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RT : Do you love using your ? Beware, long-term use may increase your risk of glioma, type of tumor that devel…
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8 days ago by annmarieskincare
Know Your Ecosystems! – Track Changes
The cell phone is the least important part of buying a phone.

Is there room for tiny mammals among these brontosauri? In switching from one giant ecosystem to another, I found myself…basically happy. I shouldn’t be happy! I love disruptive products, I care about security, and I believe in a decentralized web. I know that I’m the product being sold, that my humanity is basically statistical noise to these companies. And yet I’m content with my beautifully designed, pseudo-open consumer electronics platforms. The camera on the Pixel 2, connected to Google Photos, is just that good.
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11 days ago by craniac
New LTE attacks can snoop on messages, track locations and spoof emergency alerts | ZDNet
"It's crucial to be able to test the protocol implementations before they are deployed in practice,"
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15 days ago by mikeRuns
What the ‘Watch Dogs’ Video Games Tell Us About Today’s Cybersecurity
Debates rage in the security world about whether perimeter security holds the same clout and resource pull that it once did. “Organizations need to invest more in building perimeters around their data rather than just around their endpoint devices,
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22 days ago by bwiese
Walabot DIY Smart Stud Finder Sees 4 Inches Into Your Walls | Walabot
Device that plugs into any Android phone and lets you see what's behind your walls. Differentiates between cables, pipes, etc. Looks really cool. Price on 2018-02-22 is $79.90 "Limited Time Offer" going up to $159.90 - curious if this actually goes up or if it's marketing technique. keywords: studfinder, stud finder
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27 days ago by daguti
[1802.01468] PinMe: Tracking a Smartphone User around the World
t. In this paper, we demonstrate that neither of the above-mentioned requirements is essential for compromising the user's location privacy. We describe PinMe, a novel user-location mechanism that exploits non-sensory/sensory data stored on the smartphone, e.g., the environment's air pressure, along with publicly-available auxiliary information, e.g., elevation maps, to estimate the user's location when all location services, e.g., GPS, are turned off.
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5 weeks ago by bwiese
Keep Your Head Up: How Smartphone Addiction Kills Manners and Moods - The New York Times
The average human head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, and when we bend our neck to text or check Facebook, the gravitational pull on our head and the stress on our neck increases to as much as 60 pounds of pressure. That common position, pervasive among everyone from paupers to presidents, leads to incremental loss of the curve of the cervical spine. “Text neck” is becoming a medical issue that countless people suffer from, and the way we hang our heads has other health risks, too, according to a report published last year in The Spine Journal.
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7 weeks ago by craniac
Tim Harford — Article — Think like a supermodel if you want to win from the gig economy
Smartphones have allowed companies such as Uber and Deliveroo to take critical middle-management functions — motivating staff, evaluating and rewarding performance, scheduling and co-ordination — and replace them with an algorithm. But gig workers could install their own software, telling it where they like to work, what they like to do, when they’re available, unavailable, or open to persuasion. My app — call it GigBot — could talk to the Lyft app and the TaskRabbit app and the Deliveroo app, and interrupt me only when an offer deserves attention.

Not every job can be broken down into microtasks that can be rented out by the minute, but we might be surprised at how many can. Remember that old line from supermodel Linda Evangelista, “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day”? GigBot will talk to your alarm clock; $10 or $10,000, just name the price that would tempt you from your lie-in.
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8 weeks ago by craniac

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