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Into the Fray by HigherMagic
Dean had prided himself on making sure things usually worked out. He was good at hustling, he’d become a master at squeezing just those few extra dollars out of anyone, whether it was a guy at a bar or a customer in a restaurant on one of the few honest jobs he’d ever gotten.

But that wouldn’t do anymore. Sam was starting college in less than two years and Dean had enough student loans to bury a cruise liner in and he hadn’t even finished his degree yet and wouldn’t for some time.
Supernatural  SPN  Dean/Castiel  Char:Dean_Winchester  Char:Castiel  AU  Bottom!Dean  Omega!Dean  Alpha!Castiel  Mafia_AU  Alpha/Beta/Omega  ABO  Knotting  Criminals  Fanfic  Slash  Complete  Author:HigherMagic 
december 2018 by Kateri
Aspect of Illusion - lilyleia78
Castiel wakes up in a hospital where everyone calls him Jimmy, they've never heard of the Winchesters, and the doctor is trying to 'cure' him of his angelic delusion.
spn  dean/castiel  alternatereality  canondivergence  char:castiel  char:jimmy  mentalhealthissues  hospital!  magic!  c:-15k  *EPUB* 
may 2017 by floatondown
Catharsis - Chapter 1 - Origamidragons - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
In which John Winchester comes back from the dead only to find his sons are fraternizing with something claiming to be an angel, Sam might be psychic, and he apparently missed quite a lot.
fandom:_supernatural  words:5000to10000  yearpublished:2016  source:AO3  char:deanwinchester  char:samwinchester  char:johnwinchester  genre:comes_back_from_dead  genre:bunker  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash  char:castiel 
april 2016 by persephone434
All gone to Hell (or, Crowley's rather unwanted run-ins with a man from space) - phyripo - Supernatural, Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a noise around the corner that Crowley thinks he recognizes. Which, in itself, is not a strange thing, except that the King of Hell thinks that the last and only time he heard the sound before was back in Scotland, back when he was— wasn’t a demon. And there’s only so much noises you only hear once when you live that long.

In which Crowley and the (honorary) Winchesters encounter something they've never seen before - but it knows about them...
fandom:_DoctorWho  fandom:_supernatural  words:1000to5000  yearpublished:2014  source:AO3  char:thedoctor  char:rosetyler  char:samwinchester  char:deanwinchester  char:crowley  char:castiel  char:charliebradbury  char:kevintran  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash  genre:crossover  crossover:_doctorwho/supernatural  genre:kidnapped/captive  genre:time_travel 
march 2016 by persephone434
Syndicated Sci-Fi Show - Chapter 1 - claudiapriscus - Supernatural, Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
Slightly AU for "Changing Channels". After getting punted through a number of uncomfortable and humiliating stops along the dial, the boys find themselves unceremoniously dumped on an alien planet in what seems to be some fantasy version of a history channel special- they're poking around some ruins with SG-15, not quite daring to hope that they're being allowed a breather episode. But just as they started to relax, they discover all the joys of a Goa'uld ambush. Lucky for Sam and Dean, the SGC sends in the cavalry. Unfortunately for SG-1, they're it.
fandom:_supernatural  fandom:_SG1  words:30000to50000  yearpublished:2010  source:AO3  char:samwinchester  char:deanwinchester  char:samcarter  char:jacobcarter  char:danieljackson  char:jacko'neill  char:teal'c  char:generalhammond  char:janetfrasier  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash  genre:crossover  crossover:_sg1/supernatural  genre:kidnapped/captive  genre:time_travel  genre:escape  genre:memory_alteration  char:castiel  char:gabriel  type:spn_episode5x08 
february 2016 by persephone434
you know i'm a forgiver - miscellanium - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Granted, a sex dream that involves, what, being blessed by an angel is pretty weird, but fuck it. He's had weirder.

[For Porn Battle XIV prompts water, faith, soul]
fandom:_supernatural  words:under1000  char:castiel  char:samwinchester  pairing:_castiel/sam  yearpublished:2013  source:AO3  kink:outdoor!sex  kink:masturbation  genre:dreams/nightmares  type:spn_season6 
march 2015 by persephone434
It Sucks To Be The Grownup - LolaAnn - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Cas is shocked when he learns that the ‘Key to Purgatory’ is one hell of a thief and, as usual, Dean suffers the consequences. Buffy doesn’t have much fun either. Basically, it sucks to be the grownup.

A slightly cracky, slightly angsty, and really overdue prompt for a XMas fic exchange.
fandom:BTVS  fandom:_supernatural  words:1000to5000  yearpublished:2012  source:AO3  char:buffysummers  char:dawnsummers  char:castiel  char:deanwinchester  char:samwinchester  genre:crossover  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash  genre:kidnapped/captive  type:spn_season6  crossover:_btvs/spn 
october 2014 by persephone434
roque_clasique: Fic: Swing Low, 1/2
Summary: Purgatory was a held breath, a closed eye, an unrelenting ache: this was its power. Suspended hope.
Contains: gore, sexist and ableist language.
fandom:supernatural  char:dean-wincester  char:castiel  char:sam-winchester  char:emma(supernatural)  rating:pg-13  word-count:10-20k  stars:2 
february 2014 by foursquared
hansbekhart: The Passenger (Big Bang, NC-17, Dean/Victor)
Summary: Victor Henriksen survives Lilith’s attack only to be a plunged into a world beyond his experience and understanding, full of demons, angels and trickster gods. War is coming. He turns to the Winchesters for help, but Dean’s year is running out and Sam is desperate to find a way to save his brother. An outsider in their war, Victor finds himself caught up between good, evil and sheer chaos. He and the Winchester’s newfound allies must scramble to save a world that has already been destroyed by Armageddon. Slash. (Character death, horrific imagery, violence)
Contains: canon typical violence, descriptions of injuries, character death, sexist and ableist language.
fandom:supernatural  ship:dean/victor  ship:dean/castiel  char:dean-wincester  char:victor-henriksen  char:sam-winchester  char:castiel  char:gabriel  rating:nc-17  stars:2 
january 2014 by foursquared

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genre:angst  genre:apocalypse  genre:arthur_doesnot_find_out  genre:arthur_is_king  genre:au  genre:bittersweet  genre:bunker  genre:comes_back_from_dead  genre:crossover  genre:cursed  genre:drama  genre:dreams/nightmares  genre:drunkenness  genre:escape  genre:established_relationship  genre:findsout_about_supernatural  genre:first.time  genre:first_kiss  genre:five_things_fic  genre:friendship  genre:fusion  genre:future!fic  genre:ghosts  genre:h/c  genre:hallucinations  genre:human!castiel  genre:hurt!arthur  genre:hurt!merlin  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:injured  genre:introspection  genre:kid!fic  genre:kidnapped/captive  genre:major_character_death  genre:memory_alteration  genre:minor_character_death  genre:mustread!  genre:nemeton  genre:no_pairings  genre:no_slash  genre:non_graphic  genre:on_the_run/hiding_out  genre:other_dimensions/worlds  genre:outside_pov  genre:outsider_perspective  genre:pining/unrequited_love  genre:possession  genre:protectiveness  genre:purgatory  genre:reincarnation!fic  genre:romance  genre:time_loop  genre:time_travel  genre:torture  genre:turned_into_object  genre:undercover/in_disguise  genre:wee!chesters  genre:wing!fic  heavenlyangel!  hospital!  it's:well_written  kink:bondage  kink:chair!sex  kink:masturbation  kink:outdoor!sex  kink:submission  kink:tattoos  knotting  length:long  length:multiple_chapters  lovely  loves  mafia_au  magic!  masterpost  mentalhealthissues  metas  mood:adorable  mood:creepy!  mood:dark  mood:fluffy  mood:grief  mood:lol  mood:melancholy  mood:ominous  mood:silly  mood:sweet  omega!dean  pair:destiel  pair:sam/ruby  pairing:_allison/scott  pairing:_amy/rory  pairing:_anya/cas  pairing:_arthur/gwen  pairing:_arthur/merlin  pairing:_castiel/meg  pairing:_castiel/sam  pairing:_chris/sam/victoria  pairing:_dean/melissa  pairing:_derek/stiles  pairing:bobby/karen  pairing:castiel/gabriel  pairing:chuck/becky  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:dean/gabriel  pairing:gabriel/balthazar  pairing:gen  pairing:sam/castiel  pairing:sam/gabriel  pairing:sam/jess  parents!  pics  plot  pregnancy  prettypeople  prostitution!  rating:nc-17  rating:other  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:r  reaction:awesome!  reaction:funny!  reaction:gorgeous  reaction:hideunderbed  reaction:knifetotheheart  reaction:smokinghot  reaction:warmandfuzzyfeeling  recs  romance  sexuality  ship:dean/castiel  ship:dean/victor  slash  sobriety!  source:ao3  source:livejournal  source:tth  spn  stars:1  stars:2  stars:3  status:masterpost  status:unfinished  status:wip  supernatural  supernatural_fanfiction  tearjerker  theme:apocalypse  theme:crime  theme:disability  theme:five.things  theme:historical  theme:mental.illness  theme:ptsd  theme:roadtrip  timeline:spn-season5  timeline:spn-season7  trope:alternatetimelines  trope:angelsarealien  trope:creatures  trope:curse  trope:de-aged  trope:drugs  trope:drunk  trope:everybodylives!  trope:fallenangel  trope:family  trope:firsttime  trope:fixit  trope:friendship  trope:futurefic  trope:gifts  trope:gods&monsters  trope:happilymarried  trope:hookerfic  trope:kidfic  trope:lgbt  trope:slavery  trope:timetravel  trope:transformation  type:angel_post_nfa  type:au  type:bob.fic  type:btvs_postchosen  type:crack  type:crackfic  type:crossover  type:episodecoda  type:faketrailer  type:fic  type:gen  type:narnia_postbooks  type:reverse!verse  type:series_fic  type:slash  type:spn_episode5x04  type:spn_episode5x08  type:spn_episode8x02  type:spn_episode8x07  type:spn_episode8x17  type:spn_season6  unread  warnings:brainwashing/psychological_torture  warnings:explicit_relations  warnings:mental_illness/ptsd/depression  warnings:slash  word-count:0-5k  word-count:10-20k  word-count:30-40k  word-count:5-10k  words:<5k  words:10000to30000  words:1000to5000  words:10k-25k  words:1k-5k  words:30000to50000  words:5000to10000  words:5k-10k  words:over100000  words:under1000  yearpublished:2008  yearpublished:2009  yearpublished:2010  yearpublished:2011  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