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Dallas TX Average Temperatures by Month - Current Results
This isn’t a bad summary of the average highs and lows in Dallas (including temperatures in Celsius, for those who might be more accustomed to that).
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january 2018 by handcoding
A Little Trick for Converting Centigrade to Fahrenheit | Africa & the Middle East Forum | Fodor's Travel Talk Forums
(A rule of thumb for converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit:)
“Double the Centigrade temp, subtract the first digit of the result from the result and add 32. It works pretty well; you’re usually right on but you’ll never be more than 1 degree Fahrenheit off."
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december 2016 by handcoding
Why 2 degrees Celsius is climate change’s magic number | PBS NewsHour
Very informative balanced report from PBS NewsHour on the background behind climate change, why the 2 degrees is important and how the world it attempting to stay under this target
climate  change  pbs  newshour  global  warming  science  skeptic  skeptical  video  news  report  denier  denial  2  degress  celsius 
august 2016 by george.degennaro
Celsius, Centigrade and Fahrenheit
The name Centigrade was derived from the latin - meaning hundred degrees.
When Anders Celsius created his original scale in 1742 he inexplicably chose 0° for the boiling point and 100° for the freezing point.
One year later Frenchman Jean Pierre Cristin proposed an inverted version of the scale (freezing point 0°, boiling point 100°). He named it Centigrade.
In 1948, by international agreement, Cristin's adapted scale became known as Celsius to honour the Swedish Scientist.
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february 2016 by rufous
Is 45 degrees Fahrenheit cold?
Blazing: 121F and Higher
Hot: 106F - 120F
Warm: 75F - 105F
Cool: 55F - 74F
Cold: 45F - 54F
Frigid: 44F and Below
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december 2014 by morganf

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