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Advantages of centralization
Folks behind Signal talk about how not federating allows them to adapt their software quickly
signal  centralization  decentralization  federation  architecture  tootme 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Facebook Will Make the Money Now - Bloomberg
So the principal form of modern monetary technology is really legal and regulatory technology. Sure the computer systems that keep the lists of numbers at banks are powerful and complicated, so they don’t mess up the lists, but the thing that keeps the system afloat is mostly a set of rules and norms about who gets to keep lists of numbers of dollars. If your bank says you have some dollars in your checking account, then you do. If I say you have some dollars in my Excel spreadsheet, then you don’t.


Cryptocurrency proposes a different technological solution to this problem. The traditional solution is: If money is just a bunch of computer entries, then it won’t be valuable unless there is careful government regulation of who can create those entries and how. Bitcoin and subsequent cryptocurrencies said: Actually computer technology itself can be harnessed to limit how many computer entries are created, and to allocate those entries based on a social consensus of who is supposed to have them, all in a totally decentralized way with no government or regulation.

In a real, true, important sense, the internet is decentralized and libertarian and empowering; the architecture of the internet is not controlled by any government or corporation, and everyone can access and build on it. But in another, also quite real, sense, the internet has been a powerful tool for the centralizing of power. There are a zillion websites but you find them using Google; anyone can publish on the internet but you get your news from Facebook; anyone can sell anything on the internet but mostly you buy stuff from Amazon; email is a free and open protocol but you use Gmail. The democratizing effect of the internet’s openness and decentralization is counteracted by its vast economies of scale and network effects, which tend to concentrate power in a few big winners.
libra  mattlevine  decentralization  centralization  internet  bloomberg 
july 2019 by mjs
How to enable SSH access using a GPG key for authentication | Opensource.com
Learn how to eliminate SSH keys and use a GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) subkey instead.
gpg  key  ssh  pgp  authentication  centralization 
april 2019 by gilberto5757
Cake shop management cannot suffice for a modern economy.
Feb 28, 2019 | Kaieteur News | Columnists, Peeping Tom.

Cake shop management cannot suffice for a modern economy.

The style of governance since political Independence has not been conducive to development. It is ill-suited for modernization. Given the expansive nature of relations and issues which governments have to address, there is a need for greater devolution of power. Centralized government can no longer cope with the multiple, overlapping and multilayered aspects of governance.......Guyana, however, is going in the opposite direction. The more modern the bureaucracy, the more swollen and overstaffed it becomes. The more complex government becomes, the more centralized is decision-making. The greater demands on resources, the bigger the bureaucracy.
The public bureaucracy is now a cancer. It is sucking the life out of public administration. Merely keeping this inefficient and revenue-guzzling monstrosity alive is costing taxpayers in excess of 500 million dollars per day. This is wanton wastage. That money could have been put to help boost private sector development to create jobs for the thousands of young people who are unemployed. The more the government implements technology, the more inefficient it becomes. It is all part of what is known as cake shop management........Guyana is going to continue to be left behind the rest of the world. It has seen Guyana retrogress and we will always be in a fire fighting mode rather than ensuring forward thinking and planning. A country today simply cannot be run like a cake shop. The world is too modern, and too many things are taking place to allow for such a style of governance. Once the policy is made by the government, the mechanics should be left to lower level officials who should be held accountable for ensuring its implementation and who should be held responsible for any failures........What is required is for faster decision-making so as to allow for the multitasking.........Plantain chips and breadfruit chips and other small businesses cannot make the economy grow. It cannot generate the massive jobs needed to impact on unemployment. It will not lift large numbers out of poverty. This is catch-hand approach to helping poor people.
Cake shop management cannot run a modern economy. Never has; never will.
bureaucracies  centralization  complexity  decision_making  devolution  Guyana  inefficiencies  modernization  policymaking  public_sector  public_servants  technology  traffic_congestion  forward-thinking  multitasking  decentralization  digital_economy  governance  knowledge_economy  centralized_control  implementation  unsophisticated 
march 2019 by jerryking
Federal Trade Commission oversight and the need for online consumer privacy legislation
However, if the idea is that “harder regulation” will somehow tame the big Silicon Valley platforms, the opposite has happened. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), along with similarly heavy-handed regimes such as California’s Consumer Privacy Act, entrenches established platforms that have the resources to meet their onerous compliance requirements. Since the GDPR’s implementation in May, the rank and market share of small- and medium-sized ad tech companies has declined by 18 to 32 percent in the EU, while these measures have increased for Google, Facebook, and Amazon. My new paper, “What the GDPR really does and how the US can chart a better course,” documents these unintended consequences and argues for an innovation-based approach to data privacy and protection along with consumer education.
competition  antitrust  size  centralization  platforms  facebook  gdpr  tech 
february 2019 by max_read
humangeo/multilog: A simple, multiprocess-safe logger for Python.
Python's built-in loggers are pretty handy - they're easily customized and come with useful functionality out of the box, including things like file rotation. These file handlers are thread-safe, but not process-safe, so, if you're attempting to write to a common log file from multiple processes (e.g. in a pre-forking web server) you run the risk of your workers trampling over each other. File locking is a possible workaround, but that's yucky.

To avoid this, it is recommended that one uses a socket-based logger (a code sample is helpfully provided in the Logging Cookbook). However, it is just a code snippet. Multilog is a dependency-free implementation of the sample socket logger with some niceties, like fileConfig support, and parameterization.
python  logging  centralization 
february 2019 by griddell
After the SNC-Lavalin affair, we must strip the influence of political staffers - The Globe and Mail
Omer Aziz was a policy adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

From the outside, our government is a democracy with duly elected parliamentarians. From the inside, it can feel like an autocracy, with power concentrated in very few hands. There is a single node of power and all the channels run through it. That’s why the Prime Minister’s Office is colloquially referred to as “the Centre.”....At Global Affairs Canada, political staffers meet regularly with stakeholders, including human-rights groups, corporate representatives and anyone else who might be affected by our policies, and signals regularly came from above on how to manoeuvre on a certain file. If a message comes from “the Centre” to your office, you can bet that everyone will drop everything and make sure they are meeting expectations. Refuse, and well – these people hold your future in their hands.

It would be no stretch to say that most of the important decisions made by the Canadian government are made by only a handful of people. This has led to preventable errors and bad policy outcomes such as Justin Trudeau’s India trip or the SNC-Lavalin affair. As with too much accumulated wealth, too much accumulated power is ultimately bad for democracy.

There are more than 600 political staffers in Ottawa. These jobs are not publicly advertised and are notoriously difficult to come by if you’re not already well-connected. It’s no wonder that diversity is such a problem in government – and this includes viewpoint diversity as much as ethnic and racial diversity.

Pull back the curtain and it turns out the people in the backrooms mostly resemble one another. Within the political staff itself, there exists a hierarchy, with senior staffers in the Prime Minister’s Office at the top. This is where the real decisions are made.

We need to seriously scale back the influence of political staffers and legislate what the parameters of their jobs really are......The biggest problem with concentrating political power is that it leads to hubris and arrogance, and eventually to critical errors. It leads people to believe that they can overstep boundaries in the name of the Boss.

Absolute power not only corrupts, it is fundamentally corrupting to the entire operation. This is not how a parliamentary system of government is supposed to work. These people are not the mafia. The government does not belong to them.

We could cut the number of staffers in half and Ottawa would run better than it does now. There should also be a formal, publicly acknowledged policy process so Canadians can trust that the system of democracy is working from within and decisions that might shape the future of the country for decades are not being made by a cloistered elite.
centralization  Ottawa  PMO  political_power  SNC-Lavalin  politicians  political_staffers  Canada  Canadian  government  institutions  partisanship  GoC 
february 2019 by jerryking
System Topologies Pt 2
Articles I wrote back in 2001 about centralized vs decentralized systems
systems  architecture  oreilly  tootme  centralization  decentralization 
january 2019 by nelson
System Topologies Pt 1
Articles I wrote back in 2001 about centralized vs decentralized systems
systems  architecture  oreilly  tootme  centralization  decentralization 
january 2019 by nelson
RT : The of power apparent in the Indian ₹ highlighted the need for a Web…
decentralized  centralization  demonetization  from twitter
november 2018 by jimpick

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