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2019 Millennial Entrepreneurs and Money Report
The findings of this study show that millennial entrepreneurs are a financially savvy, ambitious group of business owners. Young people often get a bad rap for mishandling their credit and finances, but young entrepreneurs are doing pretty well.
ESB6  ch1  CH2  millenials  Funding  credit  ch14  survey  data 
12 weeks ago by jeromekatz
7th Annual MBO Partners State of Independence Report
The 7th Annual MBO Partners State of Independence gauges the size, growth, performance and sentiments of a large, multi-faceted, economically powerful–and increasingly confident— segment of the American workforce. Independents are the nearly 41 million adult Americans of all ages, skill, and income levels—consultants, freelancers, contractors, temporary or on-call workers—who work independently to build businesses, develop their careers, pursue passions and/or to supplement their incomes. Notes 3 types of independents (full-time, part-time and occasional).
ESB6  ch5  ch1  gig  freelance  freelancing  statistics  stats  report 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
Insomnia Cookies: From University of Pennsylvania dorm to 100 stores |
Interview with Seth Berkowiz, founder of Insomnia Cookies. Quote: "There is no better time than the present to give it a try. As your responsibilities grow, it's so much harder to take the leap. That being said, I really enjoyed my college experience and entrepreneurship is a sacrifice," Berkowitz said.
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january 2019 by jeromekatz
About — Alexis Ohanian Sr.
Co-founder of Reddit (UVA grad), also involved in Y Combinator, open internet initiatives, and a VC firm. Possible replacement for Michael Dell in Chapter 1.
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january 2019 by jeromekatz
Why Startups Fail? A Data Analysis by Autopsy – Startup Autopsies – Medium
Most commonly asked question we receive is what are the top reasons why startups fail. So we did an analysis on over 300 failed tech startups on our database, here’s what we found.
ESB6  start-up  STARTUP  fail  failed  failure  failures  autopsy  ch1 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
American FactFinder - Results
2013-2017 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates
ESB6  ch1  statistics  data  self-employed  occupation  industry 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
American FactFinder - Results
CHAPTER 1 data - 2016 Business Patterns - gives number of firms by employment size class, plus employment and payroll.
ESB6  ch1  data  statistics  employers  firms 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
American FactFinder - Results
CHAPTER 1 - Nonemployer stats by 2-digit NAICS (general industry) code. 2016.
ESB6  ch1  nonemployer  statistics  data  industry 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
American FactFinder - Results
For TABLE 1.1 - Table gives workforce numbers and includes breakouts for self-employed incorporated and non-incorporated, but general occupational classes. 2016 data (comparable to business pattern)
ESB6  ch1  table  data  nonemployer  self-employed  statistics  2016 
january 2019 by jeromekatz
Small Business Lending Impact Study | Accion
A longitudinal study on the impact of mission-based lending services on small business in the United States
ESB6  ch1  social-entrepreneur  mission  lending  impact  socialentrepreneurship 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Playbook Draft 2 - Intro
Kauffman's version 2 online guide to building ecosystems, from 2017: entrepreneurs, ecosystems, create, scale, measure.
ESB6  ch1  ch3  ecosystem  ecosystems  data  scalability  report  Online 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
2018 Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories | The U.S. Small Business Administration |
The Small Business Profiles are an annual portrait of each state’s small businesses. They gather the latest federal data into state-by-state snapshots of small business health and economic activity. Limited economic data is also provided for the U.S. territories.

This year’s profiles report on state economic growth and employment. They also answer the questions:

How many small businesses are in my state?
How many jobs do they create?
Which industries have the most small businesses and small business jobs?
How many establishments opened and closed?
How many small businesses export, and how much?
Which counties have the most small business employment? 
ESB6  SBA  ch1  states  profiles  data 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
PatentsView - USPTO
Accessible USPTO patent database permitting specialized searches.
ESB6  ch1  ch4  innovation  patents  database  patent  USPTO 
december 2018 by jeromekatz
Pixel Press' Robin Rath named to the Upstart 100 - The Business Journals
(Check out links to other articles). Now a 34-year-old entrepreneur, Rath's St. Louis-based company, software development firm Roundthird, created the iPhone game Radial 50, the question-and-answer platform Ask Authentic, and last year, Pixel Press. The company has already landed a significant partnership with Cartoon Network for the Pixel Press game, and raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter.
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october 2018 by jeromekatz

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