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delphinapterus: Grey is an Elephant (Colour 'verse)
REC: It's always cold in the city at this time of the year. A lovely glimpse of Bob and Ray's relationship in 'The Land Between Black and White'. I love the way the weather and the season permeates everything in this story and how it contrasts with the quiet warmth between Bob and Ray. I have so much love for this universe and the way it's so very like our own but still so very different. (2011-04-24)
QUOTE: After check-in is the only time he lets himself luxuriate in the hot water unless Ray forces him to do it. Over the drum of the water against the plastic of the shower he hears the door open. His muscles tense automatically but he relaxes when he recognizes Ray's fro through the blurry shower door. "Want company?" Ray asks already stripping off his shirt and dropping it haphazardly on the toilet seat. "I was just about to get out." Bob says regretfully. (2,910 words)
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author:delphinapterus  fandom:Bandom  concept:ordinary.lives  occupation:mechanic  occupation:spy/secret.agent  occupation:hacker/programmer  relationship:established  smut:fucking  geography:US:Chicago  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Bob  challenge:2009.MCR.Secret.Santa  posted:2010-01  recced:2011-04  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  universe:Colour.verse  concept:dystopia  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:cyberpunk  pairing:Bob/Ray(primary) 
april 2011 by turlough
mahoni: Fall in Mutual Weirdness
REC: Bob and Frank have different opinions on what's edible. Food, cooking, snark, and banter. A wonderfully happy-making little story. (2010-01-17)
QUOTE: "Thank god," Bob muttered. "Because I'm starving. We're stopping by Steak 'n Shake on the way home, dude. After being surrounded by rabbit food for the last hour I need a fucking burger." Frank's groan got cut off when Bob switched his phone off. Not that hanging up on Frank was going to stop him from letting Bob know exactly what he thought of that plan. "Filthy carnivore," Frank yelled from the other aisle. "You disgust me." "That's not what you said last night," Bob yelled back. Frank's laugh carried just as well as his voice. (2,020 words)
author:mahoni  fandom:Bandom  activity:shopping  activity:baking  relationship:established  setting:on.break  geography:US:Chicago  geography:US:New.Jersey  geography:US:New.York  band:My.Chemical.Romance  challenge:2009.MCR.Secret.Santa  posted:2010-01  recced:2010-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff 
january 2010 by turlough
earlofcardigans: Fingers Like a Quartz Crystal Like a Compass
REC: Gerard tells Bob things when everyone else is asleep on the bus. This story is lovely! The quietness of it, how connected they are, the trust between them, it all made me feel all warm and happy and content. And I love how the beat, the rythm of music and of just being is used. (2010-01-10)
QUOTE: It took Bob maybe longer than it should have to realize that Gerard wasn't just coming to him every other night, waking him up, filling him with random stories because they were too big for one brain. Gerard tells Frank all the big, important things. He tells Frank the scary, overwhelming things. And Gerard tells Mikey everything, all the things that he tells everyone, and maybe Mikey doesn't always hear him, but Gerard is always talking to Mikey. He tells Ray the stuff that needs a practical, logical sort of answer. Bob turns his hand palm up and bounces the pads of his fingers against the bottom of Gerard's black black hair. He would have thought Gerard would tell him those things. The logical. The simple. Bob is ever logical and fair, but what Gerard brings him might be better.
It just took him too long to figure it out. Gerard tells Bob all the rest. The things he thinks he can't share with anyone, the stories he thinks will get him laughed at. He tells Bob all the minutiae of his brain and lets Bob sift it for gold and tell him what's good for keeping and what's coal and rocks.
Bob feels a wicked sense of satisfaction that Gerard chose him for that. Except. Well, Gerard would say... Gerard would say he had no choice in the matter. It was always Bob. Bob chose himself. Gerard has told him that story on a different morning, on a different bus. Bob chose himself when he said yes, when he stayed.
Gerard tap-tap-taps a new rhythm against Bob's side; Bob curls his fingers against Gerard's neck in time.
"There was," Gerard stops, sniffs, tries again. His voice sounds dusty and creaky. Bob pushes his fingers through Gerard's hair, under the back of his own hoodie Gerard has confiscated, squeezes Gerard's neck, watches him watch Bob through the corner of his eye and try again. (1,180 words)
author:earlofcardigans  fandom:Bandom  concept:music  condition:insomnia  relationship:friendship  relationship:established  setting:on.tour  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Bob  challenge:2009.MCR.Secret.Santa  posted:2010-01  recced:2010-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  pairing:Bob/Gerard(primary) 
january 2010 by turlough
earlofcardigans: Hollow Out Your Heart, Refill It, Watch It Kindle
REC: Gerard and Lindsey are missing Bob. An absolutely lovely prequel to 'Break It Down, Spill It Wide, Laugh It Off' with a wonderfully bittersweet atmosphere. I loved the way they connected, all three of them. (2010-01-10)
QUOTE: He doesn't mean to call Bob so late. He never means to, Lindsey says, and she's right, but there are just times when the only thing that cuts through Gerard's sleepless, fuzzy haze is Bob's voice. He quit trying to figure that out a long time ago. Bob lets Gerard attach himself to him, and he anchors all of them. Gerard needs that more than Lindsey, he knows, and sometimes he needs to hear Bob to know that they are on the same plane, that they are still 'Bob and Gerard' and nothing has changed in the darkest dark past midnight and crept up to somehow lie to him.
He doesn't bother leaving the bed, doesn't bother saying hi even when Bob answers. Gerard wants a timeline. It's all he ever wants: a countdown to when he knows things will be back to even, no matter the odds.
"Are you coming home? For Christmas, I mean." Gerard rolls over and breathes Lindsey's scent from his pillow. He knows Bob can still hear him, still understand him.
Gerard knows it's cheesy, but when he listens to Bob spark a cigarette and not answer him, he thinks about how Bob has been the only one that always heard him. Until Bob, until Lindsey, Gerard hadn't been sure of anything in his head. No matter what Mikey said. (1,170 words)
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author:earlofcardigans  fandom:Bandom  concept:polyamory  condition:insomnia  relationship:established  relationship:poly  time:the.hiatus  geography:US:Los.Angeles  geography:US:Chicago  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  pairing:Bob/Gerard/Lindsey(primary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Bob  pov:Lindsey  challenge:2009.MCR.Secret.Santa  posted:2010-01  recced:2010-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash 
january 2010 by turlough
earlofcardigans: Bring Water To a Boil, Smash It All To the Ground
REC: Gerard fails at cooking dinner for Frank. This was so cute. They're totally adorable with their snarking and running jokes. (2010-01-10)
QUOTE: "Someone's going to have to clean this up," Frank said as he wrapped his arms around Gerard's waist, still smiling. "I'll call Ray. He knows people." Gerard scratched his fingernails over Frank's scalp, back and forth through his hair, making it a big frizzy ball so he didn't look so Corporate America. Even if Gerard did dig the ties. "I thought Ray 'knew people', but if he just knows people, too, that's cool." Frank shook his head in Gerard's face and untangled himself from him to walk to the kitchen. Gerard wasn't so sure he wanted him in there. He glanced back at the wreckage in the entryway and wrinkled his nose. Seriously a waste of good crockery because lords knew Gerard had no real skill with actual foodstuffs. (1,050 words)
author:earlofcardigans  fandom:Bandom  activity:cooking  concept:ordinary.lives  occupation:writer  relationship:established  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  challenge:2009.MCR.Secret.Santa  posted:2010-01  recced:2010-01  !meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary) 
january 2010 by turlough

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!meta:rec:fic  +length:short.1k-5k  activity:baking  activity:cooking  activity:shopping  author:delphinapterus  author:earlofcardigans  author:mahoni  band:mindless.self.indulgence  band:my.chemical.romance  concept:dystopia  concept:music  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:polyamory  condition:insomnia  fandom:bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:het  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:au  fic:genre:cyberpunk  fic:genre:fluff  geography:us:chicago  geography:us:los.angeles  geography:us:new.jersey  geography:us:new.york  occupation:hacker/programmer  occupation:mechanic  occupation:spy/secret.agent  occupation:writer  pairing:bob/gerard/lindsey(primary)  pairing:bob/gerard(primary)  pairing:bob/ray(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard(primary)  posted:2010-01  pov:bob  pov:gerard  pov:lindsey  recced:2010-01  recced:2011-04  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  relationship:poly  setting:on.break  setting:on.tour  smut:fucking  time:the.hiatus  universe:colour.verse 

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