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sometimesophie: Persephone (Kirk/McCoy, PG-13)
Mirror!McCoy isn't part of Star Fleet, he's just a doctor, who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when Mirror!Spock is hurt. Mirror!Kirk kidnaps McCoy, who saves Spock's life and afterwards, Kirk decides to keep McCoy for personal and professional reasons.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  drugs  angst  non-con  wordcount:5-10k  challenge:issenterprise-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  author:sometimesophie  rating:pg-13  posted:2010-03  posted::2010  startrek:aos 
march 2011 by bottom_mccoy
anon: Untitled (Tentacles/McCoy, Tentacles/Spock, NC-17)
I always get the sense that MU!Kirk has screwed his way through half the empire, to form alliances or show a conquered race who's boss, etc. So, I'm thinking he allies himself with some type of tentacle race, but Kirk isn't so keen on sealing the deal so instead he offers up Bones. Or Spock. Or Both. Bonus points if it's both, together. Extra bonus point if it's the straw that leads to Kirk's downfall.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  mccoy/tentacles  tentacles  other  non-con  wordcount:1-5k  challenge:issenterprise-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  author:anon  rating:nc-17  posted:2010-07  posted::2010  startrek:aos 
march 2011 by bottom_mccoy
anon: Mirror!Verse Mpreg (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)
Mirror!Kirk gets Mirror!McCoy pregnant, but McCoy isn't certain if having a child with Kirk is the greatest idea.

He's surprised that a) Kirk actually wants the baby and b) he's willing to play by some of McCoy's rules, to get what he wants.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  mpreg  enemas  wordcount:1-5k  challenge:issenterprise-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  author:anon  rating:nc-17  posted:2009-09  posted::2009  startrek:aos 
march 2011 by bottom_mccoy
toadstoolcouch: All For Him (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)
Set in the Mirrorverse, M!Kirk forces M!McCoy to torture someone, and rewards him with sex. Warning: extreme, torture, dub con, graphic, gore
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  dub-con  bondage  gags  torture  wordcount:1-5k  challenge:issenterprise-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  author:toadstoolcouch  rating:nc-17  posted:2009-12  posted::2009  startrek:tos 
march 2011 by bottom_mccoy
skellerbvvt: PetPet (McCoy/Tentacles, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)
It's about a 45,000 word long, epic space opera. I...uh. It's Mirrorverse Star Trek? With elements from both Sid Meir's Alpha Centauri and Doctor Who, but I won't tell you how. With lots of world building? And a tentacles monster named Sparky? If I have built up any trust between me and you at all, and you have any interest in Star Trek, just grab a glass of wine and curl up with this. You won't be sorry.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  mccoy/tentacles  kirk/mccoy  slash  tentacles  author:skellerbvvt  rating:nc-17  wordcount:25-50k  challenge:issenterprise-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  posted:2010-07  posted::2010  startrek:aos 
november 2010 by bottom_mccoy
affectingly: The Art of Giving Thanks (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)
Bones needs a lesson in manners. Maybe Jim likes to shove Bones face first into walls, make him suck his fingers and then shove his pants down and finger fuck him until he's squirming and begging for Jim's cock? At which point, he just pushes Bones down on his knees and makes him suck him off, and then goes back to work, leaving Bones all messy and hard and wanting?
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  bondage  orgasmdenial  author:affectingly  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  challenge:issenterprise-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  posted:2010-05  posted::2010  startrek:aos 
november 2010 by bottom_mccoy
brighteyed_jill: Disciplinary Action (Kirk/McCoy established, Spock/McCoy plus Kirk, NC-17)
Spock doesn’t appreciate how Cadet Kirk cheated on that damn test, and he’s determined to find a way to make him pay. Luckily, Spock’s found a weak spot that will make this lesson stick.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  spock/mccoy  slash  dub-con  bondage  author:brighteyed_jill  rating:nc-17  wordcount:1-5k  challenge:issenterprise-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  posted:2009-09  posted::2009  startrek:aos 
november 2010 by bottom_mccoy
lilbatfacedgirl: A Plenitude of Human Weaknesses [1/2] (Kirk/McCoy, R)
Response to the prompt "Mirror!McCoy is a doctor who has always resisted/rejected Mirror!Kirk's charms/demands, but when Kirk becomes captain, he ask Pike for a personal favor. He wants McCoy as his CMO. The doctor soon learns that giving Kirk what he wants is best for everyone.
fic  mirror!verse  bottom!mccoy  kirk/mccoy  slash  non-con  dub-con  violence  angst  author:lilbatfacedgirl  rating:r  wordcount:5-10k  challenge:issenterprise-kinkmeme  challenge:kink_meme  posted:2010-10  posted::2010  startrek:aos 
november 2010 by bottom_mccoy

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