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Директора ФБК Романа Рубанова арестовали на 10 суток за организацию несогласованной акции с помощью твита — Meduza
Симоновский районный суд Москвы признал директора ФБК Романа Рубанова виновным в организации несанкционированной акции 28 января и арестовал его на 10 суток. Текстовую трансляцию с заседания ведет «Медиазона».

Суд согласился с утверждением полиции, что Рубанов организовал акцию путем ретвита сообщения из твиттера Алексея Навального, в котором называлось время и место проведения мероприятия.

Адвокаты Рубанова указывали, что в материалах дела указано не время совершения ретвита, а время публикации записи Навальным. Когда был сделан ретвит — до или после акции — полиция не установила.
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3 days ago by some_hren
Russia's censor says it won't block YouTube, despite its noncompliance with a court injunction
YouTube remains unblocked in Russia, despite its refusal to block access to an investigative reporting video made and posted by opposition politician Alexey Navalny, Meduza reports. The video was taken down by Instagram and led to the blocking of Navalny's website along with five media outlets that were hosting the video report. YouTube owners Google say they "will consider limiting access to the video only after a verdict in a lawsuit by [billionaire Oleg] Deripaska against the woman who recorded the footage" is reached. Deripaska is the subject of the controversial video. Meanwhile, Navalny is fighting the video's blockage by suing state censor Roskomnadzor, saying that "his investigation is based on open-source information, not confidential data. He also says there’s an overriding public interest at stake that eclipses Deripaska’s privacy concerns."

Meanwhile, Meduza is also reporting that Russia's ban on VPNs and internet anonymizers has not been utilized by authorities yet, despite the ban taking effect on November 1, 2017. "In the past three months, however, the Russian authorities have blocked precisely zero VPNs and anonymizers," they report. Why is this? Well, "according to a report (in Russian) https://www.rbc.ru/technology_and_media/20/02/2018/5a8af1fb9a79475ec4680ca4?from=newsfeed by the magazine RBC, Russia’s federal censor, Roskomnadzor, hasn’t received a single takedown order from the Federal Security Service or any other law enforcement agency tasked with identifying websites and services that allow Russians to access banned online content. If these websites and services refuse to cut access to any banned content, the police are supposed to tell Roskomnadzor to order Russian Internet Service Providers to block them, as well."
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3 days ago by dmcdev
Vietnam attempts to mimic Chinese-style internet controls
Vietnam's efforts to counter cybersecurity threats and misinformation online should not "be used as a smoke screen for stifling dissenting opinions and curtailing freedom of speech," writes journalist Dien Luong for the Washington Post, while detailing how Vietnam has sought to copy China's sophisticated Great Firewall internet control mechanism. While other states grapple with the challenges posed by 'fake news,' Vietnam's leadership seems more concerned with controlling the spread of "content deemed detrimental to their own reputation" and ensuring "the survival of the regime," Luong writes - an unrealistic pursuit given the spread of popular social media platforms like Facebook inside the country:

"The development of Vietnam’s Internet infrastructure has outpaced the government’s ability to regulate and control it. The best it can do is restrict access to certain sites. It has also deployed an army of people to closely monitor public sentiment on social media. In December, Vietnam unveiled a new, 10,000-strong military cyber unit to combat 'wrong' views online, a move that was apparently modeled on the Chinese route of controlling the Internet. In another move, which also appears to mirror China, the Vietnamese government has reiterated its plans to develop homegrown social media and Internet platforms that it can control more effectively. But that is an unrealistic plan. Facebook, which first penetrated the Vietnamese market over a decade ago, is wildly popular here, with about 52 million active accounts...

"Given the stakes involved, the government must abandon the notion that it can build a Chinese-style firewall or follow in the footsteps of some of its Southeast Asian neighbors to stifle freedom of speech in the name of fighting fake news. Such a course of action would only further isolate the country from the rest of the civilized world."
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3 days ago by dmcdev
How activists of color lose battles against Facebook’s moderator army
Mary Canty Merrill was fed up. So she turned to Facebook.

“Dear White People: The terminology we use to define a problem determines how we attempt to solve it,” she wrote in an April 4 Facebook post.

“You are so accustomed to defining racism as people of color being the problem that you want to fix us, patronize us, save us and heal us. You rarely perceive yourselves as the problem (which is where its root lies). Thus, your interventions are most often ill-informed, misdirected and yield no meaningful or sustainable results.”

She logged in the next day to find her post removed and profile suspended for a week. A number of her older posts, which also used the “Dear white people” formulation, had been similarly erased.

Perhaps most Facebook users would’ve simply waited out the weeklong ban. But Merrill, a psychologist who advises corporations on how to avoid racial bias, wondered whether she was targeted because she is African American. So she asked some white friends to conduct an experiment: They copied what she had written word for word and had others report it as inappropriate content. In most cases, Facebook allowed the content to remain active. None of their profiles were suspended.
by:AaronSankin  from:RevealNews  Facebook  racism  moderation  censorship 
3 days ago by owenblacker
Роскомнадзор решил не блокировать YouTube за отказ удалять ролик Навального про Дерипаску — Meduza
Роскомнадзор не будет блокировать доступ к YouTube, который отказался удалять видеоролик с расследованием Алексея Навального о миллиардере Олеге Дерипаске. По словам главы ведомства Александра Жарова, такой вопрос не стоит.

Руководство Google, которому принадлежит YouTube, склоняется к тому, чтобы ограничить доступ к видео только после рассмотрения иска Дерипаски в суде, добавил Жаров.

Почему Роскомнадзор не блокирует YouTube в рамках обеспечительных мер по иску, как это было сделано с сайтом Навального, Жаров не уточнил. По российским законам, обеспечительных мер достаточно, чтобы применять досудебную блокировку.

«Учитывая все обстоятельства, не хочу вдаваться в подробности, мы не видим оснований и причин для блокировки целиком сервиса YouTube», — заметил Жаров, пояснив, что блокировка одного аккаунта, в силу специфики сервиса, может «сломать» весь сайт.
russian  government  internet  censorship  law  funny  fail 
3 days ago by some_hren
Алексей Навальный — Дерипаска круче прокуратуры
С блокировками наших ресурсов всё оказалось ещё интереснее. Оказывается, они предпринимают такие попытки с начала года. Причём пытаются сделать это втихаря, чтобы мы не знали. А схема используется такая же, которая сработала у Дерипаски — то есть через обеспечительные меры.

Смотрите, прокуратура (почему-то на Алтае) бежит в суд и требует признать информацию, пропогандирующую забастовку избирателей, запрещенной. И в качестве обеспечительных мер заблокировать:

- местные ресурсы штаба


- https://2018.navalny.com/

- https://2018.navalny.com/zabastovka/

К счастью, судья оказался не настолько упоротым, как в Усть-Лабинске, брать на себя ответственность за такой беспредел не стал и ответил очевидное: нельзя избрать такие обеспечительные меры, которые сразу приводят к победе одной из спорящих сторон.
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7 days ago by some_hren

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