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How and When to Use Quotation Marks In MS Access
Both users and developers at times use Quotation Marks while working with Access database. In this article we will learn such use case scenarios in detail.
Quotation  Mark  Access  database  MS  single-quote  character  repair 
11 days ago by DataNumen
"さて、いわゆる「ISO-2022-JP」の枠内で、「漢数字のゼロ」に似た字というのがどれだけあるか見てみましょう。 •0 (30:1byte文字の数字のゼロ)
•O (4F:1byte文字のアルファベット大文字オー)
•o (6F:1byte文字のアルファベット小文字オー)
•о(07-64:キリール文字のOの小文字) "
number  zero  kanji  character  japanese  unicode 
12 days ago by incep
Are Our Jobs Making Us Dumber? - Education Week
Just as Adam Smith predicted, workers lose skills they don't use. If work doesn't demand literacy, workers' literacy skills erode.

"He believes that even in jobs where workers have not been replaced by machines, the use of automation may be "dumbing down" jobs in ways that separate the most highly skilled workers from all others."
askesis  character  work 
21 days ago by jonmalesic
When Reporting in VR, Don’t Forget the Story
For 360° and VR, one of the best ways to experience a story is through the subject. At Contrast VR, we’ve decided to frame our VR stories through character-driven narratives; rather than simply telling our audience the story, we find a compelling character and let that person take us into their world.
vr  narrative  character  s 
22 days ago by paulbradshaw

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