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Charles/Erik, Gen or As you like, AU? Crack? Minion poaching
The Brotherhood and the Xmen though technically rival organization, are also quite likely to bump into eachother from time to time - investigating corresponding 'leads' or reacting to stories of mutants in trouble...etc etc. This I imagine may occasionally lead to team member poaching.

We know from Xmen united that MAgneto on occasion draws away one of Xavier's students when they hit a certain age. (Pyro anyone?) What I want to see is an untold of the reverse. Someone show me Riptide or Azazel or even Emma spending a bit of time with the Xmen for whatever reason, (maybe they recouped at the mansion after Charles brought them there to be patched up, maybe they befriended a child that ended up there and start visiting regularly...) And then for whatever reason, they decide they don't want to leave.

How would Erik or Raven take that? Anger? Betrayal? Apathy? Relief?
_unfilled  -postmovie  -gen  -crack  -canon!au  char:riptide  char:raven  char:erik  char:emma  char:charles  char:azazel  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Erik/Charles, accidental imprinting, arranged marriages
A fairytale kingdom AU. Alphas and Omegas used to imprint, but for some reason (this would be a good place for fake science), it has become extremely rare.

Raven is the Princess of her kingdom and her parents have struck a deal with the neighboring kingdom that she should marry their son, Prince Erik.

Raven does not want. Erik does not want.

Good thing Erik is a hugely surprisingly throwback to the old days and immediately imprints his alpha self on Raven's younger brother, Charles when they meet. Charles is fascinated by his own biology-he's a real omega!- and sure he'll marry Erik, he wasn't going to marry anyway when he could spend all his time studying in the court libraries and in his makeshift lab. It's not as though love is a real concept anyway given that's it's all down to science, you know, Charles is convinced and if they need a political marriage, who's he to complain?

Of course, Erik fell head over heels in love with Charles at first sight, imprinting or not. In fact,
_unfilled  -romance  -au  -arranged_marriage/forced_marriage  -alpha/omega  char:raven  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Alex/Other
Alex is a student in a class Charles teaches. Somehow he finds out about Erik and Raven, or sees their interaction. How does he react? What does he think?

Basically I just want more outside perspective of Charles and Erik's relationship and Charles's relationship with his sister!
-outsider_pov  _filled.complete  -college/university  -au  char:raven  char:alex  pair:charles/erik  pair:alex/any  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Raven; Warnings: animal abuse, reposted
Reposted with fixup.
I would please like: Comedy times involving the truly tear-jerking Sarah McLochlan animal-abuse commercials. Have you seen those things? Every commercial break has me grabbing tissues, just in case (even though they haven't come on in ages where I am). If you want to start sobbing, you can watch the commercial here:;=related

As for the story: Every time the commercial comes on Charles starts sobbing and lunges for the phone to donate another thousand dollars to the ASPCA. Raven and Erik have gotten into the habit of sprinting to turn off/unplug/destroy the TV whenever they hear the first few chords, to the point where they've developed a Pavlovian response to all of Sarah McLochlan's music and have interesting and adverse reactions whenever she comes on.

If you couldn't tell: total crackfic.
_unfilled  warn:abuse  -crack  char:raven  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
GEN, Erik adopts wee!Raven instead of Charles
It happens a few years later than in the movie, when Erik is out of the camps and already on the warpath against Shaw. One day he comes across a frightened, starving, blue little girl and, in a moment of sentimentality, decides to look after her.

So basically they grow up to become a pair of BAMF Nazi hunting siblings and Erik is a lot more positive and encouraging when it comes to Raven's mutation that Charles was in the movie, and Raven is a total mother hen whenever Erik gets hurt or sick.

This may or may not extend into the events in the movie. I'll be happy with the miniest of mini-fills as long as it has Erik and Raven as a brother/sister team, being all awesome and badass and still caring deeply for eachother.
_filled.complete  -gen  -canon!au  char:raven  char:erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Raven: Therapy Journal
After that day at the beach, Charles is in a bad place emotionally. While recovering at the hospital, his therapist advises him to write out his feelings, even the ones he is ashamed of or feels are wrong.

Somehow Erik and Raven get a hold of the journal. Most of it deals with his rehabilitation, his anger, frustration, self pity, hatred of said self pity, etc. They feel very guilty. Then they get to the last two entries:

Sometimes I wish I stayed in bed while the little blue girl stole food.

Some days I wish I let him drown.

They are, of course, deeply hurt. After dealing with those revelations(stages of grief style?), both independently and together, they decide to try to mend fences. To start a united mutant front based on mutual compromise.

Charles, meanwhile, has recovered, come to terms with what happened, and harbors no ill will toward either. He is also blissfully unaware of their turmoil. Happy ending after much misunderstanding would be appreciated.

*The first
_unfilled  -postmovie  -angst  char:raven  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Wesley, Charles and Erik, angst of doom
/inspired by a book I read a million years ago

Some time after the beach Erik and Raven make their way to a NY black market arms dealer - you can't really be a terrorist without explosives and stuff like that. To their immense surprise, they bump into Alex. Cue a lot of derision - what, Charles has been preaching peace and love and buys weapons illegaly? But Alex is pretty nonchalant, voice dripping with poison: 'Oh, no, it's not like that. Prof died, you know. Something about being allergic to anestesia during an operation. We've been with Wes the past year.'

The thing is, Charles sort of lives in Wesley's head and Wesly loves every second of it. They're like a Doctor-Donna, only with violence. And since Wes considers Charles a part of himself, it's him that Erik and Raven fucked up. And Charles can preach peace however long he wants, Wesley doesn't forgive those that fuck him up.

I don't really care about the rest, i just want ANGST of doom delivered by Wesley's capable hands.
_unfilled  warn:characterdeath  -postmovie  -gen  -crossover  -canon!au  -angst  char:wesley  char:raven  char:erik  char:charles  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, past child abuse
Basically, when Raven and Charles were little, they were playing with that bat wee!Charles has at the beginning of the movie. They ended up hitting a ball through Charles's stepfather's window, and he ended up "punishing" Charles ... with the bat. Charles was injured severely. So years later, when he stumbles across the boys playing a game outside with the same bat, he freaks out. Erik and/or Raven comforts him. Bonus points for Charles apologizing profusely because he thinks he's being "weak", and Erik and/or Raven calming him down.
_unfilled  warn:abuse  -hurt/comfort  char:raven  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Raven isn't real...
Charles thinks he met a blue mutant named Raven as a kid but in reality she was just a figment of his imagination. He meets a man named Erik who at first really likes him until he's introduced to his "sister" and it's an empty seat.
_unfilled  -gen  -canon!au  char:raven  char:erik  char:charles  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
[GEN] or Charles/Erik, Mystique!Raven
Raven/Mystique has lost everything: her son, Erik, the brotherhood, and of course, her brother, Charles. All seems empty and hopeless until one day, unassuming, predivorce XMFC Charles somehow appears (a mutant maybe?) in the future and Raven feels just a little bit less alone. Can be at any point in the timeline, but I was thinking post-cure when I wrote the prompt.

BONUS: for if Raven has developed ways to trick Charles' power, maybe as a result of them fighting for three decades. Even better if she's trying to hide the truth of the divorce or things she's done in the past. Or maybe she finds out that old!Charles always knew anyway.

DOUBLE BONUS: Raven has to deal with modern XMEN, i.e., Rogue, Wolverine, Storm, Jean, Cyclops, and/or BROTHERHOOD, i.e., Erik, etc. Have fun with it. Maybe the younger Charles is stronger/can better deal with Phoenix.
_unfilled  -postmovie  -gen  -canon!au  -angst  char:any  char:raven  char:charles  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
[GEN] Charles is legally blind AU
Prompt: When Charles is 15, he and Cain Marko get into a fight in Kurt's lab, over something (you decide! but make it dramatic) and Cain throws a beaker of acid in Charles's face. Charles, being a little smartypants, quickly washes his face so the damage isn't as bad as it could have been. But his coroneas are irreparably damaged, and his vision is reduced to blobs of color.
I want Raven to be a badass little sister, and be all snarly!protective of him in the hospital, and maybe doing some morally dubious to get Kurt and Cain out of the Xavier household. (bonus points if you have Mrs. Xavier being protective of her son (and 'daughter') in a really repressed, drunk way.)
ANYWAYS, the point of this prompt of over-specific-ness, I want Charles to have a system of visual/sensory/psychic 'tells' so he can talk to people and not be so held up by his fucked-up eyesight. Raven's must be BLUE. She wears blue clothing, or blue nail polish, or blue shoes, but something that Charles can tell it's
_unfilled  -gen  -canon!au  char:any  char:raven  char:charles  pair:any/any  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Crack and/or Charles/Erik, Human!Charles, Mutant!Erik
(Re-reposted from other meme :P)

Long prompt is long....

So Raven just joined Brotherhood and Human!Charles is cool with that, as long she keeps in touch with him. When the contact begins to water because Raven is busy with missions, Charles gets all teary-eyed, but he can live with that. He will needs lots of comfort food and snuggling a blanket, but he's OK wit it. Sort of.

Then Raven appears on TV. She's attacking some important place, and while Charles wants to wail on the floor and wonder where he was going wrong with her, that's not the thing he's mad about.


Cue Charles flying into a rage and just going to the Brotherhood, with some awesome method or just some handwaving, with the intention to 'ask' Raven why the hell she's naked when EVERYONE CAN SEE HER AND CATCHING THE DEADLIEST OF COLDS.

Raven just hugs him and then points the finger to Erik and says 'his idea'.
Erik then gets the lecture of his life.

Short version: Human!Charles can
_filled.complete  -gen  -crack  -au  char:raven  char:erik  char:charles  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik - Prince and the Pauper AU (with powers)
Enter Charles, who is from an incredibly affluent family but despises the responsibilities/drama affiliated with being wealthy. It doesn't help that he can read minds, and so he knows that the majority of his peers like him only because of his money. He wonders what his life would be like without all the money--would people like him for who he really is? What would life be like without all his responsibilities as heir to the Xavier fortune?

Enter Raven, a shapeshifting mutant who belongs in the Brotherhood, a gang of ragtag mutants. Though she loves the freedom of showing off her true shape, the Brotherhood struggles to make ends meet (live in a ransack place, hard to find food, etc.) She always dreamt of living in a mansion,having servants at her beck and call, and attending balls and wearing hideously expensive dresses while mingling with the upper class.

Through some incident, Charles and Raven meet. Whilst bemoaning the unfairness/responsibilities of being wealthy/poor, they both
_unfilled  -fusion  -au  char:raven  pair:hank/raven  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Raven - Sibling love, confusion
Charles and Raven frequently kiss each other, just a little peck on the lips, no harm done. They've been doing it since they were kids and they see nothing wrong with it. Charles will just be in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee when Raven comes in and kisses him and talk about the weather.

Erik just wants to know whether or not Charles is in a relationship or not so he can bend him over the nearest solid object and have his freaky way with him.
_unfilled  -humor  char:raven  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
[Crossover], Charles/Erik, Eleventh Doctor [Doctor Who] The Doctor Raises Charles
The Eleventh Doctor finds 8/9 year old Charles Xavier after everything that has gone down in the most recent series*, and while a part of him isn't ready for a new companion, he can't help but feel a strange kinship to the boy. Charles is thrilled to have someone who isn't afraid of his powers and begs the Doctor to let him come with him, and the Doctor eventually relents.

The Doctor always meant to take Charles home eventually, but instead he ends up raising him, giving him what is, in the doctor's opinion, an education that far surpasses anything Charles would have learned at school. Charles grows up a bit odd, but all in all, turns out to be a good-hearted if slightly arrogant (that might be the Doctor's influence) young man with a great sense of adventure and the ability to protect himself if things go sour. Thus, the Doctor thinks he might have finally met a companion who he won't have to say goodbye to anytime soon.

Then a trip through time leads them to meet Erik and Raven,
_unfilled  -crossover  -canon!au  char:other  char:raven  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Raven: Hunger Games fusion (TW for violence, character deaths)
I'm loving the current Hunger Games fills, and I was hoping someone felt like filling another HG prompt.

Charles volunteered as a tribute when Raven's name was called; as a male, he can't take her place, but he can enter and keep her safe, especially because it was Raven's first year in the ballot and he promised to keep her safe. The media love them -- the tragic siblings, doomed to fight each other. (Charles, privately, has decided that when they are the final two, he will kill himself and save Raven.)

Of course, because they're such a media splash, the first thing the producers do once the games begin is to separate them. Charles searches desperately for Raven, but in the meantime, Raven has found someone else -- the handsome tribute from District 5 -- Erik. She helps him to survive an attack from some of the Careers, and strikes up an alliance with him; Erik wants to hurt the citizens of the Capitol, not the other districts, and he doesn't want to kill a child. Erik suspects that
_unfilled  warn:violence/gore  warn:characterdeath  -fusion  -au  -angst  char:raven  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
GEN or Charles/Erik, Charles into glam rock
This is not really going to work with the original timeline, so let's tweak it a bit and pretend that Charles was in his early twenties during the Beach Divorce.

So, um, it's early 70s, Erik and Raven have been happily fighting the world for almost a decade and then something happens and they seriously need to talk to Charles, who's been very low-key with his school. So they get to Westchester and find out that the school is thriving and the children absolutely ADORE their Prof, think he's the BAMFiest BAMF on Earth and everything. Reason for that? After suffering through PTSD and coming to terms with being paralyzed, Charles found solace in glam rock and protopunk. Channeling his agression through angry music or whatever.

Basically, I just want to see Erik and Raven expecting to see Charles broken by his disability and him being a total badass, maybe even with bleached hair and in sparkly tight pants. "What do you mean, I'm endorsing human culture? Ziggy Stardust totally fell from
_unfilled  -postmovie  -gen  -crack  -canon!au  char:raven  char:erik  char:charles  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Running Scared, the Shadows in the Night (post-beach, Cherik, use/abuse of telepathic powers, afrai
Charles is running from something, something that scares him so much and so fearful of his loves ones getting hurt that he leaves the school, X-Men, kids, everything behind, making them even forget him and erasing/altering his paper-trail as well. Making sure the school and the kids are taken care of, but for all intense and purposes has dropped off the face of the earth and no one knows why.
Needless to say Magneto and the Brotherhood quickly realize that something is up after a few clashes with the X-Men, who now apparently have never heard of this "Charles Xavier", their school was set up thanks to the last will of the (very) late Brian Xavior, his late wife and the Marko family. Erik quickly deduces that something is seriously wrong and/or Charles is up to something! So he and the rest of the Brotherhood begin to 'hunt' for the wheelchair-bound telepath between their own continued missions and plans. But after a long time of Erik, Raven and others tracking down even the smallest
_filled.wip  -postmovie  -canon!au  -angst  char:raven  char:amahl_farouk/shadow_king  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik or GEN, Charles as a astronaut
The human/metahuman relationship is still rocky, what with Genosha's pretty agressive politics and the rest of the world not showing much love to mutants either. Psionics are not liked by either, and while their presence in Genosha is not outright banned, it is highly discouraged (while they wouldn't kick out a newly-born telepath, they'd never allow immigration of one).

Enter Charles Xavier, telepath, brother to Raven Darkholme (Genosha's president's right hand!), world-reknown scientist and first mutant to go to space. After two months spent on the ISS, conducting research, Charles is back on Earth and touring mutant schools all over the world, showing by example how metahumans CAN be successful in human society and segregation is bad, etc etc etc.

The only place he publicly refuses to go to? Genosha.

tl;dr Charles uses his position as first mutant astronaut to stand up against psionics prejudice; Erik and Raven see it as a betrayal of the mutantkind.

BONUS: the whole affair show
_unfilled  -gen  -au  char:raven  char:erik  char:charles  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, Raven, Lady Gaga "Born this way"
So Raven is a Lady Gaga-type singer/performer famous for her skin changes on stage in front of the audiance, and for her refusal to hide her mutation. Charles, her brother, is her manager.

They start getting threats/nasty letters and their lawyer (Moira) tells them to do something about it.

They hire Erik (ex-Mossad) as their security.

What happens next is up to you.

Bonus the first: Raven gets as many gushing fan letters and proposals of marriage as she does threats. The goofier the better.

Bonus the second: *Charles* also keeps getting marriage offers. And occasionally porntastic letters.
_unfilled  -au  char:raven  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink

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