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Get Realer — Real Life
"If CGI makes anything possible, why has it led to so many remakes?"
cgi  movies  cinema  franchise  capital  nostalgia 
11 days ago by tsuomela
Pixelated Reality! 🌺🍃⬛️⬜️🚲
Real-time augmented reality effect

ARt  glitchart  digitalart  augmentedreality  cgi  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago by simonbronson
Pixelated Reality! 🌺🍃⬛️⬜️🚲
Real-time augmented reality effect

digitalart  ARt  cgi  augmentedreality  glitchart  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago by kgl
How to Enable CGI Mode in Apache Tomcat - DZone Java
This tutorial demonstrates how to easily enable the GCI mode on your Apache Tomcat with sample XML code and helpful step-by-step instructions.
tomcat  cgi  ironic  web  devops  java 
7 weeks ago by po
ArtStation - City on the water. Post-apocalypse, Alexandr Melentiev
Work is done for the contest "The End of Civilization" on RENDER.RU The world came to an end, everything flooded with water. But the smart guys in the agrarian company (which owns 2 buildings) decided not
solarpunk  art  CGI  concept 
7 weeks ago by thejaymo
Big Thank you to all the amazing artists who contributed to the article for
250tips  3d  cgi  c4d  from twitter
9 weeks ago by Creativebloke
What were CGI scripts? | Lobsters
The discussion is more interesting than article. Note some of the corrections, and how CGI is still useful in this age of "serverless" computing
CGI  lobsters  discussion  webdev  history  web 
12 weeks ago by mechazoidal

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