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How Supreme Lost Control of Its Billion-Dollar Brand - The Wall Street Journal.
Skater focused brand was slow to expand and get trademarks and now fights globally for its rights.
ESB6  esb7  ch17  Legal  IP  intellectualproperty 
june 2019 by jeromekatz
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Offers Favorable Tax Breaks for Businesses - Peterson Sullivan Accounting
Described tax situation of professional corporations, including Qualified Business Income deductions.
ESB6  esb7  ch17  taxes  Legal  PC  taxbenefits 
june 2019 by jeromekatz
Personal Service Corporations
Describes professional corporations (called Personal Service Corporations by the IRS) and talks about their tax rate. Also discusses Qualified Personal Service Corporations.
ESB6  esb7  ch17  Legal  taxes  legalform  PC 
june 2019 by jeromekatz
Self background check |
Excellent rundown of types of information and providers of it. Focus is on self-checking, i.e. doing a background check on yourself.
ESB6  esb7  ch17  Legal  background-check  advice  lists 
may 2019 by jeromekatz
Dance Dance Litigation: Lawsuits Filed over the Use of Dance Choreography in Fortnite
Dance moves can be copyrighted. If so, did Fortnite illegally copy and sell a dance move? Complex questions for originators and Fortnite.
ESB6  ch17  Legal  intellectualproperty  copyright  laws  App 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
Regulatory and Risk Management Issues Arising in the Context of Experiential Entrepreneurship Education - Sandra E. Malach, Robert L. Malach, 2019
Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy: The Start a Business Assignment forms part of the experiential entrepreneurship curriculum in numerous universities. A lack of awareness of potential liabilities can create liability for students and the university from problems arising while operating businesses. Losses or damages potentially arise from both regulatory infractions and potential injuries to third parties. A lack of knowledge and understanding of the legal obligations imposed upon business operations threatens the learning experience. This article seeks to identify liability risks to the universities and faculty that can result from an improperly planned and supervised Start a Business Assignment. A clearer understanding of the legal issues that can arise will be helpful in supporting the safe growth and ongoing health of experiential entrepreneurship programming. Our aim is to support experiential entrepreneurship learning by concluding with a suggestion as to how these assignments can be managed in a manner that minimizes associated risks and adds to the student experience. Many of the legal principles have broad application, but it is critical to recognize that each city, state, and country's laws and their interpretation thereof may vary. Furthermore, the unique parameters of each Start a Business Assignment will affect the risks arising from regulatory and legal compliance.
ESB6  ch17  Legal  start-up  advice  issues 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
10 Inventions That Made Normal People RICH! - YouTube
Video of inventions made by regular people. Note Catherine Hettinger, who let he patent lapse on the fidget spinner, before the boom. Big mouth biggie bass, snuggies (a knockoff of two other inventions), doggles, koosh ball, plastic wishbone, billy-bob teeth, smiley face, slinky, pillow pets, pet rock.
esb6  ch4  ch17  intellectualproperty  invention  inventions  patent  patents  product  videos  Video 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
Inventions by women you didn't know about - INSIDER
Knight's knack for innovation started at a young age. When she was just 12 years old, she invented a safety device for cotton mills.

During her time at the Columbia Paper Bag Company in 1867, Knight began working on a machine that created flat-bottomed bags. When fellow machinist Charles Anan tried to steal her idea, Knight sued him and won the patent for her machine after a long legal battle.
ESB6  vignette  ch17  patent  patents  patentslegal  womenentrepreneurs 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
The Cost of Obtaining a Patent in the US - | Patents & Patent Law
Very detailed rundown of patenting and associated costs, also factors in complexity of the idea. Covers searches (although there is a separate page on that) and provisional patents.
ESB6  MGT421  MGT621  IP  intellectualproperty  Legal  ch17  patent  patents  patentslegal 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
With its simple three-step solution, Lingzini is a free iOS app that helps you efficiently create names for your products, brands, and organizations. Using Lingzini, you can organize your word chunks, add new affixes, and combine them in unique ways. The end result is a brand name, product name, or a domain name.
ESB6  ch9  ch17  names  naming  App  apps  free  ios 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
Commercializing a New Product as a Solo Inventor: Teaching Materials/References for Karl Ulrich
Advice on the product creation process: (1) Is the product and market real? (2) Can you win in this market? (3)Is entry worth it? (4) License it or take it to market? (5)Patents. Example of Bug-A-Salt (video has process for design and production in China).
ESB6  ch4  ch17  invention  product  productdevelopment  feasibility  market  Video  videos  commercialization 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
Wage Slave or Entrepreneur?: Contesting the Dualism of Legal Worker Identities
This Article challenges the duality of worker classification in employment regulation by positioning the employee and the independent contractor in U.S. legal history and in the lives of contemporary workers. Part I situates the debate in work law scholarship. Part II uses historical and legal archives to challenge the prevailing assumptions about the employee and independent contractor classifications in employment and labor law.
ESB6  ch18  ch5  ch17  independentcontractor  entrepreneur  laws  problems 
november 2018 by jeromekatz
Intellectual property strategy assessment |
Get started by planning a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) strategy to support the integration of IP into your business plan. This strategy will help maximize the value of your IP and protect your competitive advantage.

Use this free assessment, developed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) in partnership with BDC, to help guide the development of your IP strategy.

The following assessment includes four questions and will take you five minutes to complete. Simply choose one response that best suits your business needs for each question. Once you have completed the assessment, your results will be displayed online. You will also have the option to receive a report containing your results, plus recommended readings and information.
ESB6  ch17  IP  intellectualproperty  assessment  survey  free  Online 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Intellectual property simulation - Interactive game |
Play our interactive game to discover more about intellectual property (IP) and protecting your intangible assets. After all, they can be just as valuable, or more so, than tangible assets in today’s knowledge-based economy. You will meet two entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Help them choose the best path to protect their IP by interviewing them and choosing the best solutions. You can also ask questions to learn more about intellectual property options. Play more than once to improve your score and gain important knowledge about IP.
ESB6  ch17  IP  intellectualproperty  game  simulation  simulations  free  Online 
october 2018 by jeromekatz
Understanding the Small Business Presence in Patent-Intensive Industries – SBA's Office of Advocacy
In industries with the highest patent activity, small businesses are getting a below-average number of patents, and am employing a below-average number of people.
ESB6  ch17  ch18  HRM  hiring  stats  statistics  patent  patents  contrarian 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
Grown-Ups Fight for Children’s Right to Sell Lukewarm Lemonade - WSJ
After little lemonade stand vendors are shut down, a movement springs up to protect them. Country Time’s ‘Legal-Ade’
ESB6  ch17  legal  vignette  vignettes  youngentrepreneur  youngentrepreneurs  problems 
july 2018 by jeromekatz

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