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An ACME protocol client written purely in Shell (Unix shell) language. Supports ACME v2 wildcard certs. Just one script to issue, renew and install your certificates automatically. DOES NOT require root/sudoer access.
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3 days ago by justinludwig
UDP-Based Amplification Attacks

Protocol Bandwidth Amplification Factor
DNS 28 to 54
NTP 556.9
Memcache 10,000 to 51,000
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17 days ago by bwiese
Embedded Device Vulnerability Analysis Case Study Using Trommel
Embedded Device Vulnerability Analysis Case Study Using Trommel
December 2017
By Madison Oliver, Kyle O'Meara
This document provides security researchers with a repeatable methodology to produce more thorough and actionable results when analyzing embedded devices for vulnerabilities.
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18 days ago by bwiese
HTTPS Interception Weakens TLS Security | US-CERT (March 2017)
HTTPS inspection product should verify that their product properly validates certificate chains and passes any warnings or errors to the client. A partial list of products that may be affected is available at The Risks of SSL Inspection [1]
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18 days ago by bwiese
- Added October 21, 2017 at 11:09AM
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