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of home
During the autumn of 1830, Enjolras and Combeferre return to their shared hometown.
char:combeferre  char:enjolras  char:other  rating:teen  status:wip 
june 2017 by Oilan
Before he and Enjolras must return to Paris, Combeferre has something which he would like to do.
char:combeferre  char:enjolras  char:other  rating:teen 
june 2017 by Oilan
to study the steps
The three of them had hardly been at the ball for an hour, yet already seven of the many young ladies in attendance had been bold enough to ask Combeferre whether or not “his fair friend would join in the dancing”. Each of them, even the most intrepid, had been obliged to report back to their nearby bunch of friends with disappointing news.
Courfeyrac and Combeferre, accompanied by an aloof Enjolras, attend a dress ball.
char:combeferre  char:enjolras  char:courfeyrac  char:other  status:wip 
june 2017 by Oilan
le printemps de l'hiver
“Mama, I’m sure cousin is too focused on his studies to pay attention to girls,” is the interruption, and everyone laughs at the girl’s innocence.

Enjolras takes a moment before he laughs too, quietly agreeing, but his smile is tight, almost painful for someone who knows him well enough to recognise it.

Combeferre wonders, sometimes.
rating:teen  char:combeferre  char:enjolras  char:other 
february 2016 by Oilan
Combeferre's family is not so pleased with Combeferre's decision to quit the Polytechnique for the medical school. Fortunately, Enjolras is there to help Combeferre stick with his decision.
rating:general  char:combeferre  char:enjolras  char:other  series:Elements 
february 2016 by Oilan
Upon Viewing the Matter Objectively
Pemberly (1828): Combeferre receives some advice. Enjolras consents to visit England and take a walk. Eliza and Fitzwilliam Darcy embark on an adventure in seditious publishing, which proves to be less taxing than the trials and tribulations of young love.
rating:general  char:combeferre  char:enjolras  char:other 
february 2016 by Oilan
With Thanks to Apollo - Sour_Idealist - Inception [Archive of Our Own]
It's normal for a young woman almost out of college to seem a little different when she visits her family, right?
char:ariadne  char:other  fandom:Inception  rating:gen  site:AO3 
august 2012 by Parley42
Family Values
ManShep/Kaidan are engaged/married/whatever some time post-ME3, and Kaidan's mom totally approves. Shepard is either an Earthborn and has never had a family, or a Colonist (my preferred choice) and had to watch his family die on Mindoir. I want to see Kaidan's mom go out of her way to make M!Shep feel like he's part of the Alenko family. She genuinely cares for Shepard at this point and his family situation breaks her heart. I'm looking for fluffy Shepard/Kaidan moments too if that can be worked in.
char:Kaidan  char:MShep  char:other  extra:fluffy  fandom:MassEffect  pairing:MShep/Kaidan  rating:gen  site:livejournal 
july 2012 by Parley42
Charles/Erik, alternate selves
When the Doctor first met Erik Lehnsherr, he'd managed to unite humans and mutants and was fighting for both alike against wibbly-wobbly time paradoxes, alien invasions of the week and helping the lost-but-harmless extraterrestrial creatures.

Of course, that had been another universe. And in that universe, Charles was gone. He'd been gone a long time, which is why Erik took up the cause, really. The Doctor took Erik for a quick spin in the TARDIS to talk a bit, show him around, only for her to break through the walls of the universe and strand them.

Now the TARDIS has stowed him and Erik in Charles Xavier's mansion, a few years after the divorce. Alternate!Erik is just happy to have Charles back and he'll stay forever and ever; Charles desperately wants alternate!Erik to stay. Erik thinks this is a small miracle, Charles sort of thinks it's all a cruel joke, this universe's Erik thinks this is all bullshit and the Doctor thinks this is going to be a very, very delicate situation...
_unfilled  -postmovie  -crossover  -canon!au  -angst  char:other  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
The Ex
MShep finally gets to romance Kaidan! But what happens if, during the the last two games, Shepard and a random male (preferably someone not on the Normandy) had a mutually beneficial arrangement aka friends with benefits.

What happens if Shepard's former lover shows up and stirs up some trouble? Maybe he brags about being able to make Shepard beg during sex? Fall unconscious right after? etc.

This anon just wants to see some jealous!Kaidan who drags Shepard off for some mindblowing sex just to show the ex. Whether Shepard reacts with amusement, confusion or whatever is up to anon!
fandom:MassEffect  pairing:MShep/Kaidan  rating:mature  site:livejournal  char:MShep  char:Kaidan  char:other 
may 2012 by Parley42
[Crossover] Erik/Charles + Tony Where Tony is a mutant
Alright so I want to see an AU with Tony (because I love him) as a mutant (I'll leave his mutation up to the author) and all the kind of shenanigans between him and the kids

I'd also love for him and Charles to be old friends (meeting at a social party or their parents being friends as well) and of course because this is Tony he would be flirty and shameless

The Cherik is optional I would enjoy it but it's not necessary other than that any other pairings are welcome. However if there's Cherik i'd like Tony to get extra flirty and touchy with Charles whenever Erik is near just to make him jealous. Extra cookies if Charles is either oblivious or terribly amused

Bonus #1: if Charles and Tony used to have a 'friends with benefits' thing going

Bonus #2: science times with Tony and Hank!! (and yeah sure Charles too why not)

I basically just want to see mutant!Tony shenanigans, the rest is up to the author
_unfilled  -jealousy  -gen  -crossover  -au  char:any  char:other  pair:charles/other  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Crossover, Charles and Bruce Banner, science bros!
Could be gen or slashy or whatever.

Would just love to see Charles getting a chance to get his science geek on with Bruce, because I think they'd get along fantastically.

Possible food for thought:

Does Charles help Bruce and the Hulk set up better lines of communication, or relay information back and forth? (How much of the Hulk's anger and frustration comes from the difficulty he has communicating? And a telepath could communicate without needing spoken words, after all.)

How does Bruce help Charles? Maybe he helps him come to grips with his embarrasment issues about being around people who are differently colored and frequently naked? (I suspect Raven would appreciate that.)

Does Erik get jealous/overprotective about Charles being around a potential big green rage monster? (Does big blue Hank point out that Charles has been just fine being science bros with him?)

Does Tony get jealous/jilted about Bruce hanging out with other geniuses? (Tony's all about the self esteem issues
_unfilled  -jealousy  -gen  -crossover  char:other  char:charles  pair:charles/other  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
X-men 1st class cross over with Avengers Mummy Charles and Daddy Erik teaching Tony and Steve
Ok I've this need to read a Avengers Cross with 1st Class X-man like story where Charles and Erik are married to each other and are know as awesome parents of all these Mutant kids and in fact they have books written on how to be good parents to Kids with powers and have people go to them on things if even they need help with raising their kids

And well Tony is Good friends with Charles but he had never really through that He and Steve when ever have kids or have the time for them, so half the time he really doesn't get how his old drinking buddy and his husband can spend all their spare time talking about their kids Until one day Steve and him come across to cute very smart 6 year old *spider boy* Peter Packer and end up taking him in.

Cue Tony and Steve being all OMG we're parents now how are we sir-post to keep this cute little kid safe from the bad things in world when we have no idea how to raise kids let alone really smart ones who have super powers and be all BAMF So they both
_unfilled  -humor  -fluff  -crossover  -au  char:other  pair:other/other  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik: time travel paradoxes
An overly romantic young time traveller from the future decides that Charles and Erik, the star-crossed lovers of the most popular historical tragedy (in the dramatic sense) of all time, should have had one night together before their divergent philosophies tore them apart -- that they deserved one beautiful memory of a glorious union of mind and body to help them through their decades apart... and that she/he is going to go back and make it happen. It can't hurt, after all. Not like it's gonna change the course of history...

Said time traveller achieves their aim (bonus points for failed attempts before the success) and goes back... to a changed world and maybe a seriously pissed off time guardian-type character.

Seems with the sexual repression that had been the psychological straw that broke the camel's emotional back gone and all the groovy sex-induced endorphins working on his brain, Erik's anger managent & telepathic therapy sessions with Charles were much more effective!
_unfilled  -timetravel  -crack  -canon!au  char:other  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik + Marvel Characters - Modern AU - Science Bros
This is inspired by one of my new favorite bromances from the Avengers, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. The science bros.

So I want Charles working at a university in the genetics department, and even though things are going great for Erik and Charles, sometimes Erik has to drag Charles out of work because he's too busy doing crazy research and experiments with his fellow professors. They have Tony Stark working part time in the Engineering Department, Bruce Banner and Hank McCoy in the Chemistry Department, and graduate Biology student Peter Parker. They enjoy getting together during work to discuss their research, new developments in their respective fields, and having discussions that those around them can barely keep up with. And sometimes they get together on the weekends and go to Stark Towers and have fun with their SCIENCE BROS.

I just want Erik getting really jealous because there are times he feels as if Charles isn't paying attention to him because he's too busy spending time
-jealousy  _unfilled  -crossover  -au  char:other  char:hank  pair:charles/erik  !round9 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
Charles/Erik, crossover/au w/ Captain America
How would the events of first class be different if Erik was found by Captain America, adopted by Howard Stark and raised to be the heir of Stark Industries, and having a BAMF Aunt Peggy? Also, Howard Stark and Peggy knows about Erik's powers w/ Peggy helping him hone it, military disciple and all, while Stark encourages him to use it and be proud of it. Erik meets Charles because he's read Charles' paper and wants to know more about mutation or because Stark Industries is the co-developer of Cerebro (up to author anon).

Bonus points for:
- Erik having Howard Stark's playboy / rakish demeanor coupled w/ Peggy's ever-constant exasperation.
- Erik Stark Fangirl Raven til she sees Erik putting the moves on clueless Charles, and she morphs into protective Raven w/ hints of jealous Raven
-jealousy  _unfilled  -crossover  -canon!au  char:other  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
erik, angst, dark, slightRacism!
"What will you do with the humans once you've won the war Mr. Magneto?"
"Will you put them in to camps, into forced labor?"
"What about the Holocaust survivors? Like the Jews, Gypsies or the homosexuals. Will your people, the mutants, force them to relive their worst nightmare once again?"
"Will you punish the people, everyday people, who have helped free the world from the Nazi's? The ordinary everyday people who have helped the Jews to hide from the Nazi's?"
"What about the humans with physical or mental handicap or with an incurable disease? Unable to take care of themselves.
"Will you force a husband or a wife to turn their backs from each other when one of them is a mutant?"
"Will you separate a child from its mother when one of them turns out to be a mutant? Tear away a son from his mother or a mother from her son? Will you force a son to watch his human-mother live in harsh condition, make him believe he is superior to her?"

I've read a few fics where Magneto has taken over the
_unfilled  warn:racism  -postmovie  -gen  -angst  char:other  char:erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink
[Crossover] Erik Lensherr, Charles Xavier, Angela Shaw, [Heroes]
XMFC takes place about a year after the Heroes episode 1961. Angela says, looking back, that she wishes she'd been braver. What if Angela had refused to leave her sister in the camp, and the three boys left without her? The massacre happens as in the show, and Angela and Alice are the only mutant survivors.

A year later, Charles and Erik find the ruins of the camp at Coyote Sands, proving true all of Erik's worst fears. Angela and Alice are on the run, using Angela's precognitive abilities to keep ahead of government agents (a different branch than the CIA; the two programs are unaware of each other), while a traumatized Alice causes deadly storms whenever she gets upset or has a nightmare.

I would like to see Angela be stronger and less bitter without the loss of her sister, and for her to learn some sort of combat skill (developing her ability to predict her opponents' moves, or just learning to shoot a gun--something so she's not defenseless) to protect her sister.

Erik and
_unfilled  warn:real_world_situational_trauma  -gen  -crossover  -canon!au  char:other  char:erik  char:charles  pair:other/other  pair:charles/erik  !round4 
may 2012 by xmen_firstkink

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