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syntax - The Go Programming Language
Single characters:

. any character, possibly including newline (flag s=true)
[xyz] character class
[^xyz] negated character class
\d Perl character class
\D negated Perl character class
[[:alpha:]] ASCII character class
[[:^alpha:]] negated ASCII character class
\pN Unicode character class (one-letter name)
\p{Greek} Unicode character class
\PN negated Unicode character class (one-letter name)
\P{Greek} negated Unicode character class

xy x followed by y
x|y x or y (prefer x)

x* zero or more x, prefer more
x+ one or more x, prefer more
x? zero or one x, prefer one
x{n,m} n or n+1 or ... or m x, prefer more
x{n,} n or more x, prefer more
x{n} exactly n x
x*? zero or more x, prefer fewer
x+? one or more x, prefer fewer
x?? zero or one x, prefer zero
x{n,m}? n or n+1 or ... or m x, prefer fewer
x{n,}? n or more x, prefer fewer
x{n}? exactly n x
Implementation restriction: The counting forms x{n,m}, x{n,}, and x{n} reject forms that create a minimum or maximum repetition count above 1000. Unlimited repetitions are not subject to this restriction.


(re) numbered capturing group (submatch)
(?P<name>re) named & numbered capturing group (submatch)
(?:re) non-capturing group
(?flags) set flags within current group; non-capturing
(?flags:re) set flags during re; non-capturing

Flag syntax is xyz (set) or -xyz (clear) or xy-z (set xy, clear z). The flags are:

i case-insensitive (default false)
m multi-line mode: ^ and $ match begin/end line in addition to begin/end text (default false)
s let . match \n (default false)
U ungreedy: swap meaning of x* and x*?, x+ and x+?, etc (default false)
Empty strings:

^ at beginning of text or line (flag m=true)
$ at end of text (like \z not Perl's \Z) or line (flag m=true)
\A at beginning of text
\b at ASCII word boundary (\w on one side and \W, \A, or \z on the other)
\B not at ASCII word boundary
\z at end of text
Escape sequences:

\a bell (== \007)
\f form feed (== \014)
\t horizontal tab (== \011)
\n newline (== \012)
\r carriage return (== \015)
\v vertical tab character (== \013)
\* literal *, for any punctuation character *
\123 octal character code (up to three digits)
\x7F hex character code (exactly two digits)
\x{10FFFF} hex character code
\Q...\E literal text ... even if ... has punctuation
Character class elements:

x single character
A-Z character range (inclusive)
\d Perl character class
[:foo:] ASCII character class foo
\p{Foo} Unicode character class Foo
\pF Unicode character class F (one-letter name)
Named character classes as character class elements:

[\d] digits (== \d)
[^\d] not digits (== \D)
[\D] not digits (== \D)
[^\D] not not digits (== \d)
[[:name:]] named ASCII class inside character class (== [:name:])
[^[:name:]] named ASCII class inside negated character class (== [:^name:])
[\p{Name}] named Unicode property inside character class (== \p{Name})
[^\p{Name}] named Unicode property inside negated character class (== \P{Name})
Perl character classes (all ASCII-only):

\d digits (== [0-9])
\D not digits (== [^0-9])
\s whitespace (== [\t\n\f\r ])
\S not whitespace (== [^\t\n\f\r ])
\w word characters (== [0-9A-Za-z_])
\W not word characters (== [^0-9A-Za-z_])
ASCII character classes:

[[:alnum:]] alphanumeric (== [0-9A-Za-z])
[[:alpha:]] alphabetic (== [A-Za-z])
[[:ascii:]] ASCII (== [\x00-\x7F])
[[:blank:]] blank (== [\t ])
[[:cntrl:]] control (== [\x00-\x1F\x7F])
[[:digit:]] digits (== [0-9])
[[:graph:]] graphical (== [!-~] == [A-Za-z0-9!"#$%&'()*+,\-./:;<=>?@[\\\]^_`{|}~])
[[:lower:]] lower case (== [a-z])
[[:print:]] printable (== [ -~] == [ [:graph:]])
[[:punct:]] punctuation (== [!-/:-@[-`{-~])
[[:space:]] whitespace (== [\t\n\v\f\r ])
[[:upper:]] upper case (== [A-Z])
[[:word:]] word characters (== [0-9A-Za-z_])
[[:xdigit:]] hex digit (== [0-9A-Fa-f])
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4 days ago by dza
キャラクター描写にまで関与する「THE ビッグオー」 - アキバ総研
anime  big-o  design  character 
8 days ago by pillow
Anyone have a Hi res version of this? : dndnext
Just google image search Character Creation in 5 steps. There are some weird ratings in this guide. Druids gets rated as only 3 magic and fighter 2. The Magic Defense ratings don't seem to make any sense for a lot of the classes. via Pocket
pocket  dnd  character  sheet 
11 days ago by jburkunk
Avataaars — Avatar Illustrations Sketch Library
Mix & match avatar illustrations in Sketch App with this free library.
sketch  design  library  characters  character  component  people  components  templates 
20 days ago by janpeeters
Aaron Stewart-Ahn on Twitter: "Our media literacy about movies tends to prioritize text over subtext, emotion, and sound vision & time, and it has sadly sunk into audience…"
"Our media literacy about movies tends to prioritize text over subtext, emotion, and sound vision & time, and it has sadly sunk into audiences' minds. I'd say some movies are even worth a handful of shots / sounds they build up to."

[in response to (the starred part of this thread): [****]

"13 Tweets on why I am interviewing Michael Mann and George Miller (2 weeks each) about their films this Sabbatical year.

I sometimes feel that great films are made / shown at a pace that does not allow them to "land" in their proper weight or formal / artisitic importance...
18 replies 172 retweets 763 likes

As a result, often, these films get discussed in "all aspects" at once. But mostly, plot and character- anecdote and flow, become the point of discussion. Formal appreciation and technique become secondary and the specifics of narrative technique only passingly address

(adressed, I mean).

I want to do it because I want to know. I want to read their words, their reasons and I want to review their films as I would revisit a painting or a dance piece or a music number- I want to discuss lens choices and the vital difference between a dolly, techno crane or mini jib.

I would love to commemorate their technical choices and their audiovisual tools. I would love to dissect the narrative importance and impact of color, light, movement, wardrobe and set design. As Mann once put it: "Everything tells you something"

[****] I think we owe it to these (and a handful of filmmakers) to have their formal choices commemorated, the way one can appreciatethe voigour and thickness and precision of a brushtroke when you stand in front of an original painting.

A travelling shot IS a moral choice- but also a narrative one, that goes beyond style when applied by a master. I remember that epic moment in which Max steps out of the interceptor in Mad Max and removes his sunglasses- the wide lens pushes in and jibs up- underlining emotion

Uh- it's not quite 13 tweets yet but you catch my drift- and I have brussel sprouts in the frying pan- gotta go. But, there- that's the idea behind those 4 weeks of visit to two masters. Hugs to all.

I had my caramelized brussel sprouts. Nice.

Anyway, my hope is that we can dissect the importance of audiovisual tools delivering/reinforcing theme and character in a film. If these interviews / dialogues are useful I would keep having them. Filmmakers to filmmaker."]

[My response:
"Our education system prioritizes text. Deviation from text is discouraged."
"“To use the language well, says the voice of literacy, cherish its classic form. Do not choose the offbeat at the cost of clarity.” [from “Commitment from the Mirror-Writing Box,” Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Woman, Native, Other]
"Clarity is a means of subjection, a quality both of official, taught language and of correct writing, two old mates of power; together they flow, together they flower, vertically, to impose an order."]
medialiteracy  aaronstewart-ahn  2017  guillermodeltoro  michaelmann  georgemiller  multiliteracies  text  film  filmmaking  plit  character  necdote  flow  dance  color  light  movement  wardrobe  trinhminh-ha  audiovisual  emotion  madmax  technique  canon 
23 days ago by robertogreco
GitHub - sethblack/javascript-strong-password-generator: JavaScript Strong Password Generator: based on Jeff Atwood's Post "Password Rules Are Bullshit".
javascript-strong-password-generator - JavaScript Strong Password Generator: based on Jeff Atwood's Post "Password Rules Are Bullshit".
javascript  js  unicode  glyph  character  random  password  generator  opensource  floss 
24 days ago by gilberto5757
RT : ♛ "Knights of the Order concept" by Johnson Ting

Character  Art  Steampunk  ConceptArt  from twitter_favs
28 days ago by schraeds

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