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“When your in debt to the truth, the interest rates sucks.” A profoundly true quote from ’s…
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9 hours ago by ravivyas
Tamedia-CEO geht 2020 von Bord – Verleger Supino nimmt Zügel selber in die Hand | Watson
Beim Medienkonzern Tamedia kommt es zu einem Chefwechsel. CEO Christoph Tonini kündigt seinen Abgang per 30. Juni 2020 an. Er wolle sich nach seinem 50. Geburtstag und 17 Jahren bei Tamedia beruflich verändern, heisst es in einer Mitteilung vom Mittwoch zur Begründung.
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5 days ago by Medienwoche
Fantastic news that our , Terrie Smith, has been shortlisted for the 'Woman in PayTech Award' - thank you…
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13 days ago by tolkien
Dick's Sporting Goods CEO took a stand on gun control, even though it hurt the company - The Washington Post
“I give Dick’s a lot of credit for the steps they’ve made,” said Brian Nagel, an analyst at Oppenheimer. “But I think they’ll struggle for a while.”

Stack has also taken his campaign to Capitol Hill. In meetings with Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate, Stack has drilled down on what he sees as holes in nationwide gun laws, such as the fact that if a person is on the no-fly list, “you are deemed to be too dangerous to sit on an airplane, but you can buy a gun.” He’s urged legislators to require universal background checks that include relevant mental-health information and previous run-ins with the law. And he’s pushed for closing the private sale and gun show loophole that waives the necessity of background checks.

[Tech giant brings software to a gun fight]

But none of those efforts has yielded much momentum. Stack said Democrats were eager to enact tighter gun laws. (Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) in March 2018 took to Twitter to say that Stack "knew it was risky to stop selling assault rifles & high-capacity magazines. But he still did it!") But from meetings with Republicans, Stack said, "you could tell that nothing was going to happen."
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14 days ago by Quercki
Warning Signs That a Bubble Is About to Burst – OneZero
PSA: full-fledged #market #bust predicted, and I agree with his solid reasoning. Parallels with 1999
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27 days ago by csrollyson
Event Report: Doubles Down On Customer-Centric ERP #FFCommLive19
"Accounting and finance continue march towards feature parity with legacy ERP vendors. Key enhancements in the past year included allocations on a proportional basis, collections Workspace V1, configurable e-mail reminders, financial reporting and analytics. New capabilities will include e-Payment integration, more workspaces, prepaid expense, bank recon enhancements, Auto-FX rate and rate type, improved reporting powered by Einstein, and as of date aging powered by Einstein."
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27 days ago by jonerp
Somewhat unrelated: we used to do a lot of business with supermicro. In a meetin... | Hacker News
"Somewhat unrelated: we used to do a lot of business with supermicro. In a meeting one time I asked one of their guys why their billboards are so weird looking (anyone who’s driven down 880 past their building knows what I’m taking about). They have these billboards that have weird slogans and super amateur looking graphics that look like they were made in MS paint.

So I asked the guy about them cause I thought it was funny that such a big company had such cheap looking marketing. And he said: “yeah our CEO couldn’t believe how much money some agency was going to charge us to design a marketing campaign, so he just did it himself on his computer in like 2 days”"
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4 weeks ago by gohai
what a ceo does
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5 weeks ago by pdurlej
Customer-centric culture starts at the top
RT : If you want a customer centric culture it starts with the CEO

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5 weeks ago by JINHONG
Measures to curb executive pay have flopped, says thinktank | Business | The Guardian
In five years no salary package at a FTSE 100 company has been rejected by shareholders
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5 weeks ago by asterisk2a
Big Idea: Extreme Capitalism And The Dawn Of Digital Duopolies
"How could this happen despite the rhetoric and dire warnings? At precisely the wrong time, when they should have stepped up to invest to defend against this threat, most leaders pulled back to harvest. Even worse, most organization’s shareholders bet against them by stripping away their ability to invest and innovate for the long run with stock buy backs, share dividends, and a plethora of mergers and acquisitions."
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6 weeks ago by jonerp
RT - Significant void in understanding of long-term investment
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6 weeks ago by jhill5

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