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3 days ago by wellsa
The SIM Hijackers - Motherboard
'I gave Thug my phone number as a test, and the hacker sent back a screenshot that contained my home address, IMSI number (a standardized unique number that identifies subscribers), and other theoretically secret account information. Thug even saw the special instructions that I gave T-Mobile to protect my account.

“I’m paranoid,” I said.

“Indeed, it’s a crazy online world,” Thug replied.'
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4 days ago by mechazoidal
A Major Privacy Win, a Vault 7 Indictment, and More Security News This Week | WIRED
Supreme Court issued a hotly anticipated ruling in Carpenter v. United States, establishing that the government will need to get a warrant if it wants to track your location with cell sites

Former CIA employee Joshua Adam Schulte was indicted this week; authorities allege that he was responsible for the devastating Vault 7 leak that revealed many of the agency's hacking secrets.

Virus Total Monitor
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18 days ago by bwiese
NSA Spy Buildings, Facebook Data, and More Security News This Week | WIRED
California has passed the strongest digital privacy law in the United States, for starters, which as of 2020 will give customers the right to know what data companies use, and to disallow those companies from selling it. It's just the latest in a string of uncommonly good bits of privacy news, which included last week's landmark Supreme Court decision in Carpenter v. US. That ruling will require law enforcement to get a warrant before accessing cell tower location data. And at the beginning of the week, the Wi-Fi Alliance detailed the full specifications of the WPA3 security standard that's going to make the next generation of Wi-Fi much, much safer to use.
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18 days ago by bwiese
Europe is using smartphone data as a weapon to deport refugees | WIRED UK
Usual suspects: T3K, MSAB, Cellebrite.
pmz: how to keep that stuff unlogged?
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18 days ago by mechazoidal

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