for another round with her mouth.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:any_male  relationship:het  kink:oral  kink:masturbation 
december 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Thane/any male, surprise subspace, angst
So. Thane and male!LI (prefer Shepard but anyone goes) are getting frisky with Thane bottoming. And at some point LI realizes that Thane is just sort of... lying there and taking it. The reason: he's gotten lost in his memories and is reliving his time as a sentient item for the hanar to use.

No force on the part of the hanar. Just misuse of its (his? hers? I dunno) power over Thane.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Thane  character:any_male  relationship:m/m  kink:dom_sub  kink:hurt_comfort  kink:angst 
december 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Tali's reversal of fortune
Poor Tali always ends up getting the short end of the stick by getting enslaved, raped, or brainwashed by pretty much everyone you can think of. This time, she's had enough. Some young, good-looking guy desperately wants to have sex with her? Fine, but it's all happening on *her* terms. She always fantasized about having a slave, and ever since she got out of her suit she's been terribly pent up.

I'm looking for femdom and male slavery with a huge amount of humiliation. Bondage is a must. Tali can be a futa if you feel up to it. I'd enjoy it but don't want to dissuade any potential fillers.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Tali  character:any_male  relationship:het  kink:dom_sub  kink:fem_dom  kink:slave  kink:humiliation  kink:bondage  kink:futanari 
september 2018 by masseffectkink
Challenge: Fill a prompt
Lot of prompts these days, not so many fills. This anon will tell you that you are a wonderful person if you go do a fill.

It can be any fill, from this post or a previous one. You can do a whole flash fic or just the first chapter of something that you're happy to make a start with.

Find something you like, make your fill, and post here with a link to it in reply to this comment. I will tell you that you are a wonderful person and people will see that you have updated and read your fill even the prompt was ages ago.

Bonus: if you update a fill you haven't worked on for a while, I will tell you are wonderful and generous with your time.
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  character:any_male  character:any_female  pairing:any_character_any_character 
march 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Trans!M/M or M/F-Period Hurt/Comfort (Repost)
Person A and Person B have being together for awhile now, knowing that Person A is trans male.

Person A is staying at their partner's place when his monthly shows up for the first time since getting together. Cramps, acne, etc. Person B is supportive from doing a supply market run to giving amazing back rubs

+Anon's OTP is Fenders but will take anything
+The Kirkwall gang as a whole having no tolerance for any fool who tries to make transphobic commentary
+Smut is optional if the writer wants it, just keep it tasteful, please.
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  character:any_male  character:any_female  pairing:any_character_any_character  kink:trans_ftm  kink:menstruation  kink:hurt_comfort 
february 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Anders/tentacle monster LI
Anders' LI gets turned into tentacle monster, because magical curse or demonic possession or red lyrium or whatever, and it's not something that could be reversed by a simple kiss. Or a simple fuck. Or a complicated, long and anatomically improbable fuck. But Anders comes around anyway.
So, yepp, anders/tentacles, any level of consent.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:anders  character:any_male  character:any_female  pairing:anders_any_character  kink:tentacle  kink:monster_sex  kink:transformation 
february 2018 by dragonage_kink
Any male/any male, arguing during the knotting
Ok, this is probably a bit on the weird side, but I'd love to see an m/m couple arguing during the knotting.
Could be a silly argument between loving partners,
or something more dark and messed up, where it was the hatesex to begin with.

Not picky about the pairing, as long as it's not incest.
dragon_age:2  prompt:unfilled  relationship:slash  pairing:any_male_any_male  character:any_male  kink:knotting 
january 2018 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Javik, messy BJ
Javik has the hottest mouth I've ever seen.

He should make a good use of it.

Preferred candidates: Male Shepard or Vega.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Javik  character:any_male  relationship:m/m  kink:oral 
january 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: May-December romance
Young man joins the Alliance to see space. Loves to explore. The human equivalent of Asari Maiden (except he's a dude and does not spend his time dancing in strip clubs. Only the exploring part).

Eventually, he finds himself on shore leave on a predominantly asari, Alliance colony. He meets a beauty of an asari who turns out to be around 900 years old.

The marine becomes drawn to her, she's experienced so much, seen so much, more than he ever will.

The matriarch is infatuated with his youthfulness, his boyish charm. He is full of life, eager to learn and to explore. He makes her feel like a maiden again.

And (I have no idea how to eloquently put this) they have sex. Great sex.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:any_male  character:any_asari  relationship:het  kink:age_difference 
december 2017 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Teenage stupidity knows no bounds
Just a group of teenage boys of different races attempting to acquire and enjoy beer, because doing something you want to do ,even when your not supposed to, feels good.

You can make a "coming-of-age" story.

Maybe they've been chosen to supply the "fun" of a party and their reputations are on the line.

Maybe they just want to impress some girls.

Have fun with this.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:any_male  genre:no_sex/romance  kink:alcohol  genre:humor  genre:kidfic 
december 2017 by masseffectkink
Maybe Shepard is a bit feminine-looking so people always mistake him for a girl until he actually speaks? Is Shepard embarrassed and annoyed or is he used to it? What about the LI? Does the LI feel jealous and protective or does the LI find it extremely hilarious (just like the OP does!)?

OP would love a fic featuring the reaction of Shepard and the LI, can be crack, fluff, awkward, plotty, or as sexy as you want :) Long fill/multi fills are certainly welcomed!

OP does have a soft spot for M!Shepard/Joker, but in this case perhaps Garrus or Kaidan will work better? since you can't bring Joker to the missions.(;_;)

Also, please don't make Shepard too girly.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_male  character:any_male  relationship:m/m  kink:feminization 
december 2017 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Fenris/LI, oral, cock&balls enlargement, inflation, sizekink
established LI - prefer Anders, Carver or M!Hawke - gets their cock and balls temporaly enlarged (hit with a spell/magic goes wrong).
while waiting for the magic to dissipate, the LI and Fenris decide to experiment. aka Fenris sucks a really huge cock until his stomach is buldging from cum.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  relationship:slash  pairing:any_male_fenris  character:any_male  character:fenris  kink:inflation  kink:size  kink:blowjob 
december 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Sebastian, forced marriage
After Lady Harriman's death, the political situation in Starkhaven deteriorates due to weak leadership. Several factions are jockeying for the throne. Sebastian has already decided that he doesn't want to be prince, but that doesn't mean that others vying for the position don't see him as a potential advantage to their claim. Someone finally manages to succeed in coercing Sebastian to marry them. Unfortunately for Sebastian, they're not very nice, and subject him to a very humiliating/degrading wedding night -- and many such nights thereafter.
[*** cut for length, see the full prompt here: ***]
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  relationship:het  relationship:slash  character:sebastian  kink:dub_con  kink:forced_marriage  pairing:any_character_sebastian  kink:humiliation  character:any_male  character:any_female 
december 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Any/any - A/B/O with a twist
The initial setup is pretty standard: character A is a prickly omega living on heat supressants. He/she had bad experience with alphas an doesn't let them near him/her.
Character B is your typical aggressive alpha, most intent on proving that he/she is the boldest and growliest alpha in the whole Kirkwall.
Unexpected heat trope happens. Alpha and omega are stuck together, and it turns out that our alphiest alpha is actually a beta, who is passing as an alpha for the sake of convenience (being an alpha elevates one's status, or whatever). No sex ensues, they just talk through the whole thing; though OP is fine with dirty talk and omega in heat being, well, omega in heat.
It's up to A!A if the encounter leads to the romantic relationship.

F/F, MM amd F/M is all fine with OP, though in case of F/M pairing there's a very strong preference for male!omega.
There is also a slight preference for one of the characters being Anders, but it's no big if he isn't author's choice.
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  relationship:het  relationship:slash  relationship:f/f  character:any_male  character:any_female  pairing:any_character_any_character  kink:alpha_beta_omega  kink:heat 
december 2017 by dragonage_kink
UNFILLED: Jack, "I have standards!"
I noticed a lot of stories where Jack just off and fucks anyone on the Normandy like, say, Grunt and Zaeed. She may be a seriously screwed up individual, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have standards. She ain't that bad looking either! She could get someone better!

I want a Jack who goes for hot men. Hot, handsome men that cause even the most stoic matriarch do a double-take. Think shirtless Chris Hemsworth from "Thor". Keep it human, anons. I don't want Jack all of a sudden going "DAT FRINGE" or "DAT HUMP" or even "DEM SHOULDERS(quarian dudes)" Thank you!

(Also, Jack is still mostly a dom, but doesn't mind letting the guy take the reigns once in a while.)
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Jack  character:any_male  relationship:het 
december 2017 by masseffectkink

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