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Objects can now change colors like a chameleon • Tech Xplore
Rachel Gordon:
<p>A team from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has brought us closer to this chameleon reality, by way of a new system that uses reprogrammable ink to let objects change colors when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) and visible light sources.

Dubbed "PhotoChromeleon," the system uses a mix of photochromic dyes that can be sprayed or painted onto the surface of any object to change its color—a fully reversible process that can be repeated infinitely.

PhotoChromeleon can be used to customize anything from a phone case to a car, or shoes that need an update. The color remains, even when used in natural environments.

"This special type of dye could enable a whole myriad of customization options that could improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce overall waste," says CSAIL postdoc Yuhua Jin, the lead author on a new paper about the project. "Users could personalize their belongings and appearance on a daily basis, without the need to buy the same object multiple times in different colors and styles."</p>

What sort of monster buys the same thing in different colours and styles?
6 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Meet Calumma uetzi, a rainbow-colored chameleon from Madagascar that was just named after a VCU professor
“It's one thing to have a species named after you,” he said, “but it's another thing to have a really nice and pretty species named after you.”
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may 2018 by twwoodward
My Mission: Michelle Tea, Writer » MissionLocal
talks about the Chameleon open mike poetry with Bucky Sinister
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march 2017 by maltodextrin

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