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pfgray/chainable-components: A utility belt for Render Prop components
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render-props  chainable  hoc 
may 2018 by jimthedev
Perhaps the most awesome way of interacting with data using a chainable API
data  jquery  chain  chainable 
july 2014 by guillehorno
Lazy.js it a utility library for JavaScript, similar to Underscore and Lo-Dash but with one important difference: lazy evaluation (also known as deferred execution).
defer  javascript  chain  library  lazy.js  underscore  lazy  chainable 
june 2013 by marek-saji
RobertWHurst/LucidJS - GitHub
LucidJS is a chainable event emitter library. It offers several unique features such as set events, emitter piping, DOM node encapsulation, sub events, along with the usual event triggering and binding. LucidJS emitters also feature meta events that allow listening for event binding and event triggering. LucidJS works in both the browser and node.js.
event  emitter  development  javascript  js  chainable  chain  pipe 
february 2012 by lmjabreu
Roll out your own JavaScript Interfaces
the magic that makes jquery go, could be applied to actionscript as well
javscript  jquery  interface  chainable 
october 2007 by jonbro

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