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UNFILLED: Leia/Amilyn - dildo made from a fragment of Alderaan
It's not inconceivable that dildos would be made out of a planet's remnants.

(Actual use optional but, like, I figure I'd leave it open for possibilities)
prompt:unfilled  character:Leia_Organa  character:Amilyn_Holdo  relationship:Amilyn_Leia  kink:dildo 
july 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Luke/Leia/Amilyn - getting together, first time
Amily is kinda into Luke, because he's so different from the Jedi of Gatalentan legends. But she and Leia are already a thing, and Leia also has a thing for Luke, and Luke and Leia are twins?

They make it work anyway.

Triangle-shaped ot3 rather than a V please.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  canon:original_trilogy  character:Luke_Skywalker  character:Leia_Organa  character:Amilyn_Holdo  relationship:Amilyn_Leia_Luke 
june 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Holdo/Leia - D/S
Gentle domme Amilyn gets Leia to take A Break.

Bonus for one or both of them using the Force at some point.
prompt:unfilled  character:Amilyn_Holdo  character:Leia_Organa  relationship:Amilyn_Leia  canon:sequel_trilogy 
may 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: Poe and Force Ghost Holdo have a chat
Holdo comes back as a Force Ghost or appears to Poe for some reason. They finally get to talk outside of the heat of escape and battle, and each has the opportunity to finally be real with the other.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  character:Amilyn_Holdo  character:Poe_Dameron  relationship:Amilyn_Poe 
february 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Amilyn/Leia; using the force during sex
Happier times pre-TFA? Amilyn comes back as a force ghost? Fixt-it post-Crait sex? Just ... anything with them. (Preferably more fun/sexy than angsty but yknow wherever yr muse takes you author!anons)
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:Amilyn_Holdo  character:Leia_Organa  relationship:Amilyn_Leia 
january 2018 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Leia/Holdo - post-battle high
Life-affirming sex after making it out alive once again. Bonus for Leia's Force tendencies manifesting during sex. Can be set any time.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:Amilyn_Holdo  character:Leia_Organa  relationship:Amilyn_Leia 
december 2017 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Phasma/Holdo
Backstory please. Expand on that battle Poe mentioned maybe. Maybe they crossed paths when they were younger, or one was briefly captive of the other. I just want some tall girl on taller girl action.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  character:Amilyn_Holdo  character:Phasma  relationship:Amilyn_Phasma 
december 2017 by swkink
UNFILLED: TLJ Spoilers, Holdo/Poe - Force Ghost
Holdo had a latent Force gene or something, and post movie she shows up as the angel/devil on Poe's shoulder. Possibly only he can see her and thinks he's losing his mind.
prompt:unfilled  canon:sequel_trilogy  spoilers:TLJ  kink:major_character_death  character:Amilyn_Holdo  character:Poe_Dameron  relationship:Amilyn_Poe 
december 2017 by swkink

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