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After Seven Years, Microsoft Is Finally Fixing the "J" Email Bug
True story: when I started at Amazon, I thought people were using "J" instead of smileys as shorthand for "joking". Great job Microsoft!

(via Tony Finch)
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may 2017 by jm
A Programmer’s Introduction to Unicode – Nathan Reed’s coding blog
Fascinating Unicode details -- a lot of which were new to me. Love the heat map of usage in Wikipedia:
One more interesting way to visualize the codespace is to look at the distribution of usage—in other words, how often each code point is actually used in real-world texts. Below is a heat map of planes 0–2 based on a large sample of text from Wikipedia and Twitter (all languages). Frequency increases from black (never seen) through red and yellow to white.

You can see that the vast majority of this text sample lies in the BMP, with only scattered usage of code points from planes 1–2. The biggest exception is emoji, which show up here as the several bright squares in the bottom row of plane 1.
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march 2017 by jm, MySQL and UTF-8
good preso from Percona Live 2015 on the messiness of MySQL vs UTF-8 and utf8mb4
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december 2016 by jm
Unicode and character sets for developers
Minimum every software developer must know about unicode and character sets
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august 2012 by buymeasoda
Javascript, character sets and external files - James; yet another blogging developer
Someone else having something like a problem we've seen. Only we only get it in IE6, and he gets it everwhere.
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november 2008 by devilgate

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