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Where the Lines Overlap by BlackEyedGirl
Rory doesn’t think the Doctor has ever dropped by for no reason, and he’s pretty sure that he didn’t start today of all days. [Post S6 finale.]
fic  fandom:Doctor_Who  verse:Whoniverse  author:blackeyedgirl  character:Rory_Williams  character:Doctor:Eleven  character:River_Song  character:Amy_Pond  ship:Doctor&Rory  ship:Amy/Rory  ship:Rory&River  trope:family  trope:parenthood  ship:Doctor/River 
may 2016 by jeb124
Little Secrets - Poetry - Doctor Who, Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
To preserve the timeline, the Doctor, Jack, and River have to guard their little secrets from each other. But the big ones, the important ones, that come from the heart – those they always find a way to share, no matter how painful.
fic  fandom:Doctor_Who  fandom:Torchwood  verse:Whoniverse  author:Poetry  character:Doctor:Eleven  character:River_Song  character:Jack_Harkness  character:Amy_Pond  character:Rory_Williams  ship:Jack/Doctor/River  ship:Jack/River  ship:Jack/Doctor  ship:Amy/Rory  trope:backstory  trope:time_travel 
june 2015 by jeb124
ÆMILIA SECUNDA - shadydave - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
Gesta Æmiliarum Alterarum (The Deeds of Other Amelias)

Aemilia Secunda has always been a faithful soothsayer.

She was dedicated to the Temple of the Sybilline Oracles at the age of seven; the Sisterhood summoned her after the loss of her parents, the patrician P. Aemilius Augustus and his wife Tabita, and her aunt was pleased to yield to the will of the gods. Aemilia listened to the wisdom of the Reverend Mother; she breathed the vapors and prophesied; she warned her sisters of the return of the blue box.
fic  character:aemeliasecunda  character:amy_pond  character:lastcenturion  canon:doctorwho  trope:reincarnation  genre:historical  episode:firesofpompeii  author:shadydave  pairing:amy/rory  gen 
november 2014 by innocentsmith
Proving a Negative - Zeborah - Doctor Who (2005), White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Neal and Peter are investigating the theft of a van Gogh; Amy and Rory are doing the tourist thing on the way to Lake Silencio. When Amy turns out to know a little too much about the stolen painting, Neal can hardly be blamed for getting the wrong impression....
fandom:doctor_who  fandom:white_collar  character:peter_burke  character:neal_caffrey  character:amy_pond  character:rory_williams  genre:gen  genre:crossover  rating:well_worth_reading  length:9-10k  rating:3/5 
october 2013 by bernards_books
and then shall that wicked be revealed - callunavulgari - Supernatural, Doctor Who, BioShock [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Castiel's gone missing, and finding one wayward angel in all of space and time is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Good thing he left a message behind—now there's only the matter of figuring out what this mysterious "Rapture" is. In which the splicers have the phone box, the Doctor has an angel for a BFF, Castiel uses a Little Sister for a temporary vessel, and everything’s really about family in the end.
fandom:spn  fandom:doctor_who  fandom:bioshock  character:sam_winchester  character:dean_winchester  character:castiel  character:eleven  character:amy_pond  character:ensemble  genre:crossover  rating:well_worth_reading  length:25-30k  rating:3/5 
august 2012 by bernards_books
Teaspoon :: All the Things One Has Forgotten Scream for Help in Dreams by Daystar Searcher
Every night, when the crack is gone and there are no more whispers to keep her awake, Amelia Pond dreams. - Amelia Pond meets Romana.
fic  gen  character:amy_pond  character:romana  length:short  multiera  author:DaystarSearcher  canon:doctorwho 
may 2012 by innocentsmith
seren_ccd: Doctor Who/Sherlock Fic: Preludes, Amy Pond, DI Lestrade, Gen, PG-13, 1/1
Lestrade had just wanted to sneak a cigarette. He hadn't counted on company. Especially not company wearing a fake police costume.
crossover  fic  gen  character:amy_pond  lestrade  length:midlength  author:seren_ccd  canon:sherlock  canon:doctorwho 
may 2012 by innocentsmith
Teaspoon :: Songs of Innocence and Experience by rosa_acicularis
Amy Pond meets Rose Tyler, at a time when they're both looking for the Doctor. Nice and understated and kind of bittersweet, with emphasis on the bitter.
fic  canon:doctor_who  gen  character:amy_pond  character:rose_tyler  length:short  author:rosa_acicularis 
december 2011 by innocentsmith
The Great and Ancient Floating Masquerade
Prompt: I don't care which Doctor it turns out to be (though Eight, Nine and Eleven are my favorites) but I would love fic for this so very much.

Also adventures are good. I like adventures.
fandom:thor  status:still_updating  fandom:doctor_who  genre:gen  genre:crossover  character:the_doctor  character:amy_pond  character:rory_williams  character:loki  rating:well_worth_reading  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books

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