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"Moving toward 24x7 Carbon-Free
Energy at Google Data Centers:
Progress and Insights"
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15 hours ago by jwmh
JSON Changelog with SQLite
ometimes you want a log of all changes to the data in your database (every INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE). In Buckets’ case, such a log will be used to help merge budget files between computers/phones.

In this post, I’ll show you one method for adding change tracking to your SQLite database. Someone has probably already done it this way, but I couldn’t find it.
sqlite  cdc  change 
21 hours ago by griddell
sister-hood interview with Mona Eltahawy. Feminist author and public speaker. - YouTube
[2:00] "For some reason — I don't know who did this because there's no women's and gender studies program in that university to this day — some renegade librarian or professor had put all these feminist journals on a bookshelf that I discovered. And they had all these feminists from my heritage, from the Middle East, from Muslim backgrounds, and also other feminists from different backgrounds. And I remember when I first discovered the word 'feminism' and discovered their writing. [It] terrified me. It terrified me. I would just put these books down and these journals down and just walk away because I was really scared because I understood that the more I got into that, the more it would just unravel everything. And I use that experience now to tell people, "when something really scares you, it's an indication that it's something you really need because it's going to really unsettle all of the things that you need to shake up in you life." Feminism saved my life and feminism saved my mind. And thanks to Saudi Arabia, ironically enough, I became the woman I am today."
monaeltahawy  feminism  change  books  2018  unlearning  learning  patriarchy  librarians  libraries 
yesterday by robertogreco
Mapping the Camp and Woolsey Fires in California
See how the Washington Post maps CA fires compared to the NYT.
fires  climate  change 
yesterday by jbuzz
Tracking Where the California Fires Are Spreading
NYT maps on the CA wildfires. Also be sure to check out (and bookmark) UCSD's wild fire map too -
fires  climate  change 
yesterday by jbuzz

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