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Cradle to Cradle Solar Panel Certification | SunPower
SunPower E-Series and X-Series solar panels are the world's first and only solar products to be Cradle to Cradle certified.
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5 days ago by wmaceyka
Isaac Levin's Blog | AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Study Guide
As a Microsoft employee who works with customers and a cloud enthusiast, I see it essential to be knowledgeable of how the cloud can bring the best value to the developer. Because of this, I am taking the AZ-203 exam, which is titled “Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure”. This exam was in beta for some time and was recently released proper in January 2019.
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6 days ago by andyhuey
Business Continuity | DRI International
Description This brand new version of DRI’s seminal course, Business Continuity (BCLE 2000), enables you to build a business continuity program based on the most up to the minute information and the most utilized and time tested standard in the field because the DRI International Professional via Pocket
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7 days ago by MelissaAgnes
Maintaining Certification | DRI International
Maintaining your DRI International certification carries two requirements: An annual maintenance fee as well as Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs). via Pocket
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7 days ago by MelissaAgnes
IBM Food Trust (IFT)
"IBM Food Trust™, built on blockchain, benefits all network participants with a safer, smarter, and more sustainable food ecosystem. The digitization of transactions and data provides a more efficient way of working across the supply chain, including growers, processors, shippers, retailers, regulators, and consumers.

The solution provides authorized users with immediate access to actionable food supply chain data, from farm to store and ultimately the consumer. The complete history and current location of any individual food item, as well as accompanying information such as certifications, test data and temperature data, are readily available in seconds once uploaded onto the blockchain.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is working to ensure that trust enables, rather than hinders, the expanding food system. With capabilities for safer food, longer shelf lives, reduced waste, faster traceability, and better access to shared information, IBM Food Trust can empower you to meet the new standard for transparency and trust."

Builds on Hyperledger protocol.

Available as monthly cloud subscription from USD 100/mt at:

API & messagetype documentation for ERP-integration:

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14 days ago by eocas

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