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John/Kolya, consensual torture
After 'Common Ground' John seeks out Kolya to explore what could have happened if there had been no wraith.
!prompt  post:06  post:dw  character:acastus_kolya  character:john_sheppard  pairing:acastus/john  type:slash  kink:consensual_torture  warning:graphic_torture 
may 2011 by sga_kinkmeme
Marshall/Acastus, uniforms
AU where the expedition and the Genii are allies. Sumner takes quite a liking to Koyla in his uniform, and vice versa.
!prompt  post:03  character:acastus_kolya  character:marshall_sumner  pairing:acastus/marshall  type:slash  kink:uniform  post:lj 
august 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
John/Kolya, rape/torture
what would have happened if the AI had intervened even later with John's hallucination in "Remnants"?
character:john_sheppard  character:acastus_kolya  pairing:acastus/john  type:slash  warning:noncon  warning:graphic_torture  kink:noncon  kink:torture  !prompt  post:01  post:lj 
june 2010 by sga_kinkmeme

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