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WillMyPhoneWork.net - Check if your phone works on a network
Check 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE Network Frequency Compatibility for a Smartphone, Tablet, and Mobile Device in any Country and Mobile Network Carrier
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9 days ago by stevesong
5G FWA: more of a challenge than a complement to fixed broadband, AnalysysMason Jun 2019
"Operators tend to think about 5G fixed–wireless access (FWA) in one of two ways:

as a complementary technology, useful only where fibre or cable is uneconomical
as a challenger technology, good enough to exploit deficiencies in existing fixed broadband supply and pricing."

"In neither case is anyone really talking about 5G fully replacing the fixed networks: it is more a matter of degree. Our study suggests that the market opportunity is for about 20–30% of broadband connections in developed economies by 2023, higher in emerging ones. That is an addressable market of 290 million static locations. We forecast that the challenger opportunity will be about twice as large as the complementary opportunity"

"I have argued elsewhere that the capacity angle to 5G tends to get overshadowed by – sometimes incompatible – longer-term thinking centred on new use cases and service-based slicing. The operators that emphasise this brave new world are usually the largest, with deep investment in FTTP or cable. Mobile-only operators often see it differently, and they see the potential immediate, more old-world, benefits of 5G as a capacity play."
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14 days ago by pierredv
Cellular networks - 3GPP etc.
"At the @EnigmaConf EFF panel a few months ago, @JoeBeOne asked a very good question: how we should think about cell networks differently than Internet networks?"

via Blake Reid, May 2019
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25 days ago by pierredv
What are the financial implications of mobile coverage obligations? - PolicyTracker: spectrum management news, research and trainingPolicyTracker: Mar 2019
a mobile operator could argue they are providing coverage if signals can be received in a given area. But if the regulator were to insist on stringent QoS such that 95% of calls were successful and customers could achieve 2 Mbps download speeds, the cost increase could be enormous.
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4 weeks ago by pierredv

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