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"이런게 인생이지!" 먹방의 신이 나타났다!
제대로 먹을 줄 아는 무블리 '무니'와 친구들의 먹방 라이프 영상 공개!
#플로리다프로젝트 #러블리인생영화 월7일개봉 단독개봉
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february 2018 by dalcrose
#입소문폭발 #올해의사랑영화 #인생로맨스
개봉 전 #영화내사랑 아트하우스프리미어데이 예매오픈❤
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june 2017 by dalcrose
미국 독립영화사는 <천국보다 낯선> 이전과 이후로 나뉜다?! 현존하는 가장 스타일리한 감독, 아트하우스 '짐 자무쉬 특별전 - ALL ABOUT JIM JARMUSCH' 개최! 데뷔작부터 그의 30년…
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april 2017 by dalcrose
Analyse la résurgence des libraires UK
First, publishers responded favourably to bookshop needs, extending credit terms, creating differentiation around book product and reinforcing the commitment to in-store events. A number also shifted to the agency model: divisive and controversial but, in terms of halting the destablising low pricing used by Amazon to grow market share, effective.

Second, the world did not change as rapidly as many people had predicted, in fact it altered in different ways. The digital shift actually helped bookshops find and amplify their voices and it enabled stores to focus on creating demand rather than chasing discounted sales. Most importantly, it meant bookstores could redefine what it meant to buy in-store by creating spaces and events that appealed to customers. It is little wonder that topics under discussion at the conference this year include “articulating” the bookshop brand, and running author (and interestingly, non-author) events. Bookshops survived the first digital rumble because in fact the blows were less profound than they might have been and even when they seemed to be on the ropes, the crowds were still cheering for them. I do not know if we are yet ready for the re-match.
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september 2016 by SophieStM
"결혼 45주년 파티를 앞두고 남편 첫사랑의 소식이 들려온다면..?" 벌써부터 가슴 먹먹해지는 <년후> 캐릭터 명대사 공개! #진짜_사랑이_궁금하다면 아트하우스 월5일대개봉
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may 2016 by dalcrose
<#미나미양장점의비밀> 꿈과 행복을 재단하는 테일러블 샵의 감각적 메인 포스터 공개& 아트하우스 5월 19일 개봉 확정! <해피 해피 브레드>미시마 유키코 감독이 전하는 2016년 최고의 해피무비!
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april 2016 by dalcrose
Science AMA Series: I'm Bernadette Woods Placky, chief meteorologist at Climate Central who launched WXshift this week. Ask me anything about climate change, how it's affecting your weather! : science
Hi everyone, I'm the chief meteorologist for WXshift[1] and Climate Central. I also run our National Science Foundation-funded program with that provides climate information to more than 250 on-air TV meteorologists.
weather  climate  climatechange  science  cgv 
september 2015 by kexrex
Referral spam - remove it from Google Analytics
an alarming trend of referral spam creeping into my Google Analytics reports
spam  analytics  google  googleanalytics  seo  cgv 
august 2015 by kexrex

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