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KYOCERA entwickelt keramische Mehrschicht-Kondensatoren für Mobilgeräte, die zu den weltweit Kleinsten ihrer Art zählen | Presse | KYOCERA Deutschland
Kyocera machte vor kurzem bekannt, dass dem Unternehmen die Entwicklung neuartiger keramischer Mehrschicht-Kondensatoren (MLCCs – Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) für Anwendungen in Mobilgeräten gelungen ist. Die Bauelemente werden in der Gehäusegröße 008004 angeboten und zählen somit zu den weltweit kleinsten Vertretern dieser Katagorie
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8 weeks ago by eriwst
StoneFlower Ceramic 3D Printer
We intoduce Ceramic 3D Printing KIT, the first commercial product, launched by the StoneFlower team. The KIT includes the robust lignt-weight and easy-to-use print head (equipped with Auger extruder) and powerful motorized syringe pump for direct volumetric clay feeding. Being installed in the "standard" desktop 3D Printer, this KIT lets everyone to print with clay or porcelain.
3dprinting  ceramic  pottery  stoneflower 
december 2017 by cyberchucktx
Ghost Wares is a Melbourne based ceramics studio with an emphasis on creating objects that are elegant but playful. All of our products are made by hand, allowing for an ever evolving range of complementary pieces. We endeavour to create contemporary products that have an element of timeless restraint.
ceramic  kitchen  australia  melbourne 
december 2017 by fiamh

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