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CES Asia 2018 Showcases the Bleeding Edge in Mobility Tech and More
Held in Shanghai over the course of three days, CES Asia 2018 brings the world’s hottest consumer electronics show to Asia. In its fourth instalment in the Chinese city, CES Asia refined and developed its goal of showcasing the tech of the region in one place. With the main show in Las Vegas held six...

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CES  Asia  2018  Showcases  the  Bleeding  Edge  in  Mobility  Tech  and  More 
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Don’t Trust Anyone Over 70 – Foreign Policy
Even beyond the immediate effects of illness, aging can have pronounced effects on personality. Put simply, in general people really don’t mellow with age. Instead, Jerrold Post and Bert Park have shown that they tend to become exaggerated versions — almost caricatures — of themselves, with their normal tendencies and patterns becoming intensified. This tendency is particularly likely to affect foreign policy. The aggressive can become belligerent, the passive, apathetic. Tendencies that would otherwise have fallen within an acceptable range can suddenly become problematic — a shift that, when it happens to a head of government, is particularly likely to upset foreign policy
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