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How climate change can fuel wars - Heating up
ON THE OUTSKIRTS of Baga Sola, a small town in Chad not far from the border with Nigeria, is a refugee camp called Dar es Salaam. The name means “haven of peace”, but the surrounding area is an inferno of war, spilling across the borders of four countries: Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon.
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Chadians feel 'anger, revolt' as they struggle without internet for one year - @aanuadeoye
"The social media blackout began in March 2018 after recommended reforms to the constitution that would allow President Idriss Deby to stay in power until 2033, when he will be 81. Deby has been at the helm since 1990 and had previously pledged to restore term limits before the country's 2016 elections. The country's internet services was shutdown almost immediately after the planned reforms were announced...Since March 2018, people in Chad have been unable to access sites such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and Twitter. It's not the first time in Chad either: a shutdown of the internet lasted for eight months in 2016 following a disputed presidential vote that secured a fifth term in office for Deby." - Aanu Adeoye, CNN
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Chad has blocked WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter for a year — @Lattif
"365 days: that’s how long people in the north-central African state of Chad haven’t been able to freely access major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Viber. Digital activists first started reporting on March 28 last year that access to the sites on the country’s two main mobile operators, Tigo Chad and Airtel, had been restricted. The telecom companies have since confirmed the government ordered the restrictions. Activists say the shutdown violates international law, hurts vital economic industries, and deprives users of connecting with family and friends at home and abroad. 'The censorship of social networks has plunged citizens back into isolation,' says Abdelkerim Yacob of digital advocacy group Internet Sans Frontières (ISF). The lengthy cutoff, he added, has 'cut Chadians out of the global conversation, and curbed penetration and digital development.'" - Abdi Latif Dahir, Quartz
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Stalking through the long grass in the golden light of a zakouma morning
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Already in 2019, deliberate internet and social media shutdowns have occurred in and .

As elections…
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Chad said to condition resumed ties with Israel on ‘extensive’ weapons sales | The Times of Israel, Nov 29, 2018
Senior Foreign Ministry officials were quoted as saying that Chadian President Déby presented Israel with a “very extensive” list of demands, which has caused concerns about the diplomatic opening, Israel’s Channel 10 reported.
According to the officials, the demands focused on weapons acquisition and security cooperation.
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december 2018 by elizrael

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