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A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.
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4 days ago by kayue
step Certificates - smallstep
Open Source PKI toolkit for secure automated certificate issuance and management
The Open Source step certificates project provides the infrastructure, automations, and workflows to securely create and operate a private certificate authority. Step certificates makes it easy for developers, operators and security teams to manage certificates for production workloads.

Quickly bootstrap internal PKI: get a public key infrastructure and certificate authority running in minutes.

Automate certificate management: provision and roll certificates automatically using standard APIs.

Manage keys and secrets: securely generate and distribute key materials, CSRs, and shared secrets (KDC).

Use TLS and/or SSH everywhere: build and operate systems using secure open standards (e.g. X.509, mTLS, JWT, OAuth, OIDC)
ssl  tls  crypto  encryption  security  cert 
7 days ago by dserodio
CIRCL » CIRCL -- Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg -- CSIRT -- CERT
The Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) is a government-driven initiative designed to gather, review, report and respond to computer security threats and incidents. CIRCL is the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team/Computer Security Incident Response Team) for the private sector, communes and non-governmental entities in Luxembourg.
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5 weeks ago by emory
Using PowerShell to Make a Self-Signed Certificate « Alexandre Brisebois ☁
Making a Self-Signed Certificate A lot of services on Azure and on-premis require us to create or buy certificates. Now there are a couple of ways to create certificates. I used to do it using makecert Recently, I started making my certificates using PowerShell Why PowerShell? That's a valid question right, I mean we've used…
self  signed  cert  powershell 
10 weeks ago by jgear
Generating self-signed certificates on Windows - The new control plane - Medium
If you do anything with Identity, you’ll know you need certificates — lots of them — and that normally means self-signed to keep the costs down or because you just need it for a short time before…
cert  powershell  new  self  signed 
10 weeks ago by jgear
How-To: Install custom SSL certificate for UniFi NVR v3.9.12 on Windows - Ubiquiti Networks Community
openssl pkcs12 -export -out nvr.mydomain.com.pfx -inkey nvr.mydomain.com.key -in nvr.mydomain.com.crt -certfile nvr.mydomain.com.ca-bundle.crt
nvr  cert  unifi 
may 2019 by c0sm0

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